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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Ah man, I hate kids birthday parties.
Ah man, now I can't even watch TV. What the hell am I gonna do all day?
Ah, look at that.
Ah, sweet.
All I wanted was for my dad to tell me he loved me.
All right, take it easy.
Alright, best be getting to work.
And I don't mean the classy. Maybe they are. Maybe they're not gay guys. I mean those big Oh my God, here they come, floating around making noise. Gay guys. Not to fix up your house, gay guys.
And I hate girls.
And I really appreciate you having sex with me in my office.
And pee pants, the inebriated hobo clown.
And Peter Griffin.
And then he told me to bend over.
Are you saying I asked for this to happen?
At first I thought he was nice and that he was kind of handsome.
Billy Dee Williams.
Boy, this is really going to upset my evil brother Thaddeus.
Boy, you are good. You are really good.
But instead he called me a fat, stinking drunk.
Can I get directions to the Providence Civic Center?
Damn it, this is too hard.
Don't freaking put me through this again.
Every time I daughter opens your mouth, I just want to punch her in the face. She's really annoying.
Everybody's getting laid but me.
Excuse me, could I get directions to the Providence Civic Center?
Excuse me, Sir.
Excuse me, Sir.
Filthy whore.
Frampton comes alive 1976.
Gilbert Gottfried.
Go to hell, you mutant offspring of comedy people.
God, I've looked forward to this moment more than the second coming of Jesus.
Hello everyone.
Hey, I'm Chris, Griffin's father.
Hey, you're crazy.
I don't come down to Burger King and tell you how to do your job.
I don't know who any of those people are.
I don't think so.
I done it again.
I even made a crank call in years.
I just want to get to know you and be friends so I can finally have a real dad who loves and respects me.
I just want you to know what you did the other day was wrong.
I love you filthy hobo.
I love you, sweetie.
I meant sex.
I thank you with $1.00.
I think about you while having sex with my wife.
I think I might be Jesus.
I think it would be so hot for you and me to have sex in my office.
I want apple juice.
I was ****d.
I was violated sexually and that man is going to pay.
I'll be more convincing than Mel Gibson when he apologized to the ****.
I'm an adorable tramp who wears found clothing and each side of your garbage can.
I'm going to prison. Ada.
I'm gonna start bringing gay guys home.
I'm Jesus.
I'm listening.
I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention. Can you start over?
I'm. I'm Peter Griffin.
If you have sex, your penis will fall off and land in another dimension populated entirely by dogs who will eat it.
It was my understanding that there would be no questions asked.
Jesse James.
Jim Varney.
Listen, this may be hard for you to believe, but you're my father.
Molly Ringwald.
My mistake. I'll take care of this.
My name is Peter.
No, no, no, I don't think so.
Now I may be an idiot, but there is one thing I am not Sir, and that Sir is an idiot.
Oh my God could you leave me alone? You are the neediest kid.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Oh, OK.
Ohh crap.
Ohh God holy God.
Ohh no it's a girl.
Ohh yeah. What are you gonna do about?
Perhaps we could have sexual intercourse.
Peter Griffin.
Peter Griffin.
Quit stealing my punch lines. You're fat drunk.
Shut up, you had your finger in my ass.
Sir, I suspect you are in possession of drugs and I'm gonna have to give you a full cavity search.
That a yes or no?
That sounds good to me.
That's crazy. You can't give up sex. You've got a responsibility.
There we go. Ohh you are so ready.
This is awesome.
This is crazy.
This is never gonna work. Let's just forget the whole thing.
Time your son.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hey, hang on, hang on.
We gotta find this Marilyn Manson and I gotta give that bastard or bitch a piece of my mind or penis.
Wear your whore, makeup your whore.
Well, I best be getting to work.
Well, where is?
What are you gonna do about?
What are you want?
What the hell is going on here?
What the hell was that?
What the hell was that?
When it comes to sex Ed, I got a PhD. Please her daily yeah.
Where do you get off?
Where you been? We haven't seen you in days.
Why don't I put on some sensuous marching band music to get you in the mood?
Why you been acting like such a punk?
Wow. Wow. Wow.
Yeah, I'm Peter Griffin.
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hang on. There's like, now I see you again.
Yeah, you're right.
You and I need to have a talk.
You ask a lot of questions, don't you?
You filthy whore.
You heard of a man named Mickey Mcfinnegan?
You knocked up my mom and never called her again.
You let that little punk beat you up.
You mean I'm out of a job again?
You're a whore.
You're an idiot.
You're my father.
You're somebody's father, you filthy whore.
You've got yourself a deal.
50 grand.
うん、ああ。 ああ。