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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce - Season 1

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce - Season 1

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce is an acclaimed television show that aired its first season in 2014. It follows the life of Abby McCarthy, a successful self-help author who finds herself navigating the complexities of divorce while still trying to maintain her public image and career.

The show boasts an incredibly talented cast that brings their characters to life with extraordinary depth. Lisa Edelstein stars as Abby McCarthy, the protagonist of the series, who discovers her marriage is falling apart and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Accompanying her is Beau Garrett, playing the role of Phoebe, Abby's beautiful and free-spirited friend with her own share of relationship challenges.

Janeane Garofalo delivers a memorable performance as Lyla, Abby's no-nonsense best friend and a divorce attorney who provides her with practical advice while struggling with her own relationship issues. Alanna Ubach portrays Jo, another close friend of Abby's who brings comic relief and is known for her unfiltered advice and wild dating escapades.

The show's talented ensemble cast also includes Paul Adelstein as Abby's estranged husband Jake, a successful Hollywood producer grappling with the fallout of their divorce. Additionally, Necar Zadegan gives a captivating performance as Delia, Abby's high-powered divorce attorney and friend, who faces ethical dilemmas while balancing her loyalty to her profession and personal relationships.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce captivates audiences with its refreshing take on relationships and the challenges faced by modern women. The show delves into the ups and downs of love, sex, and ultimately self-acceptance. Through Abby's journey, viewers witness her growth and learn valuable lessons about the importance of female friendships, embracing imperfections, and finding happiness after heartbreak.

With its expert storytelling and engaging characters, the first season of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce received critical acclaim and quickly amassed a dedicated fanbase. Its success lies in its ability to balance drama with witty humor, making it relatable and enjoyable for viewers of all backgrounds.

For those interested in exploring the world of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, the show's sounds and soundtrack can be accessed easily. By visiting the official website or streaming platforms, fans can immerse themselves in the show's music. Whether it is the soulful melodies that accompany emotional moments or the catchy beats that go hand in hand with comical situations, the soundtrack adds another layer of depth to the overall viewing experience.

In conclusion, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce - Season 1 is a captivating television show that explores the complexities of divorce, relationships, and self-discovery. With an exceptional cast and compelling storytelling, the show leaves a lasting impression on viewers. If you want to relive the moments or simply dive into the world of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, the sounds and soundtrack are easily accessible, allowing you to immerse yourself in the show's universe once again.

A 10 year old and Jake's girlfriend.
A kick what?
A little crazy's perfect.
A little juvenile, don't you think?
A little more than I like to talk.
A little something different.
A rom com obstacle, you know.
Aaron, take a breath.
Abby liked it.
Abby, Abby, it's fine. Go on a date.
Abby, can I... Can I be honest here?
Abby, enough.
Abby, I said we got it.
ABBY: But I mean, practically speaking,
ABBY: Nate?
ABBY: Previously on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce...
ABBY: Thank you.
ABBY: Unreal.
ABBY: Well, I'm just glad that Jake has finally moved out of the house.
ABBY: What's that? LILLY: Dad gave it to me.
ABBY: Who was that?
ABBY: Why does she keep sending me these things?
ABBY: Yeah.
ABBY: Yeah.
ABBY: Yes! MAX: Yeah!
ABBY: You're gonna need... Shit!
Abby's life going down the toilet, take one.
About how old Becca is, and then you show up with that.
Abs, give yourself a break.
Abs, I'm just trying to figure out how to navigate here,
Absolutely not. I hate those movies.
Actually, Master Monster Six is coming out. Master Monster.
Address these things.
ADELE: Shore up our ranks with their financial generosity,
ADELE: So, for the first time,
ADELE: Thank you all.
Admittedly, I've been going through a lot, but I...
After I call all the parents of the kids Lilly's not friends with.
Ah, breathtakingly gorgeous.
Ah, hold that thought.
Ah, it's date night.
Aha, there she is.
Al, the animal.
ALBERT: Ladies, hello? Yes. Hi.
ALBERT: Lyla, can you believe this woman?
All 2,000 words on how Lord of the Flies
All right, all right. Okay.
All right, back to the not so razor sharp repartee.
All right, bye bye.
All right, well, I am not gonna tell you my,
All right.
All right.
All your worries from the day ease away.
ALL: Hey!
Always. It's a deal.
Am I being fired? No.
Am I huge? No.
Am I in trouble?
Am I in trouble?
Am I just supposed to pretend that relationship didn't exist?
And again and again and again.
And all the while, my mom gets to be a witness to it.
And am I gonna be able to meet Adele Northrop in person?
And an emergency milk stop.
And arbor day and kid's court and snack bar
And be well represented doing so.
And Dan is using my work hours against me
And Eric is still getting bullied at school.
And every other bullshit holiday
And go home, soak in the tub, drink a glass of wine,
And go to a restaurant where we can talk?
And have one that is more "locker friendly."
And he is primed to jump ship because I got him sole custody of his dog in his divorce.
And he leans into my ear, and he says, "Hey, schmuck.
And he wants you to come over?
And he's in love with your friend Phoebe.
And he's turned on by alliteration.
And he's...
And his wife.
And I am sorry, but you're being really mean.
And I got invited to Xander Price's house next weekend.
And I got the waffle maker for Charlie.
And I have 74 just off the top of my head.
And I have to divorce you, too?
And I hear,
And I need to learn how to deal with it.
And I put an app on your phone so you can control it.
And I suggest you hire a lawyer, because I have.
And I turn around,
And I will pray to the love gods that
And I'm gonna go take Max shopping for a suit.
And I'm gonna like it, damn it.
And I'm here at the fun pocalypse.
And I'm still working on the lineup for Saturday's game.
And I'm telling you, the band is...
And if anything happens, or if you need me, just call me.
And if Diego's thumb doesn't heal, we're screwed.
And if it did, so much the better.
And it ebbs and flows,
And it is not okay for you to sneak out.
And it was somehow very romantic.
And it's not Becca's fault
And it's not good. Not for you and not for the firm.
And it's Paul Newman.
And just think about the hydrological cycle.
And karaoke with Becca Riley?
And Lilly was in heaven.
And listen to him chewing his little Kashi cereal like a farm animal.
And listen, you are not paying me to sit by the phone.
And Max and Lilly...
And no one sent me a map.
And now he's possibly gonna take my children...
And now that I get it, I fell apart.
And on some childish whim, you decide to have a theme night.
And on the other, we're supposed to be
And Phoebe, even more stunning than I imagined.
And possibly losing my children... No, enough.
And question every choice you've made prior to that.
And really bad sex. Terrible sex.
And reschedule the Struger meeting.
And several affidavits have been filed...
And she's holding a stake.
And sit on it and smell it.
And so the great poster capade comes to a close.
And somebody smacks me in the back of the head,
And sort of wrong, but in a good way, in, like a...
And suit.
And talent night and the nose picking Olympics
And thank you for battling alongside us
And that is a good thing.
And that is so brutal on the spouse.
And that the poster got ruined.
And that's all she wrote about.
And that's all the parents of the kids she's friends with and nothing, so.
And the bins should be out.
And the blue is for things that Dad's taking,
And the kid with the ice cream isn't exactly CIA material.
And the mushroom stuff, your favorite.
And the yellow are for things that we can't decide on. (CHUCKLES)
And then all of a sudden, I realized she's just... She's crazy.
And then she punched my friend in the face.
And then they take care of each other's needs,
And then we just happened to run into Becca?
And then you, you're the first person that we've ever been with
And then, of course, my favorite, P.I.B.
And then, tears of joy, story time.
And they get divorced and have terrible sex.
And this should have been happening more.
And to make matters worse, the case worker's coming tonight.
And to make matters worse, the case worker's coming tonight.
And to remind me that it's trash day,
And to that end, some of the partners are talking about
And toss around some book ideas,
And ventilated vintage tops,
And very short shorts
And we ran into you guys.
And we wanted to give you something as a gesture of our commitment.
And what about the window?
And what's going on over here?
And whenever you're ready, you can turn over.
And you have to come down hard when she starts.
And you know what comes after gay marriage?
And you know, I love the little guy, but he just takes over.
And you must be Phoebe.
And you say, "I do."
And you, you just want me to show up and look good.
And you!
And you're allowed to have that.
And you're texting the married male.
And your attitude and optimism about it...
And your attitude and optimism about it...
And your nipples are warm. That's kind of a weird combo.
And, and do it quietly.
And, Lyla, why don't you just try something else on?
Annie, this is Donna.
ANNIE: What do cats have for dessert?
ANNOUNCER: Flight 1302 from Atlanta is now arriving in...
Answer it, dude. I don't want to lie to her.
Anyway, forgive my lateness.
Anyway, I saw Phoebe today making out with Vika.
Are we going to your new place now?
Are you asleep already?
Are you embarrassed to be here with me?
Are you guys okay?
Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me? We covered everything.
Are you ready?
Are you talking to me?
Are you volunteering at school? Hmm mmm.
Are you wearing a backpack?
Are you? Yeah.
As always.
As you know, associates don't reschedule meetings
Ask Jake or Nate's wife or me.
At a awesome, slightly tacky bachelor rental would work.
At Abby's, okay?
At least I'm not a home wrecking...
At least I'm not a home wrecking...
At school the other day.
At the Echoplex.
At the top. That one.
AUTOMATED VOICE: You have absolutely no messages.
Aw. Okay.
Awful. Horrible kissing.
Barnes & Noble can't sell a book the author doesn't believe in.
Barry Juck, I think your films are the shit.
Based on what? I might add.