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The Toxic Avenger (1985) Soundboard

The Toxic Avenger (1985) Soundboard

"The Toxic Avenger" is a cult classic film that was released in 1985. This low-budget superhero comedy-horror flick is known for its outrageous and over-the-top storyline, and it quickly became a beloved cult favorite among fans of B-movies. Composed by Mark Torgl and directed by Lloyd Kaufman, the film has gained significant recognition for its unique blend of horror, comedy, and social commentary.

The plot follows Melvin Ferd, a nerdy and hapless janitor in the fictional town of Tromaville, New Jersey. After suffering a horrifying accident that exposes him to toxic waste, Melvin undergoes a grotesque transformation into the mutant superhero, The Toxic Avenger. Armed with superhuman strength and a strong desire to fight evil, he embarks on a mission to clean up his crime-ridden hometown.

The cast of "The Toxic Avenger" features Mark Torgl as Melvin, also known as The Toxic Avenger. Mitch Cohen plays the despicable town bully, Bozo, who constantly torments Melvin. Also starring are Andree Maranda as Melvin's love interest, Sarah, and Jennifer Babtist as Spoiler, a blind girl who becomes an ally to Melvin. Together, they bring their characters to life, creating a bizarre and memorable world filled with over-the-top villains and offbeat humor.

The film quickly gained a reputation for its excessive violence, gore, and dark humor. Despite its low-budget origins, "The Toxic Avenger" quickly became a commercial success, spawning a franchise that included three sequels, a stage musical, and an animated television series. Its success can be attributed to its unique combination of over-the-top violence and satirical social commentary, which resonated with fans of unconventional cinema.

The soundtrack of "The Toxic Avenger" perfectly complements the film's absurd and offbeat style. Combining elements of punk and rock music, the soundtrack sets the tone for the over-the-top action on screen. Iconic songs like "My Town" and "The Toxic Avenger Suite" capture the spirit of the film and have become fan favorites over the years.

If you're a fan of "The Toxic Avenger" and want to relive the outrageousness of this cult classic, you're in luck. You can play and download these memorable sounds here. Indulge yourself in the extraordinary world of Tromaville, with its bizarre characters, gory action, and offbeat humor.

In conclusion, "The Toxic Avenger" is a remarkable film that has left an indelible mark on the world of cult cinema. Known for its unique blend of horror, comedy, and social commentary, this low-budget masterpiece has garnered a devoted fan base over the years. The talented cast, memorable soundtrack, and outrageous storyline have made "The Toxic Avenger" a true gem of B-movie cinema. So, if you're in the mood for something utterly offbeat and bizarre, don't miss out on experiencing the world of Tromaville. Now you can play and download these unforgettable sounds to immerse yourself in the wacky and wild adventures of The Toxic Avenger.

Almost all the criminals. He hasn't gotten us yet.
Alright, boys
Are you watching me!? Are you watching me!?
Ben Dover!
Bookie will get to it later.
But I wouldn't want you to touch it
Could that be the, O'Shanahee boy back from school.
Devastating tragic turn of events.
Do it!
Do it? Okay
Do what?
Get him off! He's going to kill both of us!
Get out of here!
Get out of here!
Give me the wheel!
Good boy, Dennis. Put it over there on the table.
Governor, I need your help, sir.
He's faking it, Julie! He's faking it
He's not David Bowie!
Hey, hey, hey, what about the kid on the bike, Bozo?
His nose was twisted to the side
How does it feel to hit a kid on a bike? Feels good!
I am not an animal. I'm Melvin, the mop boy.
I can't control the car!
I just couldn't control myself.
I want you, now.
I'll have the National Guard meet us out there in full force.
I'm dead. Do you want another shake?
I'm missing the ball game for this bullshit!
I'm stressed!
I've got problems! I've got problems! I'm a stressed person!
It saved our lives. It was a hero.
It's about this monster that's been terrorizing my town.
It's dangerous. It's like that cancerogenic stuff, you know.
It's so dark in here, where are you? I can't see you
Julie, this guy, if he can't take a joke, he stinks
Just give me the wheel! You'll going to kill both of us!
Let's get it!
Look to the horizon and maybe, just maybe...
Looks like I got a a strawberry thickshake over here.
Looks like we got a nice crispy taco supreme over here, chief
Ma? Ah, Ma!
Melvin, I want to do it with you
Mr. Mayor. Mr. Mayor.
Mrs. Haskel, don't move. Don't move. Stay right where you are.
No, no, no! We were only kidding!
No, no. No, please. Come on. I've got a family!
No! No!
No! Please! Please, stop it!
No! We were, we were only kidding!
No? Why not? I won't hurt you, Melvin.
Now arms up! Stop. Stop.
Now you don't understand the seriousness of this situation here, boy!
Now, you will raise your hand and you will ask one question at a time.
Oh, Bozo..
Okay, you got it!
On the stick.
Ooh, he doesn't look very good to me
Or should I say, commands him to destroy evil.
Please, please don't touch me!
Roy, why don't you do something! Speak out!
See how you like this face, huh, Bozo?
Shit! He's on the roof! He's on the roof!
Shut up!
So, I brought this for you.
So, Melvin, the monster hero, rid Tromaville of all of it's evils,
Stop, no! No!
Take the wheel, Slug! Take the wheel!
That was good! That was good!
They never believe we're going to run 'em down.
They're going to nuke him! They're going to nuke the monster!
Uh huh
Uh huh.
We are the entertainment for this afternoon.
We've got to cover this up.
Well, I got to get up early in the morning.
What are you looking at?
What have you got?
What the matter? What have I done?
What the shit!?
Where the fuck is everybody? Where the fuck is everybody?
Where you used to go to be alone
Where!? What are you talking about?
Why are they going to kill him?
With us this afternoon is, Dr. Mertyn Snodberger
Yo, Leroy, check out this pretty little thing,
You are aware, of course, that that would place our new toxic chemical dump
You better move back to your apartment.
You fat slob, let's see if you have any guts!
You like video games, teeny boppers?
You want me to go and get a fucking disease!
Don't trip over the step, Melvin. What?