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A number of troops are making their way to the storage tanks to sabotage them. Stop them or this mission will be for nothing.
Head for the Garrison. That should weaken their resistance.
I don't think they expected us to find.
I'll be flying in, lasers blazing.
I'm coming in.
If everything goes as planned, we'll have the defenses down before they know what hit them.
Let's get to crudo and take out that mining platform.
Luke tells me you're going to be a great Jedi.
My targeting computer will lock onto your beacons.
Next, take out the communications array so they can't signal for help.
One more left.
Place them on key structural points, then get out of there fast.
Plant the next beacon on the power generator so we can disable those turbo lasers.
Put a beacon in the hangar so they can't scramble air support.
Start with the shield generator, otherwise this will be a short mission.
That did it.
This facility is lightly defended.
This is too easy.
We'll have the defenses down before they know what hit him.
We're out of here.