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Ice Age (2002) Soundboard

Ice Age (2002) Soundboard

Ice Age is an animated movie released in 2002 that takes viewers on a delightful prehistoric adventure. Directed by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha, this heartwarming comedy has received critical acclaim for its charming characters, clever humor, and stunning animation.

Set during the Ice Age, the movie introduces us to a group of unlikely friends who embark on a perilous journey together. The main characters include a mammoth named Manny, voiced by Ray Romano, who is the last of his kind and prefers to live a solitary life. Alongside Manny is Sid, a talkative and somewhat annoying sloth superbly brought to life by John Leguizamo, who adds a brilliant comedic touch to the film. Completing their unlikely trio is a saber-toothed tiger named Diego, voiced by Denis Leary, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the story.

The plot unfolds when a human baby, whom they later name Roshan, is entrusted to Manny's care by a mother seeking refuge from a pack of saber-toothed tigers. Determined to reunite the baby with its tribe, Manny, Sid, and Diego embark on an epic journey through a frozen and treacherous landscape, encountering various challenges and adventures along the way. Each character brings their unique personality and skillset to the group, forming a bond that grows stronger as they face countless obstacles together.

Ice Age is a visual treat, with breathtaking animation that captures the icy world in stunning detail. The animators brilliantly portray the harsh conditions of the Ice Age, from snow-covered landscapes to vast, frozen lakes, immersing viewers in a world long extinct. The film's animation also brings its characters to life, showcasing their expressions, quirks, and personalities.

One aspect that elevates Ice Age is its exceptional voice cast, with talented actors lending their voices to the characters. Ray Romano's warm and relatable vocal performance as Manny perfectly captures his initially gruff exterior, gradually softening as he grows attached to the baby. John Leguizamo's comedic timing and hilarious delivery as Sid injects the film with humor and adds levity to even the most perilous situations. Denis Leary's portrayal of the fierce and conflicted Diego adds depth and complexity to the character, making him an integral part of the trio.

The success of Ice Age led to multiple sequels and spin-offs, as well as a franchise that has entertained audiences for nearly two decades. With each subsequent release, the franchise has expanded its world, added new characters, and continued to weave whimsical tales set in the Ice Age era.

From its captivating storyline and lovable characters to its awe-inspiring animation, Ice Age is a film that appeals to both children and adults alike. Its heartwarming message of friendship, sacrifice, and the importance of family resonates across generations. Whether you're revisiting this nostalgic flick or discovering it for the first time, one thing is for sure – Ice Age is a timeless masterpiece that continues to entertain and enchant audiences to this day.

If you'd like to relive the magical sounds of the Ice Age, you can play and download the film's soundtrack here. Immerse yourself in the thrilling scores that accompanied Manny, Sid, and Diego on their icy quest, and let the music transport you back to a time when mammoths and saber-toothed tigers roamed the Earth.

Alert the troops. We attack at dawn
All right. All right.
An excelent point. Shut up!
And then she picked this hair off my shoulder and says, look...
And they gagged me with a fieldmouse, barricaded the cave door, and covered their tracks, went through water so l'd lose their scent,
Ask him direction.
But I'll take that lift
Can we trust you with that, Diego?
Can you lead the way, Mr. Big Guy? Didn't get the name.
Come on keep up with me.
Come on Sid.
Come on, nobody falls asleep that fast
Come on. Sleep time. Lumpy. Look at that big pushover.
Come on. Wait up. Wait up! Wait... come on, come on. Can you wait a second please?
Could you scooch over a drop?
Cute kid, huh?
Diego. I was beginning to worry about you.
Do we have to get a news flash every time your body does something?
Eat my powder!
Eh, eh... Fish.
Fine, I'll tuck myself in.
Fine! I'll take you down first.
First you have to force it into a corner.
Frank, where did you ever..
From now one you'll have to refer to me as..
From under.., ground?
Glacier pass.
Go ahead, dig in
He said something about being on a verge of an evolutionary breakthrough.
Here's your little bundle of joy. We'll return it to the humans.
Hey Diego you've frozen back there.
Hey look who decided to show up
Hey, hey this fat one.
Hey, human tracker, up front where I can see you.
Hey, Sid.
Hey, you over grown weasel. Wait till we get down there
Hmm..... Pack. Good word, Manny.
How about some milk?
Huh? Zak? Marshall?
I am sorry.
I am sure it was just thunder.
I can't wait to get my claws in that mammoth.
I don't believe it.
I don't now how about you guys, but...
I don't think so.
I mean, my goodness.
I see the sloth!
I wanna hit him at full speed.
I'll do it.
I'll just zip the lip when I say ..
I'll return you. We don't need that meany weeny mammoth, do we?
I'm flying!
I'm not fat. It's all that fur. It makes me look puffy
I've eaten things that didn't complain this much.
I've lost it over the falls
If those humans get through the pass, you'll never catch them.
In your case, grateful. Get away from me.
Intru... Uaaaa
Isn't it nice if he'll be joining us for breakfast?
It was my job, I was supposed to get the baby but then...
It's still green.
Just pretend that I am not here
Listen very carefully. I'm not g o i n g
Look at that. Our little guy is growing up.
Look out! You're going the wrong way. Crazy mammoth
Look. We're gonnaa break your neck so you don't feel a thing
Looks just like you.
Loop de loop. Slalom, slalom baby!
Manfred? Manfred.
Manfred. Manfred? Yuck
Manny, Manny, Manny are you ok?
Maybe we shouldn't do this.
Modern architecture. It'll never last.
No buts. You can play extinction later
No you are not. Not yet.
No. But you just saved him.
No. Carnivores have all the fun.
Now we gotta find more food.
Oh my goodness, they're my favourite
Oh! Jeez... Oh..Yuck! Oh.
OK, I vote short cut.
Okay, you.
Or don't come back at all!
Shh. He's asleep.
So what about you? You've family?
So you've got three melons?
Some breakthrough
Soto's getting tired of waiting.
Sounds very attractive!
Stay close Sid.
Stomp. No, no. Stamp, stamp.
Stop following me
Stop it! You're scaring him!
Survival of the fittest. I don't think so. Yeah!
That looks good and little bit here...
The melon!
There goes our last female.
There he is.
They do this every year!
Three words.
Tracking down helpless infants too difficult for you?
Us? You two are a bit of an odd couple
Wait a minute. I thought rhinos were vegetarians.
Watch its head! Just put it down! Jeez, 'pick him up, put him down, make him...'
We won't forget about you.
Well, good night
What are you doing?
What are you lookin' at, bone bag?
What? What do you mean ambush.
Wher you've been hiding?
Where is the baby?
Where is the baby?
Who wouldn't want a family, I always say.
Will you keep up, please? Hard enough to keep track of one baby.
With their teeth.
Wow. I wish I could jump like that.
Wow. Really? No
Yeh, come on, move it
Yohou! Backscratcher. Ahaa!
You are almost home?
You didn't miss them by much.
You just keep marinating and I'll be right back.
You should see what they did last year
You won't always have jumbo around to protect you.