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Ice Age Collision Course (2016)

Ice Age Collision Course (2016)

"Ice Age: Collision Course" is a 2016 animated movie that follows the hilarious adventures of Manny (voiced by Ray Romano), Sid (voiced by John Leguizamo), Diego (voiced by Denis Leary), and their prehistoric pals. In this fifth installment of the Ice Age franchise, the beloved characters embark on a mission to save themselves from impending catastrophe. As a giant asteroid hurtles towards Earth, they encounter wacky new characters and face comical challenges along the way. The film showcases an incredible voice cast including Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, Adam DeVine, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and many others. You can immerse yourself in the delightful sounds of "Ice Age: Collision Course" and download or play them here.

A baby!
A ball of fire heading directly towards us?
A chance series of events?
A gloriously orchestrated plan?
A magician never reveals his secrets.
A sneak preview of the asteroid to come.
A space rock. Fresh from the cosmos.
A vast expanse of space and matter.
About moving underground for a while.
Actually, we were just gonna wing it!
Actually, weren't you gonna help me with the thing?
Actually, you don't have all the time in the world.
Ah, my cynical friend.
Ah, women!
Ahh! Demon angel!
Ahh! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!
All good theories. I'm going to go with the puck.
All I wanted is true love.
All over again.
All right, how about best of three?
All right, kids.
All right, let's go.
All right, mammals. Time to get moving.
All right, Roger. Lead the way.
All rocks tell a tale.
All we need to do is seal the steam vents around it.
ALL: Huh?
ALL: Huh? (SNIFFING) Hold on to your butts!
ALL: Manny! Manny! Manny!
ALL: Surprise!
Allow me.
Am I in heaven?
An asteroid hit.
An asteroid is coming.
An honest living. Stealing.
And absolutely no support system...
And all I've got is my boyish good looks
And all's a lot!
And by the way,
And come this far Oh I never knew I
And come this far Oh I never knew I
And coming up next, mammals.
And dashing and diving and dodging
And do you...
And expert salsa dancer.
And for you, my guru, my rock, my main mammoth...
And garter belts!
And I'm still leaving home.
And if these space rocks are magnetic...
And it's about to happen again.
And it's heading straight for us.
And just listen.
And launch a bunch of rocks into space.
And leave home.
And like my grandfather used to say...
And look what it's doing to the sky.
And looking fabulous!
And meet me on the other side
And now it's time to give it back.
And now, I think I have a fever.
And remember, lift with your legs.
And see what's attracting the asteroid.
And she thinks we're just gonna
And she'll just stay our little girl forever!
And she's in trouble!
And sliding and gliding and staying alive
And smells amazing!
And speaking of weird.
And take half of everything.
And that would be...
And that's how it's done. Hmm.
And the story it tells is very disturbing.
And then she wiggled.
And there's an arsonist on the loose.
And these are a few of the things
And this mariachi band.
And this must be Nectarine.
And this widdle astewoid
And to prove myself to you.
And we were up against volcanoes,
And what about Granny?
And what are you? A professor of logic?
And when I knew you were ready, I let you go.
And with a butt that size,
And you call yourself a professor.
And you found him. Just like I did.
And you, you coconut!
And you'll get married.
And you're the dummy.
And your baby gets sick. What do you do?
ANIMAL: Totally, let's do it!
Anybody there? Oh!
Are we going to launch these crystals?
Are you crazy? We've only had one date.
Are you kidding? This place is great!
Are you okay? How many tusks do you see?
Are you sure you can't come with us?
Are you, weasel?
As a father, I would work with my worst enemy...
As father meets daughter
As in, not towards Earth.
Attracting the asteroid.
Attracting the asteroid.
Aw, shoot! I'm out of fingers.
Aw! I remember when Manny and I used to be like that.
Awesome meeting you guys.
Bad news! Somebody up there doesn't like us.
Bada bing, bada boom!
Because Daddy and his fwiends saved the world.
Because it was slippery?
Because that's not how I want to spend
Because the world is mourning my loss.
Because time till impact is roughly...
Beep, beep, beep.
Before the dinosaurs,
Before they begin.
Before, before
Behold, mammals!
Besides, why take out the weasel
Best present ever.
Boom! Bye bye.
Boom! Bye bye.
BOTH: He sees all.
BOTH: Hey, what's that stink I smell out there? It's Manny!
BOTH: Nice save with the light show.
BOTH: Rah rah! Sis boom bah!
BOTH: So do we! (LAUGHING)
BOTH: Ta da!
BOTH: Yeah.
Boy, he really sucks the fun out of everything. Doesn't he?
Boy, Mother Nature sure is in a bad mood lately.
Brilliant. Right this way.
Bring it in, Bro Son. Welcome to the family.
BROOKE: I can't believe it!
BROOKE: Please keep your arms and legs
Buck, wait! It's too dangerous.
BUCK: (LAUGHING) Whoo hoo!
BUCK: (SINGING) And if that pterodactyl don't fly
BUCK: Keep it up, dinos.
BUCK: Mammals, we've made it!
BUCK: Mmm...
BUCK: Steady.
BUCK: Um, a little help.
Buck. Where's Buck?
But allow your spirit to roam free...
But aren't I part of your family?
But billions and billions of years ago...
But how do you tell someone they're doomed?
But I see a sweet guy...
But I want to share everything with you.
But I'm afraid our lives will be over
But I'm getting better, right?
But if we propel this magnetic material
But if we somehow survive
But if you insist, I won't resist
But it makes me happy.
But maybe a little trashy.
But maybe it's the universe telling us we won't.
But my freaky little brother may be right.
But my friends call me Buck.
But some escaped.
But then today, she giggled.
But we both know this is for the best.
But we're kind of in a hurry.
But what about the dino birds?
But what if he can't this time?
But will you be my mate for life?
But you did a great job on the wedding.
But you heard them.
But you just said... (STAMMERS)
But you lit up the sky for me?
But you're marrying our daughter.
But, Dad... (SCREAMS)
By homicidal 30 foot dino birds...
Bye bye.
Bye, Buck!
Bye, Sidney!
Can you guys deal with this later?
Can't wait to see all those dead relatives I hate.
Catching mad air on the half pipe!
Change isn't easy, but it's part of life.
Cold, dry, inhospitable to life.
Come on, Bro Dad. Bring it in.
Come on, El, you're not still mad at me, are you?
Come on, Julian. Wanna go?
Come on, kids. Dive!
Come on, let's go!
Come on, Romeo. Walk with me.
Come on! Let's get out of here.
Come on. Let's get you cleaned up.
Come on. We need to take cover.
Come out of their cocoons.
Congratulations, weasel.
Could you help me, please?
Crash and Eddie reporting for duty.
CRASH: It's a beautiful day out here on the ice...
CRASH: Okay, it's our turn.
Daddy's gonna blind his remaining eye
Deadly asteroid screaming towards Earth.
Death defying Danger denying
Definitely the eyes.
Definitely the eyes.
Did I hit my head? What's happening here?
Did it work?
Did not see that coming.
Did you know their power grants eternal youth?
Didn't know sucking was a strategy.
DIEGO: Hey, Buck.
DIEGO: I knew it!
DIEGO: Wait a second. (SNIFFS)
DIEGO: You are so funny, J.