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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (2012)

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (2012)

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift is a 2012 animated film that takes audiences on another thrilling adventure with their beloved Ice Age characters. Directed by Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier, this entertaining sequel follows Manny the mammoth (voiced by Ray Romano), Sid the sloth (voiced by John Leguizamo), and Diego the saber-toothed tiger (voiced by Denis Leary) as they embark on an epic journey across the high seas.

In Ice Age 4, the gang is separated from their families after the continents start to drift apart. Along the way, they encounter pirates led by the villainous Captain Gutt (voiced by Peter Dinklage) and form unexpected alliances to reunite with their loved ones.

With stunning visuals, hilarious dialogue, and heartwarming moments, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift captures the essence of the franchise's success. The film also features the talents of Queen Latifah as Ellie, Jennifer Lopez as Shira, and many other notable actors and comedians.

If you're a fan of the Ice Age series, you can immerse yourself in the film's sounds by playing and downloading them here. Let the iconic voices and catchy soundtrack transport you into the icy world of Manny, Sid, and Diego, where friendship and family always prevail.

A lady can't take a bath in peace? Eyeballing me like a rump roast.
A lot has happened since the last time I saw you.
A more rugged saber like her.
A real family.
A rugged saber like you.
Ahoy, down there!
Ain't going to happen, Captain.
All right, let them go.
All this sweetness is going to rot my teeth.
Allow me to explain.
Am I hallucinating, or is that ice coming straight towards us?
Am I interrupting something?
Am I right, buddy?
An hour after sunset?
And a seal and a kangaroo.
And assuming he doesn't kill you
And can we say how thrilled we are to see you?
And everything he loves.
And here, your ship belongs to me.
And I wouldn't replace not a thing Mother
And if you geniuses are normal, this species is going to end up extinct.
And look here. We've got the catch du jour.
And my idea of fun isn't risking death so that you can meet some cute mammoth.
And nothing but smooth sailing ahead!
And now the loyalty of my crew.
And she can't wait to spend time with you, Sid.
And she cooks, too.
And the next thing you know, she's addicted to berries.
And then your innards become your outards.
And warn the community. She tends to wander!
And we just knew Sid would want to see his poor, dear Granny...
And we saved you.
And we'll make it to the land bridge before you know it.
And you figured it out.
And you're both going to be just fine.
And, "Why does a hurricane have an eye but not an ear?"
And, Gupta, fly the colors.
Any last words?
Any questions?
Anyone else want to play "Captain"?
Anyone have a body wipe?
AnyWaY ...
Are we there yet?
Are you friends with that awkward little rodent or not?
Are you kidding? This is epic!
At least you still have Granny. Right, buddy?
At this pace, we'll stay ahead of the wall...
Ave, aye.
Aye aye, Captain.
Aye aye, sir. Prepare the plank!
Aye, sir.
Back off.
Bad enough?
Battle stations!
Be careful, Milton, you're going to hurt somebody!
Be more than a rodent.
Because cruises are romantic?
Before her time is up.
Behold, Scratlantis.
Belly flop.
Besides, you can't spend your whole life playing it safe.
Bon voyage, monkey boy!
Booyah, baby!
Boy, there's so much to tell you.
Brace for impact.
Brother, rise above this base desire.
Buddy, this thing's too big to turn. The current's pulling us out.
But at least I didn't trade one pack for another.
But be back before sunset.
But if it's gone...
But just don't let anyone change who you are, okay?
But really they make us stronger
But that's not how I got my name.
But the point being that, even though things look bad...
But we always missed you. Right?
But we can all agree that
But we can all agree that
But we fought dinosaurs in the Ice Age.
But we were supposed to meet Dad here. What are we going to do?
But, no, we're not really friends friends.
But, still, you're not a teensy bit concerned about...
Bye bye.
Call me.
Can I ask you guys something?
Can I tell him our secret?
Can I tell you the difference between you and me?
Captain Crazy and his floating petting zoo are history.
Captain Gutt, here to help.
Captain's going to sing a shanty!
Check me out!
Close as close can be
Close as close can be
Come along on a trip
Come back!
Come here. Come here.
Come on, a little more.
Come on, do you really want to go back...
Come on, girls, let's have some fun.
Come on, Granny.
Come on, Manny, kick his monkey butt!
Come on, move it!
Come on, tiger. Swim with me.
Come on, we've got to catch it before it hits open water!
Come on, what kind of sick family would ditch their Granny on someone?
Come on, young lady.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Help me turn this thing around!
Come on! We're finally heading home!
Come out, come out wherever you are!
Come to me, Granny.
Come with me.
Come with us.
Congratulations, warrior princess.
Cute boys can whiplash your brain. No doubt about that.
Dagnabbit, I'm trying to sleep!
Dance your coconuts off!
Denial is the clincher. You're in love, pussy cat!
Did somebody hail a whale?
Did you sink your fangs into him? Did he beg for his life?
Diego and Shira Sitting in a tree
Diego poo!
Diego's right. We found the way home.
Ding, ding, ding
Dive, dive, dive!
Do you want to walk with me tomorrow?
Does anyone have floaties?
Doesn't it weigh on you that the world might be ending?
Don't be a scaredy cat.
Don't call me "kitty."
Don't let... Oh, yummo!
Don't stand there like barnacles. Get him!
Don't worry.
Don't worry...
Dude, it's right behind you.
Dump the wench, too.
Easy warden, she's not on lockdown.
Easy, kitty. Water.
Ellie, behind you!
Ellie, you have to get out of here! Go! Go now!
Especially alone.
Ethan isn't cute. He's hot.
Ethan's great, isn't he?
Everyone paddle. Paddle!
Everyone, please, settle down. Don't panic!
Except for the six or seven times I thought we were going to die.
Excuse me, I am not soft.
Extinct that mammoth.
Faster, you worthless, wormy sons of sorry excuses...
Find me a wife, and tell her I love her.
Fine, die of thirst. That will really show me.
Fire the starboard cannons.
First it's the falls, then she's piercing her trunk...
First Mate introduce me to them, please
First mate, jettison the deadweight.
Five more seconds and we'd have been goners.
Fly the colors!
Follow me!
Food! I missed you so much!
For once, he's actually right.
For shark bait weevils!
For that we owe our lives to Gutt
Four passengers. Ripe for the taking.
Full speed ahead!
Fun, you call that fun? I'm out of here.
Funny. Really funny.
Get in.
Get off... my face!
Get ready to slice and dice, boys.
Get to the ship, don't screw up. Get to the ship, don't screw up.
Get your sorry carcasses on board now.
Giddy up, let's go, let's go.
Glad we found you before they did.
Go ahead make fun. He got it.
Go get her. She can help us get back.
Go long!
Go to the land bridge! You'll be safe on the other side.
Go where the day takes you.
Go, go, I'm right behind you.
Go! Go! Go!
Good girl. Here you go.
Good night, Dad.
Good point, sir.
Good shanty, sir.
Good to know.
Grab your weapons, mates!
Granny likey very much.
Granny likey.
Granny, can't you throw imaginary food to your imaginary pet?
Granny, no! Wait!
Granny, why didn't our family want us? What's wrong with us?