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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel  (2017) - Season 3

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017) - Season 3

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a critically acclaimed television series that premiered in 2017 and has captivated audiences around the world with its wit, humor, and incredible performances. Set in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the show provides a delightful glimpse into the world of a young Jewish housewife turned stand-up comedian.

The third season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel takes viewers on another exciting journey as Midge Maisel, played by the talented Rachel Brosnahan, continues to navigate the male-dominated comedy scene of New York City. As Midge's career gains traction, she faces new challenges and questions about her ambitions, her relationships, and her own identity.

The ensemble cast of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel brings these vibrant characters to life with their exceptional acting. Tony Shalhoub portrays Midge's father, Abe Weissman, a brilliant mathematician who discovers his own passion for teaching. Alex Borstein delivers a stellar performance as Susie Meyerson, Midge's tough-talking manager, who becomes an essential pillar in her comedy career. Marin Hinkle portrays Rose Weissman, Midge's sophisticated and upper-class mother, who grapples with her own personal development in the midst of social change.

In addition to the continued development of the main characters, Season 3 introduces new and intriguing faces. Sterling K. Brown joins the cast as Reggie, a charismatic manager who befriends Midge and offers her exciting opportunities. Zachary Levi plays Benjamin, Midge's charming love interest. These new additions add depth and complexity to the already rich tapestry of characters in the show.

With its stunning set designs, authentic period costumes, and sharp writing, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel transports viewers back to a time when stand-up comedy was an emerging art form and societal norms were beginning to shift. The series beautifully captures the spirit of the era, immersing audiences in a world filled with jazz clubs, glamorous parties, and a sense of limitless possibility.

Fans of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel can immerse themselves further into the show's world by playing and downloading the incredible sounds that accompany each scene. The music, carefully selected to match the atmosphere and energy of the time, captures the essence of the characters and their experiences. These sounds can be found here, giving fans an opportunity to relive the magic and excitement of the show wherever they go.

In conclusion, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 continues the show's tradition of excellence, delivering an engaging storyline, phenomenal performances, and a vivid depiction of a bygone era. It is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates sharp comedy, strong character development, and an authentic glimpse into the past.

A And a very adult version of hide and seek.
A Are they arresting him? Wait, are you arresting him?
A Are you sitting down?
A big strong fella like you, and with such arms.
A big, grown up man?
A bully only responds to other bullies.
A bus, a cab, a rickshaw.
A catchphrase.
A Christmas special in December,
A club. Look, don't change the subject.
A comedian. A farceur.
A complete, unmitigated disaster.
A couple is coming in now, and, uh... Oh.
A couple of times to play with their kids.
A crazy family vacation.
A cute redhead.
A desert is Bergdorf's when they're low on Handmacher suits
A dime each on the Cards and the Reds.
A familiar face.
A female Mountie? I didn't know there were female Mounties.
A gathering of the best, the brightest,
A giant fucking cheesecake, and I don't think
A girl could get used to this.
A great fucking serious actress.
A guy comes to fix your dishwasher,
A guy in, uh, in need of information
A hotel's looking pretty good to you right now, isn't it?
A huge dead weight on the production.
A jukebox.
A kitchen, two bathrooms.
A length of rope, and a copy of Gray's Anatomy.
A lifetime supply.
A little warning next time!
A living room, a dining room,
A lot of people can't stick it out.
A lot of those people are still there.
A maid wears a uniform.
A man can get tired laying bricks.
A man can get tired.
A man is not a man until he's got a tree.
A man of the city.
A man threw a tomato at me.
A martini with olives, but the martini's the important part.
A mean man, an angry man.
A modern woman mean I have to give up being a girl?
A next generation suffragette will wear pink and ride horses,
A nice, prolonged panic.
A nonrefundable down payment to the photographer.
A pen, a notebook and a drink.
A person whose...
A photo in the jeep will be fine.
A polite gentleman should keep a lady company.
A prettier face comes along, and I'm chopped liver.
A primer to the ******* people.
A set of hotel schematics we could look at?
A singer, I assume, sir.
A staircase to nowhere.
A suitcase fell on my head and a child threw up on my handbag.
A third person in this play.
A thousand people in Vegas.
A token of my gratitude.
A ton of sandpaper...
A tough competitor,
A townhouse? For him and Miriam?
A true master.
A two, three, four.
A very nice thing,
A very specific person to wear these sleeves, right?
A wag.
A weird ask. Something in your contract
A well done steak, and a Polaroid
A what to where?
A what?
A woman in row three coughed repeatedly
A woman running for office. I love that.
A.M. or P.M.?
Abandoned you? She dropped you? What a jerk.
Abe is fine, Liev. Thank you for asking.
Abe Weissman.
Abe, answer the phone.
Abe, did you say theater critic?
Abe, get the bags.
Abe, I read your piece.
Abe, I think this must have been a very underripe tomato,
Abe, it's a tiny bit unorthodox
Abe, take our bed. We'll sleep on the pullout. It does not say "pineapple."
Abe, this is terrible. You were assaulted by a stranger.
Abe! Abe! Whoa!
Abe... It It's a nice piece of writing, but
Abort, abort, abort.
About a wonderful show we saw last night.
About August Strindberg.
About big important things, only little things like,
About darker skin, so I can just...
About how I defended you, how I fought for you,
About my parents tonight,
About my time here.
About pushing the two of you together.
About some goddamned ass licking, cock sucking,
About something they didn't do.
About something you did.
About Sophie.
About that crack.
About the buzz surrounding Miss Julie?
About the dead dogs in the bedroom.
About the young lovers in French.
About them.
About you and Miriam,
About you having your friends over.
Abraham Weissman, would you come join us, please?
Absolutely crazy.
Absolutely not. The act is clean.
Act in this ridiculous farce of a play.
Act it. Easy for someone standing in the wings to say.
Actually, could I have something stronger?
Actually, her I know. She's my cat's godmother.
Actually, I don't really know anything about her.
Actually, I have no idea if that's true,
Actually, it's how men grow.
Actually, princess, you kind of fucking do.
Add back a Sahl and divide by Bringle.
Adjusted for inflation, and calculated the numbers of years
Adoring crowds. She knows Elia Kazan intimately.
After everything we've done for you?
After I read the kids a story.
After she pours the coffee, dear.
After this, I'm heading to LaGuardia
Afterward, I'll buy you dinner.
Again, just to jog your memory.
Again. From the same man.
Ah choo! Thank you.
Ah, good.
Ah, great. The bus.
Ah, hell. My blazer's wrinkled to shit.
Ah, I got nothing!
Ah, I see.
Ah, I'm not so sure of that. The couple before you,
Ah, Miriam.
Ah, see, that I understood perfectly.
Ah, shit.
Ah, Slim.
Ah, so they told you I was an idiot.
Ah, there you are.
Ah, well.
Ah, yes. Follow me.
Ah, your face! Hysterical!
Ah. Good. Eat this.
Ah. No.
Ah. You quit piano, you quit your marriage,
Ah... Susie lost some money!
Aha. Wait. I have two days in September.
Ain't it, though?
Alan came up with both of those.
All but six.
All it takes is a little Winky Dink magic...
All over again, but without snacks.
All right kids, uh, sit down now,
All right, fuckers. This is it.
All right, gentlemen.
All right, guys, let's try it again.
All right, I'll tell you. I think you're a genius.
All right, I'm coming.
All right, I'm down.
All right, look, I got to go. Uh, we'll figure something out.
All right, now he's kissing her some more,
All right, now I think it's time you boys sing for your supper.
All right, stop it!
All right, then, gang. Now let's roll up our sleeves
All right, this is me.
All right, we're off.
All right, what am I singing?
All right, which one you think's goin' down?
All right, young man.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Bye.
All right. I'll eat the Jell O.
All right. This is exactly what I'm talking about.
All set. Here's your key.
All the angst that pervaded this room,
All the girls look good in the pictures.
All the things I wished I was doing at 18.
All the tour dates have changed,
All the tsuris it caused, it was me.
All their toys, books, clean clothes,
All this talk is about
All those bags go
All we need is the check and we're on our way.
All will be well, and nothing like what happened
All you need is a social disease,
All young people are just a bunch of idiots.
Allowing my voice to soar freely.
Almost all boys are circumcised.
Almost as much as I love myself.
Almost hit the milkman.
Almost. But there is an even bigger chance
Along with my copilot Darryl and navigator Chris.
Also want to marry Shy off.
Although, I should be the one scaring you.
Always a help. Thanks.
Always around to babysit...
Always take the side with the bathroom.
Always with the poetry.
Always, but that's not why I'm here.
Am I getting the story right? Because I really want
Am I late? I thought I was on time.
Am I still asleep?
Am I walking funny? Like I have elephant balls?
Am I?