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Home > Cornell Sounds: Castlevania Judgment
A vampire? Leave me be.
Are you clergy?
Ask as often as you will, but I will never serve Dracula.
Blue Crescent moon.
But I cannot let you defeat me.
But you're me.
Death, I found you. What do you know of this curse?
Death. Does he hold the key?
Don't make me laugh.
Even you cannot understand my pain.
Fine, then come.
Good you mock my suffering.
I do not need your power.
I fight for the sake of my sister.
I have not heard of such a thing.
I I cannot lose.
I learned part of the answer I seek, but only part.
I never asked to be one of you. A child of the night.
I see.
I trust what you say of the curse, but I do not trust you. I will find the way on my own.
I will defeat you on escape for Adam's sake.
I will make my own Rd. I will find my own answers.
I will never serve you die.
I will overcome this curse on my own.
If I must.
Indeed, this form wears on my spirit.
Is that why I can't return to human form?
Is there truly no hope I can ever be freed?
Is this another part of my ancient curse?
It is ill fortune our paths should cross here.
It's not about power, it's about will.
Let's see you handle the speed of a wolf.
Never test me again.
No matter how often you threaten or beg, I will never join you.
No one will listen to reason from the mouth of a beast.
Not all children of the night are evil.
Not everything borne of darkness is a threat to mankind.
Once it starts, I cannot control it.
So there is a way to end this torment?
State your business.
Still hoping I'll join your lot?
The curse of the Beast men. Release me.
Then state your business.
They call me Blue Crescent moon.
Think you can match the speed of a wolf?
Truly, you swear it.
Very well, let's go.
What do you know of this curse?
What? But you're me.
Who challenges me?
Witness the power of the Beast men.
Would I have survived without this damned power?
Yes, I am human. What you see is the result of an ancient curse.
You are mistaken. I would never do such a thing.
You must tell me, can your holy arts cure my affliction?
You will learn why they call me Blue Crescent moon.
You wish to fight me?
You're not strong enough to beat me.