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And if we have to get tough believing we will get tough
And some thirty seven tons of what they called yellow cake the stuff they used to make enriched uranium
Are they told the stories of times the day had personally ****d cut off ears cut off heads caped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power
Believe it
Believe that I can't be president
Didn't do that he broke that promise
Don't bother applying for assistance or for being part of the reconstruction if you weren't part of our original coalition
General shinseki
General shinseki had the wisdom to say you're going to need several hundred thousand troops to win the peace
George bush
Go to john kerry dot com you can pull it off the internet
Having a total takeover
I certainly do
I change the position on this or that of the other
I could do a better job my plan does a better job and that's why i'll be a better commander in chief
I have laid out a different plan
I went to new york
I would not
I'm a catholic
I'm john kerry
I'm john kerry
I'm john kerry and I approve this message
I've asked in my security briefings why that is and I can't go into all the answers etc but let me say this to you
It's in the zone of dangerous
It's not a question of when it's a question of excuse me not questioning if
John edwards
Just yesterday the dulfer report told you and the whole world
King abdallah jordan
More of the same over the next four years
No i'm not
Nope sorry time for diplomacy is over we're going
North korea
Now I have to tell you I would do something different
Now we have to succeed i've always said that I have been consistent yes we have to succeed and I have a better plan to help us do it
Prank Call Sounds: John Kerry Soundboard Sound
Raised a catholic I was an altar boy
Raised a catholic I was an altar boy it has been ****d by john edwards
Sixteen or seventeen year old kid who's been ****d by her father and his pregnant
That I think i'm right I think he's wrong
That's a question that's been raised by a lot of people around the country let me address it
The goal of the sanctions was not to remove saddam hussein
The president didn't find weapons of mass destruction
The world is more dangerous today
They discussed the possibility of having a total takeover
This is one of the reasons why i'm very proud in this race to have the support of general john shalikashvili former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral william crowe for on the chairman o...
Those are the republican chairman 's words
Two hundred million dollars and an invasion of iraq
We've been told that
Well that would be a big tax cap if we did that
Wrong choice
You got to have the best intelligence in the world
You know it's just not that simple
You played off three hundred fifty teachers you're a hundred and fifty excuse me I think it's more about a hundred million dollars shy of what you ought to be under the no child left behind act to ...
You see that every night on television