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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
After pete
Am a scientist
And I need your help
And I think she really likes maine
And if it's a girl
And she kissed me
And they don't like being sick
Are you sure you can find an egg
Assisted by drug and hormone supplements and R seven months the term
Be fertilized an egg and implanted it into my abdomen
But everything is going to be alright
But I want my baby
But I'm all woman
Can you do anything right
Can you keep an open mind
Do we know anything about the donor egg
Do you mind can have some privacy
Does my body disgust you
Don't be angry
Franks in blankets orders amid favourites
From this equation comes the idea for the drug expecting which acts to neutralize the interfering in the paris and promote successful embryo attachment
Get off me.
Going back to europe to start over
Going going always going
Good thank you and you
How about you and a father
How much more of this I can handle
I always love this song
I can come
I didn't say that why you being so negative
I don't have a girlfriend
I don't know if your boy or girl
I don't serve
I don't want to see you
I feel like julia kicked a horse through something are
I feel like the last controller with my body
I feel so humiliated
I felt sized lated
I had so much fun at the walk the most wonderful massage in the health club
I have a most extraordinary condition
I have nothing to wear
I know it is
I must be crazy to be doing this
I realize
I really am pregnant
I totally understand if you never want to see me again
I want us to do this together
I want you to know everything about me
I was
I will miss you most of all
I won't malary
I'm almost eight months pregnant in malarious to travel and business
I'm cooking
I'm going to be a moment too
I'm going upstairs to my bedroom
I'm not well liked
I'm not whining
I'm pregnant
I'm pregnant
I'm sorry
I'm sorry I had to deceive you
I'm sorry I have to go
I've never danced before either
If I may speak to your concerns please
If you could feel for one minute the sense of absolute join connection that carrying your baby brings he went under
In six of gog
In testing the drug and chimpanzees with a history of miscarriages I found conclusively that in every instance the side effects observed were consistent with the behavioral and metabolic changes in...
Is it disgusting
Is your bedroom
It's hot in here
It's just that you said you will be home no later than six o'clock so six forty five to pass those radiant in five minutes they're going to be totally solved
It's not gonna get out
Junior if it is a boy
Just do it
Last thing I wanted to do is hurt you
Leave me alone
Leave me alone
Look I know this is unfair to you and it's dangerous for both of us
Look if you don't want to help me just say so but I don't need a lecture
Love those pictures
Luck is for the ill prepared
Madame chairperson ladies and gentlemen we respectfully request supports approval to carry on into an invasive human protocol thank you
Maybe should be pausing to head a joyful melody of life itself
Maybe should see a psychic
Menippus they feel like kind of tingle
Mini here had a history of miscarriages as a result of our treatments she's now in his seventh month of pregnancy
Miscarriage prone female reproductive system is million extension of the body 's natural and necessary instincts to reject foreign matter
My choice
My nipples are very sensitive
Nausea mood swings upper dead fluctuation irritability
Nice to meet you
Nick and help but wonder what it would be like
No I don't stop it I want my babies
No you don't
Nothing was mentioned of the side effects that are now so obviously painfully apparent
Of woman is going to take an unapproved drug while she's pregnant
Oh because i'm taking a new formula
Please I need to talk to you
Please let me explain
Please take me with you
She was daddy 's little girl
Six forty five
Standing wrong with that
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
That should do it
That take that back
That was giving her away
That was really scary
The body mistakenly identifies the embryo as an unwanted foreign substance and creates antibodies to fight and rejected
There must be a mother
There's a baby here
They will find someone else to mimic over coffee in a lounge
This is really well
This wife
To have my baby
To me here
Twenty one weeks
We going
We're not partners anymore not laugh no funding no future here
Well fine then come home whenever you want
Were you supposed to get an anonymous age
What a horrible thing to say
What are you talking about
What are you talking about
What did you say
What do you mean
What do you want to do tonight should be staying no god for dinner
What's wrong with that
When I was a sports woman in the east german olympic track and field team they dispensed anabolic steroids as freely as unicor did all that gatorade
Where did you get junior
Where did you get the egg by the way
Who is that guy he said a colleague of us have an anonymous harvest
Yesterday just scooping the middle out of a honeydew melon have gave me
You do know me
You don't understand
You ever think about calling before you come over
You know it was really nice effect the red and delivers show her lab
You know the truth this time
You really think the baby is going to be born
You're just trying to manipulate me
You're right
Your hands off my skin is