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Home > Arnold Schwarzenegger Soundboard: Maggie
A little movie, a personal movie and a very dramatic movie.
And but I just.
And how does she now go through life or through these next few weeks being in the same house, sleeping next door, basically in the next room, but not go after me while I'm asleep in order to so, so...
And I looked at that and it looked really painful.
And people coming to the house and want to rip her away from us and they feel that she's dangerous and she has to go into quarantine and she has to get this shot that is very painful. That kills her.
And so it was. It was a.
And someone that is infected by this virus.
And started doing things to her body and to her skin and ripping off the scabs and stuff like that and.
And the thing that they always would made it really, I think. Um.
And then he started, you know, pulling out his medical tools.
And we knew the rules that it would take weeks to kind of manifest itself and that she will get scars and she will have to, you know, get certain illnesses. And then eventually she will get aggress...
Are you going to help me now or not?
Because a lot of times you know things are not written exactly on the pages.
Because she knows that she's addicted to, you know, biting and and and eventually, you know, needing blood and all this stuff.
But Abdel was was.
But that it just happens then because.
But this is me, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Douglas Quaid.
Even though only 16 years old.
For us.
Henry Hobson.
Her mother is a very important player in this whole team.
How are you?
How do you make the decision to kill your own daughter?
Hundreds of zombies running around and being machine gunned down and they're the enemy and all this stuff.
I always kind of looked at her from when I.
I had tears running down my eyes.
I have daughters.
I love Maggie because he was a zombie movie.
I think it's the most human zombie movie that has ever been made.
I want your help.
I was watching when the doctor was examining my daughter.
It was about my daughter getting infected by a zombie virus.
It was like about a father protecting his daughter.
It's me.
Kindergarten cop.
Listen to me very carefully.
More painful for me is the father to go through and to watch this scene in that hospital, what the doctor did to my daughter.
My daughter going out and killing and sucking blood of other people something.
My daughter.
My daughter's getting infected by zombie virus.
My wife moves out and then my kids move out. Everyone is afraid of touching her and being with her. They insist that they should take her into quarantine.
My wife moves out with the other two kids.
No deal.
Ohh no.
On the pages.
Protecting my daughter, no matter what anyone says. And this, this protection becomes more and more become one more obsessed with that.
She already knows.
She got infected with this virus and everyone is trying to take her down.
She got infected with this virus.
She looks awful. She's deteriorating. She's looking for blood. She's even hunting down of an animal fox outside.
So this is the thing. So.
That it would take weeks to kind of manifest itself and that she would get scars and she would have to, you know, get certain illnesses and then eventually she will get aggressive. Then she would h...
That sweet little girl.
The Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The doctor.
The nut let her go to quarantine. And even though when it gets to the dangerous moments where she's demanding and this is, you know, addicted to the blood to to look for blood and to look for means...
The zombie movies.
They need your help.
To me, I mean. I had tears running down my eyes.
What are you talking about?
What does this mean?
What happens in that family?
What we got to do?
What's the matter?
What's wrong with that?
You promise you won't laugh?
Zombie movie.