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Good Boys

Good Boys

"Good Boys" is a hilarious comedy film released in 2019. Directed by Gene Stupnitsky, the movie revolves around a group of three sixth-grade boys who embark on an epic adventure in an attempt to replace their neighbor's broken drone before their parents find out. With its uproarious humor and heartwarming storyline, "Good Boys" quickly became a fan favorite.

The film features a talented cast of young actors who bring their characters to life with genuine innocence and comic timing. Jacob Tremblay stars as Max, the lead character, who is invited to his first "kissing party" by his crush. Tremblay, known for his breakthrough role in "Room" (2015), impresses once again with his impeccable acting skills. He is joined by Brady Noon, who plays Thor, Max's best friend with a flair for theater, and Keith L. Williams as Lucas, the sensitive and rule-abiding member of the group. Together, these three young actors create an engaging and hilarious dynamic on screen, making "Good Boys" an absolute joy to watch.

In addition to the stellar performances by the leads, "Good Boys" also boasts a supporting cast that adds an extra layer of comedy to the film. Molly Gordon and Midori Francis play Hannah and Lily, two popular girls from Max's school who inadvertently get caught up in the boys' wild adventure. Their interactions with the boys and their comedic timing add to the overall charm of the film. Will Forte and Retta take on the roles of Max's parents, showcasing their comedic talents as they navigate their son's newfound independence.

The soundtrack of "Good Boys" perfectly complements the movie's energy and humor. With a mix of classic and contemporary tracks, the music adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the film. From the catchy beats of OutKast's "Hey Ya!" to The Notorious B.I.G's iconic "Big Poppa," the songs selected for the film evoke a sense of nostalgia and create an upbeat atmosphere that perfectly matches the teenage vibe of the story.

If you're a fan of "Good Boys" and want to relive the laughter, you're in luck. You can now play and download the sounds from the movie right here. Whether you want to jam out to "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch or laugh along to the boys' hilarious one-liners, this soundtrack will transport you back to the mischievous adventures of Max, Thor, and Lucas.

"Good Boys" is a must-see comedy that appeals to audiences of all ages. Its mix of genuine humor, lovable characters, and relatable situations make it a film that will leave you laughing long after the credits roll. With its talented cast and catchy soundtrack, "Good Boys" is a cinematic gem that guarantees a good time for everyone. So grab your friends, press play, and get ready to join Max, Thor, and Lucas on the most unforgettable, laugh-out-loud adventure of the year.

A bigger hermit crab shell together.
A necklace in art class.
A relationship is a lot of work.
Ah. I just got a bite on our card.
Aka nunchucks, motherfucker.
All alone, two Taco Tuesdays.
All he needs is one.
All right, Bean Bag Boys, finish up. It's a school night.
All right? I'll take them. Let me go home!
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Come on, Thor.
All right. It says this next part's gonna hurt,
All these fools are coming.
All we have to do is cross the highway,
All we have to do is just go over there
Also, gonna be a kissing party.
Amy, you are not gonna believe this.
An eighth grader told me that.
An indoor swing?
And a fake woman shot out of a car.
And and Max destroyed his house with it.
And biked to the mall by himself?
And blow jobbed his sister.
And close your eyes.
And don't try anything funny.
And even worse, you'll lose your father's trust.
And everyone knows your mom plagiarized her cookbook.
And he won't sell it to us.
And I know you're going through a stressful time.
And I was looking the other direction.
And I'll tell him that you're a pervert.
And I'm gonna sip that beer so everyone will know...
And if you're coming to the party tonight.
And just when I think I've got you figured out,
And lock a cop in a convenience store
And my parents are definitely gonna call your guys' parents.
And none of us have ever kissed, and we're scared.
And now he can't because he's grounded for life.
And now he yells in his sleep and has crazy diarrhea.
And now you're worried you're gonna lose your friends, too.
And she taunts you.
And tell the truth, then God will be on our side.
And the Bean Bag Boys are broke up, and...
And the cars aren't even moving.
And then I'll never get to kiss Brixlee!
And then I'll trade you for the drone.
And then it's your job to clean it up.
And then we ran across the highway,
And there's nothing wrong with that.
And this is the only place
And we got into a huge fight,
And we just wanted to let you know you can always call on
And we thought it might have crashed in your backyard.
And we're driving to the city to see Kendrick Lamar.
And what are your parents gonna do, double ground you?
And y'all need to find bigger shells.
And you always talk a big game, and you never back it up.
And you can suck my dick, too.
And you don't even care.
And you guys are still into little kid stuff.
And you guys aren't into that?
And you just want to keep playing with it.
And you may think you're so mature, but the truth is
And you think we're just stupid kids,
And you...
And you're just gonna throw it all away
Annabelle, don't antagonize your brother.
Annabelle, get out of here.
Anyone else feel like he's gonna fuck that doll?
Anything will be used against you
Are we in trouble?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you gonna drink it or not?
Are you in or out?
Are you mocking me?!
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you trying to make me jealous?
Are your friends jelly you're dating a college guy?
As stupid as that, okay?
Ascension, rules, antidrug campaigns...
Ask for Benji.
At Manush Patel's house.
Aw, don't you boys look cute.
Based on my time in Holly weird.
Be back in two days.
Be our concert.
Bean Bag Boys do everything together.
Bean Bag Boys for life.
Bean Bag Boys for life.
Bean Bag Boys for life.
Bean Bag Boys only.
Because he's obsessed with popular boys.
Because shit's about to get real.
Because you thought it wasn't cool
Because you want to kiss some basic girl?
Beep, beep.
Before they're finished.
Believe me, Max. You don't want to go to Soren's
Benji is the only one who has Molly,
Besides, Brixlee's necklace is still in the kiln.
Big deal.
Birthdays are canceled. Holidays are canceled.
Bitch, please.
Bitch! Now who's the baby?!
Bring it back right now.
Bring that dick.
Bring the drone, and don't fuck with the Bean Bag Boys.
Brixlee isn't just some girl.
Brixlee, can I kiss you?
Brixlee, can I kiss you?
Brixlee, this is for you.
Brother, these are vitamins, okay?
Bullying is wack.
Bullying is wack.
Bullying is wack.
Bullying is wack.
But because you were honest with me,
But Brixlee is probably the love of my life.
But but it's okay.
But can I just tell you?
But hard. But good.
But I no longer like you.
But I want to make it up to you.
But if you're staying down here,
But in the marriage we're equal.
But it doesn't give you a reason to tell us fibs.
But it was only because he wanted to marry Brixlee,
But just listen to me.
But then she looked at me,
But then we traded the drone for it,
But they're not the Bean Bag Boys.
But we didn't really become close until eighth grade.
But we still got the drugs.
But you have family and friends who love you.
But, you know, I'll have to ask my mom.
Bye. Be safe.
C U M. "Coom."
Call an ambulance!
Call me Andrew or Mr. Newman or Warden.
Can I help you?
Can we just go home now?
Can you shut the fuck up?
Can't believe they still eat chewables.
Cannot believe I trusted you!
Careful. It's hot.
Carlos and those SCAB guys seem cool.
Children crossing.
Children's vitamins, at that.
Come give me a hug, bud.
Come here.
Come on in, fellas.
Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on!
Come on, go upstairs. Now... Hey.
Come on, Lucas.
Come on, we got to go. We got to go. Go.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. We're gonna miss fish sticks.
Come up to my parents' bedroom in three minutes.
Convince them to let you audition.
Cool jacket.
Dad, I'm in sixth grade. I need, uh, privacy sometimes.
Dad, please... say "I love you" back.
Deal's off. We can't let them put drugs back on the street.
Did Rafi from Sigma Nu send you?
Did you bring the necklace?
Did you get home safe?
Did you just reload your fake gun?
Did you know he skipped school
Do I look like a pedophile?
Do not mention Hannah.
Do not test me!
Do not test me.
Do you even know what it feels like
Do you hear that?
Do you think he would sell to kids?
Does she have a crush on me?
Does this look like a sippy cup?
Doesn't matter what Atticus says.
Don't break anything.
Don't come any closer.
Don't forget, Rock of Ages auditions are tomorrow.
Don't get me wrong.
Don't let anyone tell you differently.
Don't listen to Atticus.
Don't tell my parents you gave me this.
Don't worry, we'll find them later.
Drive! Drive!
Drop and give me 20, you fucking babies!
Drugs are not the answer.
Drugs just give you a false sense of reality.
Dude, it's worth 300 bucks.
Dude, wait.
Dumbass, you told us that your life would be over
Enough. Let's go.
Even if we don't hang out all the time,
Even though he's super mean.
Even though your voice is a fucking gift.
Ever since I was young.
Every marriage ends in divorce.
Everybody's in the basement.
Everything gonna be the same. Me and your mom, you know,
Everything you like is now canceled.
Everything's coming up Lucas.