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A Very Brady Sequel

A Very Brady Sequel

A Very Brady Sequel is a charming comedy film that was released in 1996 as a sequel to The Brady Bunch Movie. Directed by Arlene Sanford, the movie features the beloved characters from the classic 1970s television show, The Brady Bunch.

The storyline revolves around the iconic Brady family, comprised of parents Mike (played by Gary Cole) and Carol (played by Shelley Long) Brady and their six children: Greg (played by Christopher Daniel Barnes), Marcia (played by Christine Taylor), Peter (played by Christopher Daniel Barnes), Jan (played by Jennifer Elise Cox), Bobby (played by Jesse Lee Soffer), and Cindy (played by Olivia Hack). A Very Brady Sequel picks up where the previous film left off, capturing the essence of the original show while adding a hilarious twist to its plot.

In this sequel, the Brady family becomes entangled in a web of mystery and adventure when a man named Trevor (played by Tim Matheson) shows up, claiming to be the long-lost husband of Carol. Trevor's presence disrupts the Brady household and causes mayhem, as the family tries to uncover the truth behind his mysterious claims.

A Very Brady Sequel is filled with laughter, cheesy 70s pop culture references, and nostalgic moments that will delight both fans of the original show and newcomers alike. The cast's delightful performances capture the essence of the memorable Brady family, faithfully portraying the beloved characters while adding their own comedic flair.

With its witty script and clever plot, A Very Brady Sequel encapsulates the charm and innocence of the original Brady Bunch series while injecting it with a contemporary twist. The film pays homage to the 1970s through its nostalgic soundtrack, featuring popular songs from that era that have become synonymous with The Brady Bunch.

If you're a fan of The Brady Bunch or simply love lighthearted comedies, A Very Brady Sequel is a must-see film that will transport you back to the groovy, flower-power days of the 1970s. You can immerse yourself in the Brady world and enjoy the sounds of this iconic era by playing and downloading the film's delightful soundtrack.

So, gather your family, grab a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy the fun-filled antics of the Brady family in A Very Brady Sequel. You can play and download these sounds here, adding a touch of nostalgia and laughter to your day.

A horse? In the house?
A kiss? In public?
A man in Hawaii is waiting to pay me $20 million
A man named Roy Martin came into our lives recently,
A new barrette for me to wear to the wedding.
About our liberal policies for gay people.
About things like that.
About time.
About you know what?
Absolutely. It will never happen again.
Actually, Carol, for once, your kids make sense.
After the wedding, I'll move back into my room.
Ah. Peter...
Ah. So I am.
Ah... Ah... Ah...
Alice, could you take it to the antique shop
Alice, do you have to shout like that?
Alice, pack the flowered shirts and sandals.
Alice, this is Roy, Mrs. Brady's first husband.
Alice, what kind of mushroom did you put in this sauce?
Alice: Did you get it?
Alice: I heard the bell. Do we have company?
Alice: I tried to wake him up, and he told me to stuff it.
Alice: Mrs. Brady!
Alice: She left for the auction a while ago.
Alice: You've hardly eaten a thing, Mr. Martin.
All because of Greg's deciding vote.
All of them with hair of gold.
All right, gang, it looks like
All right, sir, I've marked your exit here on the map,
All right.
All right. Shoot.
All right. Thanks, jan. Thanks, Peter.
All that's on my mind is getting in touch
All the money in the world
All: ¶ it goes for everything ¶
All: ¶ when it's time to change ¶
All: Hi, mom. Hi, dad.
All: Mm hm.
An accident? What are you talking about? Where's the horse?
An architect just like your father.
An elephant stepped on my face in kuala lumpur.
An elephant? Wow!
And a Brady always keeps a promise.
And a Brady always keeps a promise.
And a Brady always treats a guest
And a family is only as strong
And a jailbird.
And a man's voice changes, Carol,
And Alice.
And Alice.
And as long as the glue that holds that house together
And attach them with a really cute clasp.
And bad luck for you, Mr. Thomas:
And be a happening kind of guy. Isn't that neato?
And dispensing justice in an evenhanded fashion,
And Eddie's dad is a boxer,
And even if you don't get kitty carryall back,
And give your mother a little breathing room here, ok?
And Greg's a really great driver.
And he's kidnapped mom and taken her to Hawaii.
And he's my dad.
And I am never letting go of it.
And I found a groovy anniversary present for mom:
And I hope that you and your wife enjoy
And I promised to love, honor, and obey him.
And I think we need to make some changes around here.
And I would be, too,
And I'll act it out for you, Mrs. Brady.
And I'm afraid he may not have been entirely honest with us.
And I'm getting out of here with $20 million.
And I'm not afraid to use it, Alice, especially on you.
And if anyone mentions one word of this to the cops,
And if other people don't like it,
And if the hearts didn't work with the diamonds and the spades with the clubs,
And initial right there, please.
And it all worked out
And it turned out lousy.
And it's worth a fortune!
And jan...
And kitty carryall and I are his assistants.
And marcia and everyone else
And no one will get to see my new barrette.
And on top, I'm going to put a candy bride and groo
And one dead impostor.
And one potentially dead impostor.
And other times, I can take the 2 front strands
And Peter and Greg?
And president of the Davy Jones fan club.
And pull them in the back
And right there.
And tell her to call her boyfriend George glass?
And that towel hanging from your braces.
And that. There. There. 10.
And that's the only family that matters.
And the gift you gave him this morning.
And the littlest...
And the rules in the Brady house read:
And then sometimes I just wear it in a ponytail,
And there's nothing, nothing in this world
And they smell pretty tasty.
And they'll be here any minute.
And this is where we display our models.
And to think there might be another one out there just like it.
And took advantage of my hospitality.
And took his place on the basketball team.
And Toto too.
And what kind of person would I be
And what sort of person would have it.
And who are you?
And who do you think designed that firehouse and that gym?
And you and you and you were there.
And you have to fly in from New York?
And you're telling me it's going to take you 3 weeks?
And your freckles.
And your teeth.
And your voice sounds different, too.
And, kids, this is no time for a long speech,
Anniversary gift.
Another one was rumored to have been uncovered several years ago, but has never surfaced.
Any detective worth his salt would realize
Any safety infractions today?
Anyway, I haven't found the horse yet.
Are we talking about the same kitty carryall?
Are you all right?
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
As an architect, I've learned the lesson
As soon as I came out of the coma
As soon as possible.
As the glue that holds that family together.
As you can see, sir, I have a very heavy caseload here.
At least, he's one of my husbands.
At my meatloaf the other night.
Auntie em! Auntie em!
Aw, do you mean the one we messed up?
Aww... Aww...
Be that as it may.
Because daddy's back!
Because the family you have
Because this is what we connoisseurs of the fine arts
Because whatever you give to children comes back to you.
Before I've got a firm grasp on the situation.
Before it rang.
Being a good guest means respecting the house rules,
Being top dog is what it's all about.
Bet each other a month's chores
Bobby, look. It's kitty carryall.
Bobby: Here.
Bobby: Oh, yeah.
Bobby: Wait a minute, everybody.
Bobby: Wait a minute.
Bobby: Well, the yarn ends here, everybody.
Bobby: Yeah. He's really groovy.
Bobby! Bobby, something terrible has happened!
Boy, you kids scared the sh
Buckle up, Carol.
Buried in his tomb in the seventh century.
But not now. I'm trying to make a point.
But around here, I'd still like to be known as dad.
But as a wise man once said...
But as much as you'd like to go back to the way things were, I can't.
But don't be upset, darling,
But don't you worry. It only makes you more charming.
But he is!
But I did marry Roy first,
But I do have a date... With George.
But I don't see her anywhere, Peter.
But I don't want everything different.
But I don't want to let go of kitty carryall.
But I have to decline.
But I need my own room, too!
But I promised them the horse,
But I say if it makes you feel better
But I want to be an adventurer like you.
But I was so busy trying to be a good Brady
But I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me sad.
But if you let me tell you the truth, I could save us both.
But it turns out you're all wet.
But it's a symbol of our relationship. I need to see it.
But never have I seen anything
But now she just sleeps with me.
But she said she wanted to be gay.
But she started it.
But she's not exactly the kind of girl I should be dating.
But that's it, mom. He's not.
But the thought of my family back home
But these new contact lenses help me to look ultraglamorous.
But they were a gift from Mr. Martin.
But we sent it to the auction.
But we're just going to have to make the best of it.
But what if I'm not good enough?
But what if kitty carryall loved somebody else?
But when the gift the giver gives gives grief,
But when you use language like that in front of my kids,
But who said you could do that?
But you do look taller than I remember,
But you were lost at sea so many years ago,
But you're groovy, too, in your own way.
But, Cindy, you can't give kitty carryall away.
But, dad, I think you understand
But, Dr. whitehead,
But, hey...
But, Peter, this is your first day at the office.
But, Roy, I hardly recognize you.
But...Oh, Roy.
But...That's the boy who beat out Greg for class president
But...That's the girl
By a succession of earthquakes
By their first names,
Bye, marcia. It's been, uh...
Bye, Mike.
Cable? Hmm!
Call a hot horse!
Call again soon.
Can be the right kind of girl, if you know what I mean.
Can I help you?