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Friends with Kids

Friends with Kids

"Friends with Kids" is a heartwarming and humorous film that explores the complexities of modern relationships and parenting. Directed by Jennifer Westfeldt, this 2011 romantic comedy offers a fresh take on the age-old question: can friends successfully have children together without sacrificing their own love lives?

The film boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Jennifer Westfeldt herself, who not only directed but also penned the screenplay. Westfeldt plays the main character, Julie Keller, a single woman in her late thirties who is eager to become a mother. Faced with the realities of her friends' deteriorating relationships after having kids, Julie hatches a plan: to conceive a child with her best friend, Jason Fryman, played by Adam Scott.

Adam Scott's portrayal of Jason, a laid-back and commitment-phobic man, adds depth and charm to the film. The on-screen chemistry between Westfeldt and Scott is palpable, making their journey as friends navigating parenthood all the more engaging. Playing opposite them are a stellar cast of comedic actors, including Maya Rudolph, Chris O'Dowd, Kristen Wiig, and Jon Hamm.

Maya Rudolph and Chris O'Dowd flawlessly portray Leslie and Alex, a couple whose relationship takes a hit when they have children. With their witty banter and impeccable comedic timing, Rudolph and O'Dowd bring levity to the film, providing a stark contrast to the struggles faced by their friends.

Kristen Wiig shines as Missy, a vivacious and likable woman who captures the heart of Jason post-baby. Wiig's natural comedic abilities inject the film with a playful energy, bringing moments of laughter and lightness amidst the evolving dynamics of the characters. Her chemistry with Adam Scott is delightful, adding a romantic subplot that gives the film an extra layer of depth.

Lastly, Jon Hamm rounds out the talented cast as Ben, a commitment-phobic bachelor, and partner to Leslie. Hamm showcases his versatility as an actor, effortlessly balancing the character's humorous and dramatic moments. His ability to deliver nuanced performances makes his presence in the film truly captivating.

"Friends with Kids" not only explores the complexities of relationships but also delves into the challenges of modern-day parenting. The film delves into the various stages of parenthood, from the joyful anticipation of pregnancy to the struggles of juggling personal lives while raising children. With authenticity and wit, the movie captures the highs and lows of parenting, offering a relatable and poignant narrative.

Featuring a smart and insightful script, "Friends with Kids" is a testament to the talents of writer Jennifer Westfeldt. Her clever dialogue and genuine characters allow the audience to connect with the story on a personal level, making it a memorable and thought-provoking viewing experience.

As a movie that blends romance, friendship, and comedy, "Friends with Kids" strikes a balance between heartwarming moments and laugh-out-loud humor. Its exploration of the challenges and joys of parenthood is both relatable and entertaining. With its talented cast, brilliant script, and a directorial touch from Jennifer Westfeldt, this film proves to be a must-watch for those seeking a fresh take on modern relationships and the complexities of parenting.

If you're looking to enjoy the sounds of this remarkable film, you can easily play and download the soundtrack from various platforms. Immerse yourself in the laughter and emotions that "Friends with Kids" brings as you listen to the carefully selected songs that enhance the movie's themes and add depth to the overall viewing experience.

A great girl with big tits, long legs, who isn't crazy, or neurotic, or religious.
A one, a two...
A widow with no grandchildren until now remembers.
A year ago not everyone thought that this little arrangement was gonna work out.
A. Definitely A.
Actually, divorced people have it kind of great.
Actually, now I miss twos.
Alex told her. Oh, and Callie told me.
Alex, can you come out here for a second, please?
All right, I'm gonna go.
All right, just a few more pushes.
All right, listen, it's bedtime.
All right, sorry.
All right, sweetheart. All right.
All right, sweetheart. I love you.
All right, there we go. So now, let's open this present.
All right, we're almost there, keep pushing.
All right, well, have a great drive.
All right, you guys, listen. Those nice people next to us,
All right? I don't want to ruin your holiday, so...
All right. Is it all of us?
All that stuff. We're lucky.
Alligators are in lakes or swamps and marshes.
Alligators drown you before they eat you. So, there. Shark. Okay?
Always happy, ready for the day, can you imagine?
And "Oh, my God, she snowboards,"
And all of the sort of conflicting theories on that.
And asked why his friend Bobby had two moms.
And every time I commented on how hot another woman is,
And every time I went out, you resented the shit out of me,
And fly like an airplane and he's been crying like this for an hour!
And for some strange reason, he seems genuinely into me.
And I had a sitter and everything.
And I have to be able to leave town on a moment's notice.
And I love it, it's great, but I just don't need to know the ins and the outs of it.
And I really enjoy my freedom, so...
And I think that we should just stick with that
And I think they just haven't been able to face us.
And I wasn't into it, but you were and it's your body, so
And I'm just supposed to believe you all of a sudden?
And I'm like, "I'm sorry, that's living the dream?"
And if you're not convinced afterwards that I am into you
And it just seemed like a crazy way to spend your life, I mean,
And it's kind of game over, right?
And it's not because I'm lonely, or desperate, or whatever else you think.
And it's stressful and you're fat and cranky, and I get that.
And Jon & Kate Plus 8.
And just skip over the whole marriage and divorce nightmare.
And Kurt, if things don't work out with you and Jule,
And lawsuits,
And make commitments to make a relationship work, yes, it's insulting.
And not for nothing, but it's like,
And not get confused, you know?
And only really special people get two houses to sleep in.
And plus, we just know each other too well, you know?
And possibly some broken bones, maybe child services being called.
And say all this confusing shit to a two and a half year old. You just can't.
And tell me that you will be 100% committed to this, half the time.
And that guy, twice.
And that is... Okay.
And that's bad because...
And that's kind of the whole thing right there, you know.
And that's my cue.
And the worry that your guy'll never like fucking you again
And then it doesn't get good again for like five years?
And then look at him.
And then the next, they just look ugly to you.
And then we'll open the present,
And then when they meet the person they really want to be with,
And then you're going to go to sleep real quick, okay?
And these are on her nights, but I'm like, "Really?"
And totally not attracted to each other physically.
And try and reclaim a small shred of my masculinity before going to work.
And watch the love of my life die a slow painful death by disease
And we're not attracted to each other,
And what is it, seven weeks old? How old is it?
And you don't die on impact.
And you know I can't afford half of 20K a year for private.
And you're happy, and it makes sense,
And your last job was?
And, honestly, I've just never had the urge
And, yeah, Joe is fine now. He's one!
Aneurysm or cancer?
Anyhow, I am Kurt. And you are?
Anyway, I think we need to be a little more supportive. You know?
Anyway, so how about you. How did you meet your wife?
Apparently I forgot to pick up your gift.
Are they even allowed in here?
Are we late enough? Should we circle?
Are you certain this is okay? Are you okay with him?
Are you fucking kidding me today?
Are you guys completely hammered already, or what's going on?
Are you kidding me? Are you re gifting?
Are you kidding me? Seriously?
Are you kidding me? This one goes into the bathroom
Are you kidding? I live for this.
Are you looking at what I'm looking at?
Are you okay, sweetie?
Are you serious?
Are you seriously telling me that if we met today,
Are you waving hello to us?
As a friend.
As long as you promise to go right to bed, okay?
As soon as things got hard,
At certain angles, I really like the way it looks, and others, it's like,
At my age, even if I meet my guy,
Babe, I have to go. We are going to a gig downtown.
Babe, you want a latte?
Basically, I help this really rich guy decide who to give his money to.
Basically, I just help people strategize, focus, prioritize, you know?
Because I just wanted to be with family.
Because I think our friend Kurt here has actually raised some very good questions.
Because it might be her last chance is the worst thing that I ever heard.
Because it's cavernous now, and not...
Because she got the germs from the doctor's hands and died.
Because the thing is when I said that, I...
Because we couldn't wait to get home.
Because, hon, when we met, you were in your twenties.
Being around two people that fucking hate each other?
Being into someone new.
Besides, it looks like these guys could use a little bit of a hand here.
Blogs, and... You know.
Both wanted a kid, and we hadn't met our people,
Boy, you were not kidding.
Brooklyn, huh?
Bull in a china shop.
Buried in tits.
But all I do when I'm with him is think about you.
But all those things that you said at the cabin, you said...
But anyway...
But do any parents ever say that their kid's not great?
But do you really think he's going to be okay later
But good luck to you guys. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.
But he did that!
But how are you two gonna deal with this?
But how lame is it that it's a lunch? I mean, late lunch? Really?
But I know she wanted to have kids eventually, but...
But I wouldn't make mine slow and painful, I'd get out early.
But I'm incredibly relieved to know your pussy is still tight.
But I'm like a gypsy. I do eight shows a week and I'm never home,
But it ended,
But it has been... It has been really impressive to watch.
But it's just par for the course. That's the gig.
But it's not just the baby card, it's the baby card and Brooklyn.
But now my appetite's back, thank you.
But see, I'm not just gonna be with someone who's not into me.
But seriously, I did actually want to make a little toast,
But sharks are only in the ocean.
But then after all the hoopla, nobody sleeps for what, like a year?
But then you have those moments, you come home from work,
But what's the alternative, just not like your kid that much?
But why do you think Jason wants to do this?
But you also have a solid out 'cause it's just lunch.
But you know what? You were right.
But you see,
But, I'm sorry, that's what you signed on for.
But, look, you can't come into my house
But, then, you get a great kid at the end. Like Cole.
But, you know, that's a good thing.
But... There was talk that it might end in tears,
Can I ask you to put some of this on?
Can I just point out that Jule can't get to a second date.
Can I throw a grenade on him?
Can we get a couple more?
Can you hold that, please?
Can you turn it up, do you think?
Check your inbox.
Cole, honey, can you just... Please, for a moment!
Come on in.
Come on up.
Come on! You coming? Let's go!
Could you get the fucking door? What are you, deaf?
Daddy, stay!
Daddy, stay!
Damn, six weeks and out? We could have hired her.
Dancers are usually lithe and boyish, so...
Death by shark or alligator?
Did the... Did the bell ring?
Did we decide on a method?
Did you have to wear those shoes?
Did you save any pizza for me?
Do they have sex, like, all the time?
Do you really think you of all people should be doling out parenting advice?
Do you think this epidural should be working better or something?
Doll, what is it? You seem weird, or sad, or something.
Doll, you didn't tell me that. Come on.
Don't say that in front of him.
Don't you miss me at all?
Dude has missed the last five poker nights,
Dude, you have no idea. I have never, ever had sex like this before.
Easy. We dated casually once or twice, got pregnant,
Elaine, how've you been?
End of an era.
Even a little?
Even when they had him?
Everything down the middle, right? Even.
Everything else was just filler.
Everything we had was the romantic part.
Except for the nose. He got mine, poor thing.
Face and not invite that kind of comment.
Far and above the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with.
Fine, I'll feed him! It's not like it's that big a deal.
Five, tops.
Follow, it's showing you. It's showing you.
For being such a profound asshole up in Vermont.
For the record, I'm against it, but it is depressing.
Forget it.
From your vagina.