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Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides (2011)

Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides (2011)

"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" is an enthralling movie released in 2011. Directed by Rob Marshall, this swashbuckling adventure follows Captain Jack Sparrow, portrayed by the iconic Johnny Depp, as he embarks on a quest to find the legendary Fountain of Youth. This installment boasts a stellar cast featuring Penélope Cruz as Angelica, Ian McShane as the villainous Blackbeard, and Geoffrey Rush returning as Captain Barbossa. With its immersive storyline, stunning visuals, and Hans Zimmer's captivating score, this installment in the beloved franchise promises non-stop excitement. To dive into the world of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," you can play and download these sounds here.

A catholic, gain eternal life!
A coward, no matter how many you slay.
A fitting last sight for a doomed soul.
A gift not afforded to all.
A merchant's daughterfair
A mermaid, jack.
A missionary is his story.
About a day's march north, following that river,
About the fountain.
Admit it, jack.
After him!
Afternoon, sire.
Ah, you pretended to love her, then you left her and broke her heart.
Alive to the infinite mystery of it all.
All die, even you.
All hands on deck! set to the longboats!
All hands, more sail!
All hands! battle stations! get to windward!
All hands! ply to windward!
All on account of him wanting to kill him?
All part of the plan, yes?
All right, feelings, damn you.
All rise and attend, the right honorable justice smith!
Always going on about the lord almighty.
Always have. always will.
Always so charming.
Always wanted to do that.
Among the crew, as to our destination.
And a captain.
And a lady, at that.
And declare you to be my prisoner.
And do not deny what is clear to my eyes.
And drank away all his bonus money.
And every worthless seaman fears the name, and rightly so,
And he will kill you given the chance.
And here you are, running scared.
And how can i make sure to not?
And how will i get free of these bonds?
And i am in london.
And i am not inclined to stand by and watch.
And i am not inclined to stand by and watch.
And i see it revealed when in times of hardship and tragedy,
And i trust we managed a profit
And in need of a crew.
And in the king's name, we behave as such.
And mention was failed to be made of this uncanny crew.
And not a descendant of those dark creatures
And now we've fallen behind. all hands, make more sail!
And order that you be imprisoned for the remainder
And other assorted debaucheries.
And perpetually ill tempered.
And the one legged man, he is near. aye?
And the tear! follow!
And then the sailors are pulled to bottom and drowned and eaten.
And then the sea beneath the pearl began to roil.
And they could have lived, if fate had been kinder.
And two silver chalices.
And upon a sudden, i hear an ungodly row on deck.
And what fate befalls mutineers?
And what of you, the mighty blackbeard?
And who's to say i won't live forever, eh?
And wrapping around me leg.
And you are en route to getting yourself killed,
And you claim to be the one who corrupted her?
And you know who i am.
And you left her still. that's low.
Angelica. my beloved daughter,
Angelica... save me, my child.
Any luck?
Any of you sail with him before?
Anything at all?
Aqua... de vida.
Archtreasurer and prince elector of the holy roman empire,
Are you not? you protect.
As do i.
As may be, but first,
As mermaids be given to take the rest...
As we sail for the fountain of youth.
At the center of my palace? hardly.
At the hands of a one legged man.
Aye, and good riddance!
Aye, but he died searching for something, didn't he?
Aye, captain.
Aye, hurry!
Aye, it be proper. there's your proof.
Aye, mermaids are tough.
Aye, sir.
Aye, whitecap bay.
Aye! hands all off, and bear away!
Aye. but i always listened like a thief for news of the black pearl.
Aye. mermaids.
Aye. oi!
Aye. poison from the innards of poisonous toads.
Aye. regarding the fountain. waste of time, really...
Aye. that be the cold breath of fate i feel down my nape.
Aye. that is,
Aye. you can tell that by the smell of the sea?
Back to the ship. we head for a protected cove. now.
Back to work!
Back, back! we have to balance it out!
Be a gem and pour me a gulper.
Be nice to have a map about now.
Be that true, young cleric?
Be the stories true?
Because i will not be doing it again.
Because tears don't keep. we need them fresh.
Before i go just handing them over, i do have one or two conditions.
Beheaded they say. still, your body swam
Behold, gentlemen, a man formerly of faith.
Besides, this is a well traveled trade route.
Besides, this is a well traveled trade route.
Best you not know the exact whereabouts of my ship.
Bible thumper on this ship?
Blackbeard will meet his death within a fortnight
Blackbeard's doing. all the officers are the same.
Both get water. one gets a tear.
Boys! there ain't much been given to me
Bring forth a tear...
Bring her about!
Bring the creature. cover its head.
Bring us some more of those ones.
But better to not know which moment may be your last.
But cannot, in fact, hold a candle to,
But darkness enough to blind.
But for me, only you.
But for that, i may need a ship.
But i can also see where they'll most likely make camp.
But i'd give my left arm for a chance at blackbeard.
But i'll be keeping you company all the same.
But it costs me nothing to admit
But my jolly sailor bold
But my jolly sailor bold
But my jolly sailor bold
But my jolly sailor bold
But my jolly sailor bold
But my jolly sailor bold
But now, by the gods of sea and sky...
But tears ofjoy...
But there is something onboard you do want.
But when it comes time to churn butter, so to speak,
But why?
But, by god, i'll have it said
But... an impostor with a ship.
Butjust enough to make the dying slow.
By the authority granted me by his majesty the king...
Can he do that?
Can i trust you, jack?
Can you not hear your sisters scream?
Can you talk?
Captain barbossa, each second we tarry, the spanish outdistance us.
Captain teach, she's dying. you must save your daughter.
Captain, i wish to report a mutiny.
Chalices, if you please.
Chance to show the worth of your prayers.
Cheap theatrical facade.
Check the wounded!
Chief among them, i note how poorly i have treated mr. gibbs,
Come down!
Come on. get up there.
Come on. up you get.
Come, come.
Come, give a hand!
Course made!
Cowards! back in the water!
Cut out the tears from behind the eyes!
Daughter as in... beget by?
Dead end.
Dead end.
Dead. end.
Death lies before us
Definitely not.
Did everyone see that?
Discoverer of the fountain of youth.
Do i look like a man in charge?
Do not waste my tear.
Do tell.
Do you know not of kindness? compassion?
Do you not hear them?
Do you recall saint dominique?
Does this face look like it's been to the fountain of youth?
Don't be a fool! mermaids are all female, son,
Don't touch the map.
Don't worry, jack. i forgave you a long time ago.
Drink this. this one has the tear.
Edward teach!
Eight bells!
Either or.
Ever walk on the beach,
Every morsel of your entire being
Every plank, every rail,
Every route, every destination. all safe... in here.
Every soul can be saved.