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The Addams Family (1991)

The Addams Family (1991)

The Addams Family, a darkly comical film released in 1991, is a beloved cult classic that delves into the lives of the eccentric and macabre Addams family. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, this movie showcases a talented cast that brings the iconic characters to life. Leading the peculiar clan is the devilishly charming Gomez Addams, portrayed by Raul Julia, while the enchantingly ghoulish Morticia Addams is played by Anjelica Huston. Alongside them is the ghastly Uncle Fester, portrayed by Christopher Lloyd, and the mischievous Wednesday Addams, played by Christina Ricci. With an array of peculiar characters, dark humor, and a touch of nostalgia, The Addams Family has become a timeless classic that continues to captivate fans.

If you are a fan of The Addams Family and want to relive the spine-tingling nostalgia, you are in luck! You can enjoy and download the sounds from this iconic film here. Immerse yourself in the eerie ambiance of their haunted mansion, hear the clicks of Morticia's heels, and experience the delightful chimes of the family's twisted doorbell. These soundbites will transport you back to the intriguing world of the Addams Family, allowing you to relish in their peculiar charms whenever you desire.

A boy.
A charlatan! A sham!
A complete psychological profile.
A counterfeit.
A dance in a graveyard. Stench. Decay.
A day alone, only that would be death.
A faker! A phony!
A girl.
A hit,
A party?
A shiftless dreamer?
A theatrical triumph.
A very palpable hit.
A wasteland.
About the séance tonight.
After lunch, we'll try again.
After the naked and the dead,
After who knows what heartache,
After you left, he was simply a different vulture.
All close eyes and join hands.
All grown up.
All lost in the Triangle.
All right, everybody, time for a game.
All right. Fine. I will try and reach the vault tonight.
All those years apart, Fester.
All those years, gnawed by guilt,
Allow me.
An elf.
An impostore!
An infant would understand.
An open grave.
An utter fraud!
And a hey and a hey
And a hey and a hey and a hey and a hey
And a hey and a hey and a hey and a hey
And a hey and a hey and a hey and a hey and a hey
And a hey and a hey and a hey and a hey and a...
And a plane full of tourists from Miami Beach,
And Daddums
And dear Fester, which is the real you?
And enslaved a minister.
And Gomez feels incredibly guilty about it.
And here I thought Fester was the problem.
And his memory must live on forever through money.
And his slow but determined companion?
And I am bringing him, after all these years,
And I hate him. By God, you're right!
And I'm counting on you.
And if you're not back in one hour,
And knock three times.
And my cigar and he slept so well!
And now, Fester Addams,
And our credo, Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.
And properties contained therein, with one exception.
And rightful owner of all possessions
And she told them to look in the oven.
And she was about to push them in when, lo and behold,
And so, the witch lured Hansel and Gretel
And spur my dull revenge!
And the combination and the password
And then around to...
And this is new business
And Tully takes the rap. Gordon, it's brilliant.
And we do not discuss new business until
And we owe it all to you, Dr. Pinder Schloss.
And why?
Are they dead?
Are they made from real Girl Scouts?
Are you there?
Aren't memories precious?
Arsenic, cyanide. Cyanide. Arsenic, arsenic.
As an Addams, yes, I do.
As an Addams, you understand completely, don't you?
As does mine.
Ask for a loan. Beg!
Ask me anything.
Ask. Ask.
At long last,
Back off!
Back to share your joys, your sorrows.
Be my guest.
Being in my old room sure brings back memories.
Big night for you guys, eh, small fry?
Boom! They give him to me at Human Services,
Bravo, Pugsley!
Brutes, Fester. Pioneers.
Buried alive.
Burning with uncertainty.
But don't worry. We've told Wednesday, college first.
But he isn't even Uncle Fester.
But I did not mean to drive you off,
But I didn't hate my mother, it was an accident.
But I got this stomach thing when I torture people.
But I will be back, you can bet, to be checking on Fester's adjustment.
But if I can't, well, then that's it.
But tell that to an angry mob.
But that is not. That's an impostor!
But they're his family. What makes you think they'll fall for it?
But we are Addamses, and we will not submit.
But we're late for the charity auction.
But Wednesday brought in this picture,
But you said you'd help us, with the Shakespeare and the pus.
But, Tully, it's not old business.
By voodoo witch doctors and forced to recruit others.
Call me!
Calpurnia Addams.
Can you ever forgive me?
Can you hear it, my treasure?
Cara mia, is it true?
Cara mia.
Cara mia.
Charity auction, it's ridiculous!
Charlatan, deadbeat, parasite.
Children, look! Great Aunt Lavinia!
Children, we're starting!
Come here, my little one.
Come on, Uncle Fester. Come to the play.
Come on. Stop fooling. You remember.
Could change a man so much?
Could you?
Cousin Pledge.
Damn it, where is he?
Damn it.
Damn you, Addams!
Damn, it's good to have you back. Let's go.
Darling Uncle Eimar.
Darling, forgive me. You see what they've driven me to?
Darling, take care.
Dead or alive.
Did you like the blood?
Did you sleep well?
Dirty pool, old man.
Dirty pool, old man. Never again!
Displacement. How bizarre.
Do it again.
Do it.
Do they really exist or is this just tabloid hooey?
Do we have a deal?
Do we, Mr. Alford? And why?
Do you think that's really Uncle Fester?
Doctor, you were so right.
Does it matter?
Doesn't make sense.
Don't ask me.
Don't be a baby. I know what I'm doing.
Don't concern yourself about me, Gordon.
Don't dawdle.
Don't let me down. Don't buckle.
Don't say it. I'll get the money.
Don't stare. Just get me out.
Don't tease.
Don't torture yourself, Gomez.
Don't you think I've tried?
Down, kitty!
Dr. Pinder Schloss explained everything.
Dr. Pinder Schloss really did find Fester
Dr. Pinder Schloss, will you be staying with us, too?
Either way, what bliss.
Even for the auction.
Even with a chain saw.
Every year on this date,
Everyone keeps asking where he bought his costume.
Everyone will be at the children's play tonight, correct?
Fan out. Pugsley, head for the dung heap.
Father says so, but I think Mother isn't sure.
Father's playing with his trains.
Fester Addams,
Fester Addams, home at long last.
Fester Addams, I demand that you knock again!
Fester Addams.
Fester, as if we'd run out.
Fester, as if we'd run out.
Fester, this way!
Fester, walk me out.
Fester, you take the ravine and the unmarked abandoned well.
Fester's the older brother, so he gets it all.
First a brandy. Do the honors.
First, the old business.
Flora and Fauna Amor.
Flora and Fauna.
Flora, Fauna, how can I compete?
For 25 years,
For me?
For you, life is all fun and games.
Forgiven. Forgotten.
From generation to generation,
From the Bermuda Triangle.
From this house.
Give me that sword.
Go tell it on the mountains,
Go. Off with you.
Gomez Addams,
Gomez, why don't we go for a drive?
Good evening. I am Dr. Pinder Schloss.
Good man. Good thinking!
Good night, Fester.
Good night.
Good show, old man.
Gordon and I enjoy a very special relationship.
Gordon, I don't understand this. Let me get this clear.
Gordon, I have a thought. Just a notion, top of my head.
Gordon, I'm your friend.
Gordon, no.
Gordon! Gordon!
Gordon? Gordon?