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Secretariat (2010)

Secretariat (2010)

Secretariat is a motion picture directed by Randall Wallace and released in 2010. The film chronicles the fascinating true story of the famous racehorse Secretariat and his remarkable journey to become a Triple Crown winner in 1973. The movie showcases the extraordinary determination and heart of this incredible horse, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide.

The cast of Secretariat includes Diane Lane as Penny Chenery, the courageous and determined owner of Secretariat, as well as John Malkovich, who portrays Lucien Laurin, the eccentric and charismatic trainer of the legendary racehorse. The film also features talented actors such as Dylan Walsh, Margo Martindale, and Nelsan Ellis.

The captivating story of Secretariat, accompanied by its stunning cinematography and powerful performances, captivates viewers as it portrays the story of an underdog who defied all odds to become a beloved champion. It is a tale of triumph, celebrating the enduring spirit and strength that can be found in both horses and humans.

If you are a fan of Secretariat or simply interested in the sounds associated with horses and horse racing, you can play and download these captivating sounds here.

A hundred and ninety?
A mission to stir up trouble and act cool, you mean? Chile is socialist now.
A spectacular event. Secretariat is catching up to Russ Miron.
About selling our horses for twice the price they were going to pay us.
After he finishes horseracing.
After your daddy's funeral, they say he went home and just fell dead.
Ah, look at him.
Ain't nobody seen it because Red won't soften up his mouth for nobody but you.
Ain't that right?
All due respect, but I got a pretty good handle on where I want to be.
All right. We're all here now.
All this talk about Secretariat. He hasn't faced a horse as good as Sham.
Along with the flashing spear and lance.
Already? Are the children all right?
Also, watch out for number three, who's going to hold back
Although if an opportunity to protest the war did present itself...
And brought together people across great divisions of culture,
And charges into the fray.
And every owner, every trainer, every jockey out there
And Frank Wright. We welcome you to the 98th running ofthe Preakness.
And great colts come from great sires.
And he's a ham.
And he's going to make your horse take dictation.
And he's got a horse named Missed Opportunity.
And his legacy to me isn't money.
And I do hope you've inherited his luck.
And I do! Just because this place is going downhill it ain't my fault.
And I made some calls this morning to be sure.
And I think tomorrow he'll be wearing wings.
And I'm afraid at your stable, I'd be yelling fore all day long.
And I'm grateful... so grateful,
And I'm not missy anything. Get your things and get off my farm!
And if he does...
And if you do invest in him
And if you or your family have any questions, Miss Ham's got my number.
And it looks like Ecole Etage has had it, dropping back in third.
And it was a powerhouse race again by the big, strong Secretariat.
And may the peace that passeth all understanding
And neither of us has a fraction of that money.
And now we're getting ready to run the longest of the Triple Crown races.
And Ronnie says his breathing is still a little shallow.
And Secretariat breaks last from the gate.
And Secretariat is last, again, as they move...
And Sham is built for distance.
And she couldn't outrun my accountants.
And so we return to You your faithful servant, Helen Chenery.
And stupid as their owners are.
And stupid as their owners are.
And that they were about to be sold.
And the Bible tells us that God answered.
And the sons of Bold Ruler, they're long on speed, but short on stamina.
And they can tell when the horse next to them or behind them
And they paid you back, plus an extra share on everything they made,
And they tell me that you're in a rough spot.
And they're going to insist on a performance clause.
And they've all failed as Triple Crown contenders.
And this a horse that's never missed a meal in his life.
And this time he did it the same way.
And to its owner, who took on the old boys and won.
And two more to go in the hamper, if you wouldn't mind.
And we are going to live rejoicing! Every day!
And when he finally does get out of the gate,
And when Secretariat has to run as far as my horse did today
And you about to see something
And you had better fix it!
And you stay out of this. It's none of your business.
And you? How could you hold him back that long? What were you thinking?
And you've taught me something, too.
And, um, I need a trainer. Bull Hancock suggested that I find you...
Angle Light and Sham driving for home! Secretariat starting to challenge!
Angle Light holding on to the lead now.
Angle Light holds the lead into the turn. Sham in perfect position.
Another gown?
Another son of Bold Ruler, all speed and no distance.
Any comment, Miss Tweedy?
Any comment, Penny?
Any concern Secretariat will run the same way he did his last race?
Any good horseman will tell you that Secretariat is built for speed
Any other questions?
Apparently, I do
Are there any horses he doesn't need to be watching out for?
Are we all in agreement here? All right. Here we go.
Are we ready yet?
Are you sure that it was Paul's fault, then?
As Pancho has of beating Muhammad Ali.
As they round the first turn...
As they're heading into the back straight Sham moving up,
At his club, every day.
At the current value of his estate,
Be in your hearts now and forever more.
Because if that is the best he can do at this distance, we are finished!
Because they're smart with their money.
Because you never know how far you can go unless you run.
Being drugged backwards by a freight train.
Big red one.
But as trainer, you would know their worth
But at least we've given ourselves the chance.
But Daddy knew that a great horse
But don't ever say this is none of my business.
But he didn't. And now I've got Secretariat.
But he's got fire inside him. Ain't that right, Red?
But her grandsire was Princequillo.
But here comes Secretariat! He's moving fast! And he's going to the outside...
But I am a lawyer, and I know what performance guarantees mean.
But I can't spend my money on a risk like that.
But I got what I wanted.
But I'm here now.
But I'm not sure if he's asking for your mother or you.
But I'm not willing to sell it unless I get what it's worth.
But I've never been asked to pay 190 grand for a breeding share.
But if he were to lose just one of the Triple Crown races
But if I'm wrong, then they will say
But if you presume to judge my fitness as a wife or mother
But if you stumble and fall,
But it's gentlemen only.
But it's who they are. And it's who I am.
But most of the sons of Bold Ruler
But now that you've gotten their attention,
But our need to do what we believe is right...
But the hand that threw Earl Jansen out the door looks pretty strong to me.
But then he's not a racehorse.
But there is another option.
But you don't need to worry about this right now.
But you don't want to back off.
But your father almost never won our coin tosses.
But, of course, uh, Miss Tweedy believes that her horse
But... I know your daddy and Mr. Bull lifted each other up.
By a length and a quarter. Sham is second.
Call me when she's ready to drop her foal.
Can I have a moment with him?
Can't wait till you win this Derby, so we can go home.
Challenging for the lead.
Cherishing the life she had with her beloved husband, Christopher.
Chile? What for?
Come here.
Come home.
Come home.
Come on now, Red, come on. Don't get distracted. Focus. You got it.
Come on, boys. Let's go.
Come on, girls. Let's get you something to eat.
Come on, Red! Come on!
Come on, Red. Pace yourself. This yours. This yours.
Come on, Ronnie, make your move!
Come on, Ronnie. Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Comes just as much from the mare as the stallion.
Conditions are perfect. The track is rated very fast.
Congratulations, Penny and Secretariat on the fastest Derby ever!
Could I talk with you a moment? In private?
Couldn't handle the distances 3 year old runs.
Daddy made a deal to breed Phipps' best stallion with our two best mares.
Daddy used to always say that rich people are rich
Daddy, it's Penny.
Decisions regarding the horses would be left to Penny.
Deo Volente.
Deo Volente. God willing.
Did I say number four?
Did you hear?
Dispersal of the farm would be left to Hollis.
Do tell.
Do what you think is right, ma'am.
Do you give the horse his strength?
Do you make him leap like a locust,
Do you think he'll be OK?
Doc found a big abscess in Red's lip.
Does he look fat to you? [speaks French]
Does that mean you're selling the horses or keeping them?
Don't force him.
Don't look at me. Beyer's the one that said you can't run long distances.
Don't start with me. You are off him!
Don't worry. I understand. Not a cent of your money.
Dresses like SuperFly.
Due to his outstanding two year old season,
Easy, Red.
Eddie? Eddie, I just wanted to thank you so much for coming.
Eight million.
Entering the final turn, Secretariat is moving like a tremendous machine!
Entering the final turn, Secretariat surging past Angle Light!
Every bit of this is my business! Do you understand?
Every single one of them has failed to win the Triple Crown.
Excuse me. I'm Penny Chenery, Chris Chenery's daughter.
Excuses, excuses, excuses!
Fantastic! You've all seen his workouts. He's never looked better.
Fast first quarter in 23.2.
Father would've loved that phrase. How much per?
Five years ago Mr. Chenery had me witness him signing a provision that,
For half ofwhat they're worth. Mom had to step in and stop him, and now...
For half ofwhat they're worth. Mom had to step in and stop him, and now...
For the early lead, that's Deadly Dream. On the outside, Ecole Etage.
For the way you showed me
Forecasters are predicting temperatures in the mid 90s.
Four lengths.
Fourth? And he runs like he's afraid? I expect more than that.
From this time forth...
Full of adventure, like I could...
Full of promise.
Get him in there.
Get ready!
Girls, I'm going to go in and see your granddaddy now.
Girls, you remember Miss Ham? Granddaddy's secretary?
Give my regards to your father.
Go hard for the lead. Draw him up close. If he comes, he's ours. OK?
Go, Big Red!
Go! Go!
God may have been willing, but The Jockey Club wasn't.
Gold Bag is up on the outside.
Gold Bag quickly moving into third.
Has somehow magically inherited both.
Hasn't been done in 25 years.
Hasty Matilda is eight years old. She's still young.
Hasty Matilda or Somethingroyal.
Have we made up our mind yet?
He ate his food this morning.
He couldn't train a monkey to pick at his own butt.