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George Eustice Soundboard

George Eustice Soundboard

Charles George Eustice is a British politician and former public relations executive. He held office as Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs between 2020 and 2022. In October 2013, he was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State.
See also: Eustice, Next United Kingdom general election, Camborne and Redruth (UK Parliament constituency), Australia–United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement, Michelle Donelan, and James Sunderland (politician).

And it will undoubtedly put pressure on household budgets and of course it comes on top of those high gas prices as.
But we're doing everything we can to mitigate those impacts and to help families through this period.
I don't think it's crept up on us. We've we've known that this is a virus that's likely to return in the winter.
If you look at household spending on food in the UK, it's actually, you know, the lowest in euro.
The important thing is the Chancellor is very mindful of deterring investment in the North Sea.
We actually people that we're getting emails from this morning, they need help now. Yes. And so there are there. So help now is available in what we've already announced. So the £1 billion househol...
We have to be careful about borrowing lots more money and throwing it into an inflationary environment.
We've doubled the funding that we have in something called the Household Support Fund, which goes to local authorities.
We've learned the dangers and the perils are being over reliant on other countries for our oil and gas supply.
We've made some changes to the way the Universal Credit works so that people can keep more of the money that they earn.
Well, if you're talking about on on oil companies, they they already pay a higher rate of corporation tax than other companies, around 10% higher corporation tax. If you look at BP and they they th...
Well, look, the negotiation be going on now for obviously many, many months. They resume again this week.
Well, look, we've always said that we will take one step at a time.
Well, the chancellor, when he sets a tax regime, has got to set it for the sector as a whole.
Well, they give us back a lot of it already in that we already have higher tax rates on oil companies.
Yes, look, we recognise that the there are pressures on household budgets, there are inflationary pressures as we come out of the pandemic right around the world.