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Stick It (2006)

Stick It (2006)

Stick It is a captivating sports comedy film released in 2006, directed by Jessica Bendinger. The story revolves around rebellious teen Haley Graham, flawlessly played by Missy Peregrym, who is forced to return to the world of competitive gymnastics after a run-in with the law. Determined to make an impact, Haley joins an elite gymnasium along with a band of misfit gymnasts including Mina Hoyt (Maddy Curley) and Joanne Charis (Vanessa Lengies). Led by the no-nonsense coach Burt Vickerman, portrayed by Jeff Bridges, this unconventional team battles personal demons, pushes limits, and defies expectations in pursuit of their dreams.

The film's soundtrack is a fantastic mix of energetic tunes that amplify the thrill and intensity of the gymnastic performances. With tracks from artists like Nelly Furtado, Simple Kid, and Fefe Dobson, this soundtrack perfectly captures the spirit of the film. If you want to immerse yourself in the sounds of Stick It, you can play and download these songs here [insert link].

Stick It is a heartwarming and empowering film that inspires viewers to embrace their individuality, push boundaries, and never give up on their dreams. So get ready to tumble, flip, and dance along to the rhythm of Stick It.

A coach who's a has been
A handspring double front somersault.
A little action in the back section?
A nine five? This is an outrage.
A Rulfova. A Tchusovitina.
A Shaposhnikova. They all rocked.
Actually, I haven't had four girls qualify...
Actually, you know what? I'm gonna finish this off...
After what happened to Nastia Liukin and Wei Wei Yong yesterday
After you, milady.
Ahh. And to what do we owe this pleasure?
All right, all right, all right, all right.
All right, now stop this, both of you.
All right, Wei Wei!
All right, you can do this!
All right. I'll let you train at the old gym
All right. You know what?
All these schools want me?
Already memorized her preschool beam routine.
An angry mob would cut your brakes.
An intentional scratch from Haley Graham in event finals.
And coaches alike by walking out of the arena
And could just look at me and tell me we weren't crazy.
And even though I'm pretty sure that I'll be judged
And floor it. Mm hm?
And floor... Are you serious?
And GED? What does drunk driving have to do with school?
And give the judges...
And got a deduction on a silly technicality.
And Haley has earned the right to a clean slate.
And he'd give you so much attention because you sucked.
And I encourage the court to include her perspective
And I felt like maybe I was ready
And I got your back. No matter what.
And I loved not going.
And I picture them in their ugly
And I should be happy. I mean, I wanna win.
And I was suddenly the filling
And I'm being completely serious.
And if your daddy hadn't paid him off,
And if your feet clip the vault
And induces the urge to vacuum.
And into an automatic disqualification.
And into the pool stays.
And losing a tenth 'cause her toes weren't pointed.
And maybe they're going to the Olympics.
And Mina Hoyt today,
And no one's done that, there, an element.
And please, please, for me,
And qualify for Worlds one last time.
And somehow find the floor.
And stand on that podium and be the best.
And that felt totally first place real to me.
And that just blows.
And the classic butt shelf.
And the classic butt shelf.
And the reason that we have rules...
And the restitution. I mean, was that?
And the World Championships, later on this year.
And there are like 2,000 Navy SEALs,
And there will be no silver, no bronze medals on bars today.
And they are.
And they were right.
And walking into an automatic disqualification.
And we do them without a gun.
And we salute you.
And we want it so bad we will fight each other for it.
And Wei Wei will take home a silver.
And what do you think I should do? Huh?
And what would you know about winning?
And win that elusive World Championship hardware.
And you better be getting me a corsage.
And you do a layout.
And you think Burt Vickerman respects you.
And, Elfi, she is vaulting
And, Elfi, when you get right down to it, in gymnastics,
And, Tim, we have to remember that for Haley,
And, um, winning was just icing on the cake.
Anybody care?
Anybody home?
Apparently, so is her bra.
Are you crazy?! This is not OK. VGA?!
Are you going to tell me who is going to compete and who isn't?
Are you gonna cry?
Are you kidding me? She's a bitch.
Are you OK?
Are you... totally covered in soda or what?
Arms. Arms. Spot. That's it.
As I know all too well, there might be too much chalk on the blackboard
As we got our totally fake first place medals,
At 10am, ready to train.
Aw, come on, those skin the cats
Aw, Haley, I...
Aww. They have ass calluses?
Back to back athletes scratching intentionally.
Based on progress and consistency in workouts,
Be good.
Beautiful! Beautiful.
Because he thought for sure he'd get a routine out of her.
Because he thought for sure he'd get a routine out of her.
Because I've had enough of lunatic adults for a while.
Because it is so incredibly difficult.
Because the only thing more fun than rips
Because we no lo need o.
Because you're taking me to your prom.
Before floor...
Before her retirement.
Before they hit the floor... you're done.
Being out of shape isn't funny. No making fun of her.
Belong in the litter box, ladies. Come on. Concentrate.
Bing! Hm?
Blue blazers, trying to do what I can do.
Boo hoo. Stop whining.
Brice! VGA, are you crazy? Don't do this to her!
Burt Vickerman used to whip up the best gymnasts
But at least she can still walk, right?
But here we are... chasing perfection.
But honestly, until now...
But I am a totally different person.
But I don't have the problem with it that Frank does.
But judges can't keep her outta the event finals tomorrow.
But she is not known for her consistency.
But she is not known for her consistency.
But should we be fighting each other...
But there are only like 200 elite gymnasts.
But this is just rude.
But this?
But we've seen four athletes scratch, so who knows what
But who are we really competing against?
But you do have to respect it.
But, you know, people change.
Buy yourself a new leo at the concession stand.
Bye, geeks, I'm out.
C'mon, you coulda been great.
Call 911. Ohh!
Can be a very unforgiving place.
Can I eat?
Can you believe Chris Defrank is here with Gloria? Pipsqueak.
Can you believe this?
Can you come let me in?
Can you do anything besides gymnastics?
Can you imagine football without instant replay?
Can you imagine making it all the way to Worlds and walking out?
Can you speak?
Can you tell Joanne I'm gonna take over and do a real dismount?
Can't be calculated if you don't respect the laws.
Chalk. Storage closet. Now.
Champion just by that skill alone.
Championships are three weeks away.
Clean, safe routines, guaranteed to stick.
Clearly you listened to him long enough to...
Come Baby Come]
Come on, even prisons have visiting hours.
Come on, get goin'. You're in training, kid.
Come on, Haley!
Come on, Haley.
Come on, Haley.
Come on, Haley. Let it rip!
Come on, Haley. You're up.
Come on, I won't tell the parents.
Come on, judges, give her a ten.
Come on, just three more skin the cats, ladies.
Come on, Mina. Let's go.
Come on, Vick! Come on! Come on, Vick!
Come on, you got it.
Come on, you're high on chalk.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Let's see it!
Come out of retirement to join us.
Completely out of medal position. If ever there was a score to settle,
Connected together.
Consistency over flash is what rules the day.
Consistency over flash is what rules the day.
Correct. College gymnastics is one big fat to don't.
Couldn't resist.
Crying as her dreams of gold melted away.
Dalmatians are born with spots.
Day two, the individual event finals.
Define long.
Déjà jealous, Haley? Bring back memories?
Déjà jealous, Joanne?
Dev? Give us a sec, would ya?
Did she just scratch?
Did you have work done?
Do a handstand. Now.
Do you have anything to say to me?
Does it involve you and self imposed silence?
Does this mean you're eating my piss?
Doesn't coach champions.
Doesn't look good, having you trainin' with somebody else.
Doesn't make you any less of a man, Vicki.
Doesn't matter how hard we run or how high we flip.
Dogs are people too, Haley.
Dominated with it nearly a decade ago.
Don't bail again. Finish the meet. Finish it for yourself!
Don't do it.
Don't do this again.
Don't expect me to train.
Don't flush your life away, kid.
Don't make me red card you, Burt.
Don't make me say it.
Don't make this another Worlds.
Don't play it safe.
Don't send me to VGA.
Don't worry, Frank...
Don't you dare fart.
Don't you see? She wants you to do
Doris, she's flipping through the air.
Dorrie, did you see the last one?
Double twist. Excellent job.
Dude, I don't even know you anymore.
Dude, she has an apple butt.
Dude, she's hot.
Dude, that was insane!
Dude, what's so wrong about bein' whipped?