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Summer School (1987)

Summer School (1987)

"Summer School" is a hilarious 1987 comedy film directed by Carl Reiner. The story revolves around a laid-back high school gym teacher named Freddy Shoop, played by Mark Harmon, who is assigned to teach a summer school class of misfit students. Alongside him is his love interest and fellow teacher, Robin Bishop, played by Kirstie Alley. The ensemble cast includes memorable characters portrayed by Courtney Thorne-Smith, Dean Cameron, Gary Riley, and Kelly Jo Minter, among others.

This feel-good comedy takes viewers on a wild and entertaining ride as Mr. Shoop attempts to inspire and educate his unconventional students, leading to some uproarious moments. If you want to relive the laughs and the nostalgia, you can play and download the sounds of "Summer School" right here.

A blackout, but, you know, I feel fine.
A new film from the district, Safe Use of Power Tools.
A screening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1.
A war puts a man through many, many changes.
A woman of culture...
A word to the wise, Mr. Shoop:
About five weeks.
According to my numbers,
Actually, Mr. Shoop, those files are usually right on the money.
Actually, my headache is gone. Thumbs down.
After the hell you put me through?
All I'm asking for is a little extra effort.
All of us.
All right, have a seat. Let's see who the lucky winners are.
All right, it's about time.
All right, it's Christmastime. Free glasses.
All right, try it again. Go on.
All right! That's so...
All right. One, a party, your house, Fourth of July weekend.
All right. Well, we put that baby to bed.
All you had to do was babysit some social deviants.
And a damned good one.
And Angela, she's his wife, wants to move the twins back into Gail's room
And creature creator Rick Baker.
And get me a job, man, doing strip o grams.
And I'll be 75 and it won't matter anyway.
And I'll forget about your field trips.
And I'm also on the faculty with the defendant.
And is signed, forgive me, Chainsaw,
And it's not just that I want you out of my house.
And mess up your chance at election to state assembly?
And my coach was incredible.
And my favorite part is when Dorothy, she clicks her heels together
And our hero, Leatherface, chainsaws his legs.
And put Sally in the den, so I lose the couch.
And she says, There's no place like home.
And that's the one you catch.
And that's very nice, Mr. Shoop.
And the characters had integrity.
And the twins, Chuck and Bob, and Tommy, Jr.
And they were just watching my stuff.
And this swearing is getting a little loud.
And threatens to hurt their business.
And turn to the section titled Reading Vocabulary.
And we gotta go to summer school?
And we'll even do a little homework.
And you bring my car right back here to me.
And you see an even more perfect wave than the first perfect wave
And you see the perfect wave rolling in and you think you got it?
And you're also correct. Mr. Shoop, these charges will be dropped.
Anna Maria is from Milan, Italy.
Anna Maria Mazarelli.
Anna Maria, welcome to America. You can sit wherever you want.
Anna Maria?
Any time one person lets themself care deeply about another person,
Anybody else?
Anybody got any ideas here?
Anybody got any ideas?
Anyone interested in learning the correct form,
Anyone not interested in passing that exam can leave right now.
Apology accepted.
Are serious crimes. You've just confessed to both of them.
Are you all right?
Are you asking me out?
Arrested for contributing to the delinquency of minors?
As for myself, I just wanna be invited to the party.
Bad news?
Because he's insane, OK?
Because I am trying to read chapter seven. Again.
Because I told him to get out of my face first.
Because of him, we stopped having kids.
Because there's, like, no difference between 21 and 16 now,
Before I sign anything,
Before the college recruiters show up and try to drag you all off to Harvard.
Book reports.
Boy, never, ever. There's our English teacher, let's ask him.
Bring those buns over here. Mama's got some software for you, baby.
But don't worry, we'll be right over.
But I do wanna be friends, if you can handle it.
But it's a lovely ride.
But look, there's more going on here than test scores and grades.
But something really bizarre has happened to my kids.
But that's not what's important here.
But that's up to you.
But the rest of you clowns...
But then you look outside
But this... This is...
But we just started dating, so you do what you think's right.
But we're stuck here. We're trapped like rats.
But when she's 66, I'll only be 61.
But you covered up, thus condoning student drinking.
But you're just so happy being failures that you just don't know...
C, C,
C, C, C, C.
C, C, C.
Calm down! Everybody just stay in your seats. No problem here at all.
Can I talk to Robin?
Can I use some of that lip stuff?
Can you back this up? I'm taking a test. Just move all the way back.
Carmine, get out of her way! Get the door.
Chainsaw, sit down.
Chainsaw, you take your test
Chainsaw! Chainsaw! Chainsaw!
Chauffeur service for Dave and I, every day, to and from work.
Check out this composition.
Check out this phlegm.
Chef Boyardee, spaghetti in a can. It's so mushy.
Ciao, gang. How's it going?
Come on, Denise, he won't bother us.
Come on, Mr. Gills. Look, we got leis on and everything.
Come on, Pam. Time for more fun.
Come on.
Come on.
Computer said I failed that test.
Confirms all my instincts about him. He's my boy.
Congratulations, bud.
Congratulations. You've been chosen to teach summer school.
Damn it!
David and Francis have enough problems as it is.
Delivery. I don't want to know what this is, do I?
Denise! Denise! Take it easy! What happened?
Do something wild. Take all your clothes off.
Do something!
Do this now.
Do we have a binding agreement?
Do we have a deal?
Do you have a cell for beginners?
Do you own that suit?
Do you realize if anything happened to these kids, the lawsuits?
Does anybody need anything?
Does that mean we can swear in class?
Does this mean we can have dinner tonight?
Don't ever call me that. The name is Chainsaw.
Don't go in there without a gun. It's terrible.
Don't look at me. You're in charge of summer school.
Don't move, Miss Bishop. You're out of order.
Don't think you can pull this BS with me.
Don't. Focus on my waist. OK? My waist.
Due to the fact I was mugged by a gang
Eakian, what did you eat?
Eakian. A 51 to a 74.
Eleven, ten, nine, eight,
Enough of this shit.
Enough safe and sane. It's time for dumb and dangerous.
Everybody calls me Shoop.
Everybody get up. Now!
Everybody ready?
Excuse me just one second.
Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.
Excuse me. I'm with Playgirl magazine.
Fast corners. That third loop was a surprise.
Festival of screwups and their king.
Field trips to the beach, a bed in your classroom, drinking at the beach,
Field trips to the beach, a bed in your classroom, drinking at the beach,
Files on your students.
Fill this out.
Fine. Good.
For the weekend?
Forget about the...
Forget about this test, get a good night's sleep.
Four brothers, two sisters, all straight A students.
Fourteen, 13, 12,
Freddy, go ahead. You can tell me anything.
Freddy, I didn't make enough for three. If you plan on inviting company,
Free developing. Come on, what more could you want?
From a 26 to a 70.
From a 29 to a 43 and she gave birth.
From a 48 to a 75!
From this moment forth, you people eat English, sleep English.
Fuck. This menstruation deal, it's such a scam.
Get away from me!
Get rid of that couch. That is a definite fire hazard.
Get your grisly butts in the car.
Get yourself some want ads.
Gills says he's mailing you your scores.
Gills, Kelban. I did it, I did it.
Gills, what if I become a model teacher?
Girls are so lucky.
Give them hell.
Go away, beach dog.
Go get it.
God, I hate this stuff.
God, she is so honest. We'll take hers.
Good Lord.
Good luck.
Good night!
Goodbye, Mr. Shoop.
Guess not.
Guys, don't help.
Had my body used for a tackling dummy, my house trashed,
Hardly. I'm telling you, you gotta try these Pop Tarts.
Have a cow.
Have you ever seen The Wizard of Oz?
Have you seen the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
Have your mom or dad sign them, I'll see what I can do.
He called me Francis. Hasta luego, Placido Domingo.
He hangs out at my place because there's garbage there.
He hung people on meat hooks, but we've all got quirks.
He might surprise you.
He said he was at the museum,
He showed Kevin there's more to life than just football.
He taught her to drive.
He wants a bed.
He's a scavenger. He'll eat anything. He's a beach dog, really.
He's in skin tight leather pants,
He's nocturnal.
He's not really my dog. He just thinks he's my dog.
He's still a human being, Phillip.
Heck, inside every so called bad kid is a good kid
Help, Mr. Gills!