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Summer Heights High - Season 1

Summer Heights High - Season 1

Summer Heights High is a critically acclaimed Australian mockumentary television series created and written by Chris Lilley. The first season aired in 2007, captivating audiences worldwide with its unique and hilarious portrayal of high school life. Set in the fictional Summer Heights High School, the show revolves around three main characters, all played by Lilley himself.

Jonah Takalua is a rebellious Tongan teenager with a mischievous personality. Mr. G is the flamboyant drama teacher with grand aspirations of turning the school into an artistic haven. Lastly, Ja'mie King is a self-absorbed private school girl on an exchange program at Summer Heights High. Through their interwoven storylines, Summer Heights High offers a scathing yet humorous critique of modern education and societal expectations.

The remarkable performances by Chris Lilley, who effortlessly switches between playing these contrasting characters, make the show truly unforgettable. Lilley's ability to flawlessly embody each persona won him praise for his comedic talent and dynamic characterization.

If you're looking to revisit or discover the sounds and moments that made Summer Heights High an instant classic, you can play and download the series at the provided link. Immerse yourself in the laughter and absurdity that the show brings for hours on end.

A dollar I'll do it. A dollar? A dollar each.
A fire in the school, everyone.
A massive commitment to you,
A ranga, sir. 'Cause he's got red hair.
A school that bans formals is a school than bans life.
A Year 11 formal could do so much for this school.
About four years ago, I did a show called 'Downloadin,
About having the little brothers around.
About the cutting situation, OK?
About what is appropriate sexually.
Absolutely brilliant. My wife's favourite show.
After a bullying incident,
Ah, you 're looking good, boys. I'll see you there!
All the couples go there. Yes!
All the handicapped kids are gone within 48 hours.
All the shit that you learn at school.
Alright, now, Jonah, as team leader,
Alright, switch me off.
Alright, we'll go through it again. Candice, watching me, please.
Alright, we'll try it out. Switch me on.
Alternatively, I'm gonna put an idea to you, Ja'mie, and all you girls,
Although, some of the non wheelchair ones aren't exactly easy on the eye.
Always interested in the performing arts singing, dancing, acting.
Am I hot? Yes.
An entertainment industry professional
An equally valid and valuable educational experience
An SRC, and all my friends are in it,
And 'Bully Elliot', earlier this year, was... was wonderful.
And a fat one.
And apparently she was quite known for partying quite hard.
And Ashley, 'cause she begged to be in it.
And asked me to repeat the whole story word for word for him
And because it's gonna be on the news and on TV and stuff, like,
And does that make it OK for him to be bullied,
And drop you off at school every day.
And experience a life that's nothing like
And have a look and see where we stand on formals.
And he didn't do any of it.
And he is from a dance and theatre background.
And he's a real asset.
And he's dead.
And he's got no good reasons.
And he's, like, freaking out and he doesn't want to.
And his nose is so cute.
And hot girls all come together at the formal.
And I also do what I call a random drill,
And I came up with that idea simply from sitting at home
And I can act every day and get paid for it.
And I come up with something, um...
And I don't need bloody special education nightmares.
And I don't think he's gonna be very happy, is he, Jonah?
And I feel as though I can teach them how to behave
And I go crazy sometimes.
And I guess they're hoping to prove that you can get
And I have kids that come up to me in the playground,
And I know that myself, along with other staff members,
And I like showing off and entertaining people.
And I make friends really easily.
And I reckon I'm pretty good at it.
And I remember doing...
And I started at Summer Heights at the beginning of this term.
And I think about where I could have been,
And I think it's a lot of fun.
And I think it's brilliant.
And I think that it's not really their fault, that's the thing.
And I think that will help her to fit in very well here.
And I thought... Hang on, I know a job where I can sing and I can dance
And I turn around to those kids and I say, Cool.
And I wanna do it professionally when I get older.
And I want you to be what I call a'big brother' to them.
And I was hands down, no bloody way.
And I write my own stuff, original musicals.
And I'm flatly refused.
And I'm gonna meet his mum.
And I'm good at sport and everything that Asians can't do,
And I'm so excited about it, is we're doing a Year 11 formal.
And I'm... basically, I've come up with a concept for my new musical.
And I've been a senior drama teacher
And I've been doing it for the last five years or so,
And I've been on cloud nine ever since.
And I've been writing music and lyrics,
And I've sort of taken that on as a mission.
And if it wasn't for her,
And it had, um...
And it turns out she was very good friends
And it was drama teaching.
And it was such a crap formal.
And it'll be in full costume, so you boys can get used to the skirts.
And it's a real help.
And it's about... the one and only Annabel Dickson.
And just thrived.
And kids. We don't attack people.
And let them know what's going on, OK?
And letting her, you know, do her thing.
And Margaret's, Oh, you 've gotta talk to Meredith.
And meet the rest of the cast.
And more music.
And Mum always says that even as a baby,
And my dad will get pissed off.
And my group talks to the fugly girls.
And not to exploit her.
And nothing to report, then?
And one of the drama teachers wrote a musical about it.
And release. Finally. Good. Yay.
And remember no silly behaviour will be tolerated.
And say, Sorry, Ben. Sorry, Ben.
And shake his hand. Yes.
And she auditioned for a Best & Less ad in 2002,
And she was a very well liked, very popular student in this school.
And she was into the drinking and the drugs.
And she was... unintentionally, she was in the Pets' Paradise commercial,
And she's still only 16.
And she's usually got a good eye for the next big thing,
And staff always on at me,
And teachers are fully scared of us. Yeah.
And teachers at my school are always going,
And thank you to the traditional landowners of Summer Heights,
And thanks for breaking my heart, you fuckwit.
And thanks very much for not making a fuss.
And THAT means that your father's gonna have to pick you up
And that sort of thing, so...
And that, in a way, gives them confidence.
And that's how it usually is when you come over, isn't it?
And the craft of the stage.
And the hall wasn't big enough.
And the machine, I call it, is finding its rhythm.
And the next day he submitted my story under his name.
And the night before, he called me
And the other for defacing the principal's car.
And the other thing is, you 're not gonna catch the train anymore.
And the rest of you can go.
And the Year 7 s totally flirt with me. Have you noticed?
And then they end up being really fat when they're older?
And then we're gonna send it to all the teachers.
And there's no hope for him.
And there's one more thing
And there's plenty of mayhem going on in this production.
And these are our costume ladies.
And they have to go straightaway.
And they just look so cute together.
And they promise to organise everything,
And they really love it. For some it's a highlight of their year.
And this is, um, big show I did last year, 'T sunamarama',
And to bring into their lives a little bit of magic.
And we hit the floor and started breaking.
And we just can't be held accountable for...
And we see how they deal with it.
And we'll contact your parents as well
And we're all in shock.
And we're doing what we can
And we're looking forward to meeting our exchange student, aren't we?
And we're not gonna get it with 'A nything Bloody Goes'.
And we've got our state of the art gym down there.
And what's worse is I'm... I'm competing
And when he's sitting there,
And with our help, from the school, the staff,
And with the support of his family, we can do it.
And you can do fun stuff when you 're an adult,
And you can easily forget
And you give them extra responsibility,
And you younger guys, you know like we talked about,
And your American accent was pathetic last time.
And, as you can see, the kids have done an anti **** mural behind,
And, frankly, I'm left wondering
And, guys... these are your Year 8 mentors.
And, I've gotta say, I think Jonah is quite confused
And, like, that's why I'm wearing the jumper.
And, look, 68IOU 1.
And, um... yeah, so there's a lot of rumours out there.
And, you know, he's my little creative adviser.
And. Of course. Academia.
And... OK, well...
Annabel's story is perfect for musical interpretation.
Annoying. Yeah.
Apparently, one of the parents found human faeces on the classroom floor.
Are having to deal with at the moment is terrorism.
Are not actually going to be in the production.
Are we going to the canteen, or what? Yeah.
Are you really gonna do it? Yeah.
Are you serious? I know. Yeah.
Are you serious? I'm dead serious.
Arms, arms.
As one of her teachers.
As you can see, that's how you 're meant to hold them.
Ashley, shut up, please.
Asians share limos with lesbians.
Asians. Skanks.
Ask her what it is, man.
At Hillford Girls Grammar.
At Hillford. Girls like me are offered a world of opportunities.
Awesome idea. Let me get that down.
Back into the drama department that she loved so much.
Back two, three, four.
Barn dancing. Polka and shit.
Beat that, motherfucker.
Because he has red hair?
Because I've got it.
Before we go, I wanna give you guys an example
Ben says that you were the ringleader, Jonah,
Black shoes or you just don't get to play at lunchtime.
Bloody barn dance shit.
Boys, stop playing with balls near the windows, please.
Bullshit children's book. I don't fuckin' want to read it anyway!
Bullshit I did.
Bullshit. He's a fucking liar.
But also the perpetrators.
But as an added incentive, if you can do this program seriously,
But he can't breakdance for shit.
But he really is wasting his talent
But I choose not to, and they don't get that.
But I did little mini musicals.
But I think some of the Year 7 s are hot at this school.
But I would say they create better quality citizens.
But I'm actually really cool.
But if I put in effort, then I could be really smart.
But if I'd call out to Mum, rather than Mum like other kids,
But if you get stuck into them, they seem to respond quite well.