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Batman (1989) Thriller

Batman (1989) Thriller

"Batman" is a thrilling film released in 1989, directed by Tim Burton. This iconic version of the Caped Crusader takes viewers on a dark and suspenseful journey through Gotham City. Filled with action, mystery, and a touch of gothic atmosphere, this film delves into the origins of Batman as he battles against the sadistic Joker, played by the talented Jack Nicholson.

With his signature blend of brooding intensity, Michael Keaton portrays the enigmatic and tormented Bruce Wayne, who balances his public persona as a billionaire philanthropist while donning the cape and cowl at night to fight crime. Kim Basinger brings a dynamic performance as Vicki Vale, an intrepid photojournalist who becomes entwined in Batman's world.

"Batman" is a perfect blend of thrills and iconic imagery, creating a timeless piece of cinematic art that continues to captivate audiences today. You can immerse yourself in the captivating sounds and scenes of this film by playing it or downloading it here. So grab some popcorn and prepare to be transported to the gloomy and atmospheric world of Gotham City, where justice reigns supreme.

A girl could get hurt doing this stuff.
A job and, you know.
A lot of people think you're as dangerous as the Joker.
A lovely beast like that running around...
A person will have to actually lead a different life.
A woman!
About 108, I think.
Across this nation...
Actually, Alfred is my family.
Actually, I was in the Corto Maltese.
Alexander Knox.
Alfred, they need some more wine in the front room...
Alfred's great. I couldn't find my socks without him.
Alicia, sit down. Show the lady why you wear the mask.
All right, get a good look.
All right, let's go, men, let's go.
All right, let's move out.
All right, listen. You know how a normal person gets up and...
All right, look.
All right.
All right. Take a good look. This is the guy.
Although authorities have not ruled out the possibility of drug use.
American Express card.
And again.
And all of Gotham is wondering what to make of Batman.
And as you can see...
And besides...
And eats breakfast...
And fast. Do you read me?
And give Knox a grant.
And hair color so natural, only your undertaker knows for sure.
And he did it...with this pen.
And here's the sightings so far.
And I say, starting with this anniversary festival...
And I've got a surprise for Gotham City.
And I've got to go to work.
And if I may say so, quite special. Perhaps you could try telling her the truth.
And if so, is he on the police payroll?
And if so, what's he pulling down, after taxes?
And it is Batman.
And kisses somebody good bye, and goes to...
And make off with the records and say it was industrial espionage.
And maybe even a little rough.
And now, folks...
And now...
And plans continue for the city's 200th birthday...
And shed the light of the law on that nest of vipers.
And signed it in his own blood.
And so little time.
And someone named Mrs. Daley needs a copy of the menu.
And there will be entertainment.
And useless lives.
And we'd all be dead.
And we'd all be dead.
And what is the pattern?
And what's with that stupid grin?
And where is the Batman?
And without so much as an apology...
And you find out what this madman is poisoning us with.
And you're so powerful. And purple!
And, Bob...
Another rooster in the hen house?
Antoine got a little hot under the collar.
Anyway, you gonna be staying in Gotham for a while?
Aptitudes include science, chemistry, and art.
Are my number one guy.
Are my number one guy.
Are you deaf? You don't speak English?
Aren't you covering this press conference?
As Mayor Borg announced today at the unveiling...
As mayor, I promise to root out the source of this corruption...
At a beauty parlor in Gotham were discovered today.
At midnight, I will dump $20 million in cash...
Avoid the following combinations:
Back, Miss Vale? We're going to be here for quite a while.
Bad tie. No style.
Batman's head on a lance.
Be careful.
Beauty and the Beast.
Because I bought it in Japan.
Because nobody else can.
Becky, this is hardly the...
Before the week is out...
Better be sure.
Bob. Alicia.
Bob. Gun.
Bob. Mask.
Boss Carl Grissom.
Brought you a little snack, Eckhardt.
Bruce Wayne, n'est ce pas?
Bruce Wayne's benefit. He'll be there, right?
Bruce, hi. It's Vicki.
But hairspray mixed with lipstick and perfume will be toxic, and untraceable.
But he's out there right now.
But I don't know what to think of all this. I really don't.
But I'm sure we can make you more today.
But if the forces of evil should rise again...
But one thing I am not...
But that wasn't just another night for either of us, was it?
But those words will count, and so will my actions.
But with new and improved Joker brand...
But, as my plastic surgeon always said, If you got to go...
By the sudden deaths of models Candy Walker and Amanda Keeler.
Call me.
Can I help you, sir?
Can somebody tell me what kind of a world we live in...
Can we get somebody else to do this?
Can you hear me?
Cause of death has been attributed to a violent allergic reaction...
Check his wallet.
Check this out. He must have been King of the Wicker People.
Christ. Knox.
Cologne, mouthwash, underarm deodorant?
Come on, get out of here!
Come on, Jack, let's go!
Come on, let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, you gruesome son of a bitch. Come to me.
Come on! Jack!
Come on! Let's get nuts!
Come on! Up here.
Come on.
Comes the part...
Commence au festival!
Commissioner Gordon?
Commissioner Gordon?
Commissioner! Mrs. Gordon, you look lovely.
Could put steam in a man's strides.
Could you pass the salt?
Could you tell me which of these guys is Bruce Wayne?
Couldn't hear the train until it was 2 feet from him.
Couldn't keep it straight up here.
Cue Becky.
Cue music.
Daddy's going to make some art, darling.
Dare I suggest that your present course of action...
Decent people shouldn't live here.
Deodorants with baby powder, hairspray, and lipstick.
Did you do a little time together as children?
Did you get the file on my parents?
Did you have a hard time finding the house?
Do I look like I'm joking?
Do the kid a favor. Don't scream.
Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth? The festival is on!
Do you know what they say? They say he can't be killed.
Do you know what they say? They say he can't be killed.
Do you like eating in here?
Do you want to get out of here?
Doesn't this gang war dampen the city's plans for the 200th anniversary festival?
Don't be writing this stuff in the newspaper, Knox.
Don't bother.
Don't flatter yourself, angel.
Don't forget...
Don't get personal!
Don't kill me!
Don't kill me!
Don't kill me! man.
Don't leave home without it.
Don't leave out his very large bankroll.
Don't worry about it.
Don't worry about me. I've got enough.
Eight. I can make that eight.
Excuse me, dear. I'll be back.
Excuse me?
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Mr. Wayne's table?
Excuse me.Excuse me...
Feel free to drop in.
Find out what's so special about the alley at Pearl and Phillips Streets.
Five stories. Straight down. There wasn't no blood in the body.
Five, four...
Foods, alcohol, or beauty and hygiene products?
For God's sake, Harold, can we please just get a taxi?
For instance, let me challenge you with a little piece I did.
Forget about Bruce Wayne. I'm on to Batman.
Friend or foe?
Get down!
Get in the car. Get in the car!
Get me Lt. Eckhardt.
Get out of here.
Get them. Take the pictures.
Gets all of my press?
Giant, menacing, supernatural form. Kind of like a bat.
Give him a shave.
Go with a smile.
God damn it, we had him.
Goes downstairs...
Good evening. The fashion world was stunned today...
Gordon's got a file on this. I can't even get him on the phone.
Gotham City Cathedral. Transportation for two.
Gotham City.
Gotham's greed.
Grease them now?