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A few people ever seen computers that for when I do hear the threats to letters in her manipulates the screen here and then we have fun with it OK
Alright let's try to test your type in XY got violator slash four six seven exorcism
And I can't wait to get my NCFC and quit this job
And you know the training monkeys done pezzuti use computers maybe i'll sign up for a class
Coming down the third floor going to teach us both with the new program i'm outta here
Damn i'm good
Did you install it gilbert screensaver
Did you recover your bookmark
Fasten L C four seventy five with a thirty two bit processor
God I wish someone here knew about computers that would have gotten the last
Here we go she's who is
Hurry up my screensaver is about to kick in
I gotta remember that one in the chat rooms
I hope you don't clog up your memory
I totally slapshots in one MB short of the gig
If you want it not to work yeah
If you want me to save your game of minesweeper here
Is that so hard
It uses type of stuff on blues clues
It's the email that stupid not you right
LOL semi colon parentheses
No it's not case sensitive
Not so easy is it partner
Oh by the way here welcome
Oh it's a computer that stupid not you right
OK drag your cursor up to the right side of the menu
Thank you instead of playing a game god forbid we read the manual
That's amazing considering it's impossible.
That's because norton utilities can only detect a virus it can't repair your hard drives after you downloaded an effective program patch adams
The last thing I expect you not to be able to find the menu
There was a conflict that's affecting your computer to crash not our software
There you go that's so hard
This is six point oh version you didn't upgrade yet did you genius
Well genius your hard drive doesn't have an infinite amount of space I had to delete that stuff to install the upgrade
Well I guess we gotta make microsoft and split
What about your plugin
Yeah that's it didn't work shit