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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Arlen Texas
Can I speak to Peggy? Uh Peggy, it's for you, it's Dale. Yello Dale. You don't know who I am, but I know where you live.
Certain plans of mine require additional gribbles
Computers don't make errors what they do they do on purpose by now your name in particular have been fed into every laptop desktop mainframe in supermarket scanner that collectively make up the glo...
Dale Gribble Soundboard Sound
Damn it there's neighborhood is turning into melrose place
Define oh my mexican legal system which I do will get about fifteen years but the starvation died of moldy bread and warm water
Five hundred bucks
Hardly been used
Hey, look at that
How long are we going to keep up this fall charade
How much you paying?
I am a high priced washington lobby is peddling influence
I can look better
I like the way you think, girlfriend
I thought we agreed never to discuss the horrors that we saw on the killing fields of the fun center
I'll be next
I'm staying with the Hills in 5B
I'm too pretty to go to jail
If you want I can get you the birth certificate of a child who died in nineteen fifty three
It's a scientific fact that women like round muscular butts
It's back to a mundane life a drinking beer and helping my jackass friends shop for wheelbarrow
It's too late the beasts already got him in his jaws your only way out is to start life over with a new identity if you want I can get you the birth certificate of a child who died in nineteen fift...
Jack I said what
Join me and together we can strike down this perverse an unholy union
Keep watching touched by an angel
Not so fast mister grabby
Notice how he lifts with his legs
Now you can come quietly or will wait until you pass out
Oh no
One by one your friends will desert you
Rhetorical question not grounds for conversation moving on
Rusty shackleford
She knows you're a heterosexual right
So nancy tells me she ran into john redcorn at video store the two of them heard you complain about some porno tape you lost
Somebody hates maine
Somebody missed his siesta
Stop it stop it stop it I can't stand fighting
Thank you
That was unfathomably deep
That you
That's a disturbing image
That's that as your friend I have no choice but to put you on an immediate suicide watch
That's unfortunate I think we all would have enjoyed that
The border guards thank were smugglers
The INS had their cameras trained on us
The vandalism up on my house can only be described as a hate crime
There's some sex in it for you
This one could be a fiasco of spectacular proportions
To be an effective killer you must learn to first hill a little bit of yourself
Very little
We're screwed
What kind of lefty hootenanny is this
What's that alien transponder like device
While I was blacked out was anything inserted into maine
Who wants candy
Yep are
Yes sir
You are now are sworn enemy leave us
You should have seen this coming to hang one by one your friends will desert you