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All right
And the story
Can I be nice
Could've fuck do you think you are coming in here talking to me like this
Did you fucking do it
Everybody have held a colder silence
Fine I have to be the sad clown
For exhausted just talking about it
For the fuck of you been up and calling you all fucking night long
Gotta be honest we got him
Guys today have no room for the penal experience
He wasn't in touch with his feelings he just do it he has a dope took sure they didn't know was once they got gary cooper in touch with his feelings that they would be able to shut him up and then ...
Here comes the prozac
Here we go
How come i'm not making fucking parts in peru
I agree
I dismissed two and half a college
I don't know why I tell you anything
I don't wanna talk to you anymore
I picked up by john
I said
I'm a man
I'm serious
Is supposed to take care of your mother
Jesus fuck now he's going to cry
Just a trip avalos
Laughing on the outside
Let me ask you questions
Let me tell you something
My mother would have loved it if you and I get together
No values
Oh yeah
Really famous it type for now
Shut up ya know when he saw
So how's your job
So something you want to say to me
So what do you say
Someone with you
Sort of both last week on cable you think maybe that planted the idea
Sweetie pie
Teach your mother
That's not going to fly here
The strong silent type
What do you think
What's going on
Whatever happened to gary cooper
You answer me like i'm jesus christ himself and if you fucking lie to me make your mother die of cancer the eyes
You are what you are
You are you tree
You know the governments use an electronic surveillance and various legal strategies to squeeze my business
You know your mother thinks you have the capacity to be a tough student
You read the papers
You understand
You want to relax
You're making me out to be some fucking mama 's boy