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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Ah you big bald fuck!
And what's your name
Bette midler shit yodels nobody believes me
Both fuck
But you got a dick the size of a fuckin sometimes
Did you fucking fucking
Doesn't that just make your boil
Everybody 's uh fuck
Fuck you bullshit me for
Fuck you y'all suck
Fucking drop dead y'all talk sucker
Go suck cock suckers
Good morning soldier
He answered
How do we feel this morning soldier
How explain yourself
Hurry up I gotta hot shit in the chamber
I could still fuck your mother fucker
I hope is in pieces somewhere right now
I hope you have a great life
I love to fuck in the clinch mountain asshole
I mean where is that walls which ones though durda fat pig
I need your pussy till it squeaks
I still got a lot of cum in my balls
I think you like taking it up the ass I think you like blowing little boys that's when I think about you you're a prick I like to fuck and suck out to ride bulls and still fuck you that's what I th...
I thought people who play golf
I thought your mother in the air 's cotton mouth
I want someone to do the black man handshake on my prick
I yeah
I'd fuck you with one sock on
Is that what i've drawn from you
Lick my ass pipe
Now personally I don't know if you ever said a fucking word about maine
Oh no you wonderful
Oh you want to be a tough guy
OK go fuck yourself you're cut suckers
Pick up fucking stupid you are
Settings thanks science
Shut the fuck up you won't fucking hot on
So I fucked him
So i'd have something to wipe my prick off with when i'm done
Suck my fucking prick
That's how it works
That's what I think and that's what I think you
That's what tricks people are
The fat pig in the bold fuck
The fucking nadeau
These mother fuckers
This cock sucker in his hot
What are you going to say now right
What do you mean
What's your name
What's your name correct yellow
Where is your big comeback now had tough guy
Why you bullshitting maine
Yes you are you fucking lying right out of your fucking
Yo stupid cock sucker
You don't even know nobody knows ouzo
You don't give a shit
You know I mean
You know I mean
You shouldn't make it eight thirty tonight
You wanna fight maine
You wanna fight me you can take main i'd beat you like a redheaded stepchild
You wanna incident
You want to say something about me now hey
You won't make it out the front fucking door
Your mother fucker
Your mother sucker