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Andrew Tate Sound Clips

Andrew Tate Sound Clips

Emory Andrew Tate III (born December 1, 1986) is an American-British social media personality, businessman, and former professional kickboxer. Following his kickboxing career, he began offering paid courses and memberships through his website. A self-described misogynist, Tate's controversial commentary has resulted in his suspension from several social media platforms.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
0% chance, right? So men are obviously designed to lead.
18 million a day or something. Something with diculous money.
200 poor friends put all your money in together and bought one house between you.
4 grand a day. So that that became my new life, right? I went from kickboxer.
400 grand A month only in English or an American girl is stupid enough.
400 grand a month? That's cheating, bro. A woman can't do that. That's cheating.
8 girls and that's where I made my most money. When I had four girlfriends, my brother had four girlfriends.
8 girls and that's where I made my most money. When I had four girlfriends, my brother had four girlfriends.
A female led society that was tested but the reason we don't discuss them.
A Ferrari think it's make you happy, has no value, nothing has value. Everything is just whatever.
A government their number one job. A lot of people out here, it still amazes me they believe the government care about them.
A headache for everybody has helped me realize.
A lot of people live. That is just absolutely depressing to me. Like, I couldn't imagine doing it. I'm not shitting on the normal guy. I'm saying you're a stronger man than me because of all the no...
A pimp is a positively inspirational, motivating person. A pimp.
A safe place unless you piss off the wrong boys, right?
About in the side. That's fucking hard work, yeah. I don't know. For many years. Hayden. Yeah.
Absolutely. Congratulations, but my time on the planet, I guarantee.
Accepted female promiscuity has always been frowned upon.
Actually, they must be scared of this man. It's it's it's absolutely and utterly the complete opposite.
After kickboxing, like you, you started a webcam business. 75 girls, yes. Let's talk about the webcam business, yes.
Aggravate you? Doesn't that show you that there's something about the world you do not understand?
All of it. When women come along and say ohh, we're, we're just as important, you are just as important. But you do have a completely different role. You fulfilled a different role in society and I...
All of South America, if you're flexing to live in a good life, you're risking your head chopped off.
All of them. And then the last 30 years you've come along and saying let's put women in charge.
All of this COVID lockdown garbage. They knew COVID was a scam.
All that? Well, yeah, I I trust him. No, you don't trust him. You just don't want to see the truth because you already know what he's doing.
All the people we can interact with via social media. So it can either ruin your life or it can make your life.
All the roads you see, all the buildings you see, everything around you. Men built.
All the way down the east of Europe, I I overheard them say something like they turn over.
All this kind of thing. So I had to make a big decision. And I remember when I first started making my money and my dad was still alive, the first thing I did with my money, the first thing I did w...
Always ends up back with the rich people. You can't stop making the rich richer.
Am I in good shape? Yeah. Am I rich? Yeah. Do I have good friends, good connections? Yeah. Do I do whatever I want? Am I free?
Am I sexist? Yes. Why? Because of my experiences of the world.
Am I successful? Am I competent? You know, am I achieving things? Am I? Am I? Am I respected?
Amazon. Their stock price went up 30%. Why? Because people getting stimulus checks. I spent it on Amazon. It all went to the rich guy.
Analyzing and understanding banks.
And a woman's mind? That was negative. I never taught her to do anything or be anything.
And after about 2 minutes of threatening DM, she chews Paul and he comes all over the place. So I mean you call that kind of thing it's a bit weird, but it's funny. Like who gives a shit, right? Th...
And after love and health, what can't money buy?
And all this other crap and we just destroyed them in 20 short years. Gonna chop your Dick off. I have nothing against that. I'm not anti-gay.
And an old dude would sit there and the old dude would say, what kind of guy do you like?
And and everyone's pretending that that's a good thing. I'm not saying it's not. I'm saying we don't know.
And angry by what I say. And then there's the people who say.
And any feminist will disagree with me. But I'll tell you something women are loyal to one thing on the planet.
And become rich and start paying girls thousands.
And came and did it and thought it was funny and talked to Paul and his bullshit. And a bunch of men in America fell in love with her and they didn't know her real name. And she made a bunch of money.
And change it to blue. So why are you not controlling your own? Mind it, sure, it's your asset.
And every single society since the dawn of human time.
And fighting feels the same for me. So for me, I thought, well, OK, I can't learn chess well enough without a coach.
And from what he taught me, we we're very he's a, he's a chess player.
And his relief checks? He gave out $1400.
And house, like slavery, is still here, my friends. Nothing's changed, right? Nothing's changed. And what they want is they want slaves, they want slaves. We're going to comply.
And how they end up getting 75 girls to work for you? Yeah, so.
And I can't find a coach in the UK who I trust to teach me chess, but I can find a coach who can teach me to.
And I guarantee there'll be a history class. There'll be a history class where the Chinese say, ah, do you remember when America just completely handed over to feminism?
And I guarantee you I would still label myself happy.
And I had 75 girls on the books. They weren't all working at once by it's 75 girls who would do like one shift a week, or three days a week, or seven days a week. 75 women worked for me at the peak...
And I had a really cute little waitress and I bought a very expensive coffee machine.
And I have fuck you money and you can't take it away. So I'll say what I want.
And I know that's like a pretty normal setup. If you're happy with that, absolutely congratulations and I don't look down on you.
And I mean all of us, I was very, very young. I don't think I was necessarily.
And I mean that like three or four times in your life, like a family member is gonna die.
And I remember my dad's lessons. My dad would have been furious.
And I said I've lived a very good life and I'm a multi millionaire, retired world champion kickboxer. I feel like you've missed.
And I think that fighting and chess are extremely similar to me. They they aligned, they fulfilled the same gaps in my psyche, right? People always say, how did you go from being a chess player?
And I think that what's what people really don't when I say this, people really don't believe it. They say, oh, but that means the girl doesn't really love you. I completely. That's not true.
And I thought, what's the point being the world champion if I can't buy lambos on the debit card, right? What's the point?
And I truly believe them. I will pass any lie detector test today that I'm the most content happy man in the world, because that's what I've decided that I've labeled myself as.
And I try and explain to them that. If you did what you believed was best at the time, hindsight's a bitch.
And I was like BMW she was. Because over there the average model was $200.00 a month. Having a BMW is a big deal.
And I was on my way. So I played chess for the early part of my life. And then at the age of 11, my mother and father split up. My mom took me back to Luton.
And I would rather live in a society which I see is on the way up.
And I'll open up directly next door to your #1 competitor in Romania.
And I'll tell you something now, and a lot of people comment on this about me. I didn't even realize how.
And I'm kind of racking my brain, and by absolute coincidence.
And I'm like, how can we get rich? You know what's amazing?
And I'm sitting there typing, and I'd type 1617 hours a day, but I'd pull in, let's say 3 grand a day.
And I'm trying to work out what I have that's worth money and the only thing I write down because I had a car. But what's that worth? Nothing.
And if a woman wants to be very, very successful in her life, no matter what, it is when she wants to be a gymnast.
And if she doesn't do it for money and she's not a slut, she's exceptionally hard to sleep with. A lot of these girls in book rested her 2526. They've got two men, three men, body counts.
And if you say that in a way that's calm and nice and cool and you come across nice, I don't wanna ruin your night or nothing, but you both drink and I'll leave you.
And if you took it all away from me now, I would start to make progress again. If you if I lost everything today back to flat 0 by tomorrow, I'd be making some progress. Even if I had one pound as ...
And in regards to keeping our employment, keeping our money coming in.
And in the cold light of the world and the brutal realities of life, efficiency wins.
And in the tribe in Africa, they had different names for the colors.
And it got to the point where it was easier if I just typed myself.
And it was a pretty happy environment overall. I had to do a lot of policing.
And it was saying they found this tribe in Africa.
And just you, you lose track sometimes. So for somebody to keep 75 girls.
And like, hmm, he looks tasty. And then Paul be like please don't eat, my friend.
And make the nice coffee instead, and I start to make a lot of money. And for about six months I was.
And making money online nowadays is far more popular than it was even eight years ago.
And Moldova I wouldn't go to because Moldova is probably the most hostile place I've ever been. I've been there three times and was attacked twice.
And nobody feels sorry for the casino owner.
And not provide safety and then want to police your Facebook comments? Why would I stay here?
And not sleep with the girls, etcetera. But that's when I learned my lessons, right.
And now she gets to drive a nice car and live in Spain for most of the year.
And of my brother to just go to his funeral. My dad know knew I loved him. I spoke to him every single day.
And one day I woke up and I literally just woke up. I looked at my bank.
And one of the main sponsors is this casino brand and this casino brand.
And pay their taxes and whatever kind of indoctrination.
And people say that they're gold diggers. I wouldn't say they're gold diggers. I would say that if a woman from.
And she genuinely, genuinely doesn't care anymore. She was like, OK, whatever, just make sure none of these bitches.
And so we'll call the police. Then she goes, no, no, she didn't want to call the police. Don't know why.
And start dragging money out the Internet. And for me, I mean this is a long time ago, right? This is about.
And that person does not want them in naked in another dude's house. Why would they, right?
And that twice similar stories happened to me in Moldova. So Moldovans are super, super.
And the and the Mao Dinasty, you have the Brazil and China, they never spoke.
And the beginning of my Cam empire was this tiny little apartment, me and my two girlfriends.
And the China and Russia aren't gonna conquer the world. Let's talk in 100 years.
And the girls there are 10 out of 10. They're fucking beautiful, but they're kind of trapped there.
And the man would go out there and risk his life and spend his time building the modern world.
And the men won't let us go there. So. But I respect them. I really respect them as men. If I were to meet those guys who jumped me, I'll shake his hand. But, like, I get it.
And the only thing they're loyal to is the man they want to have sex with.
And the police chief would call his mate, who's the fucking, I don't know. Fire inspector? Some Jackass? He'd come.
And the receptionist says the taxi now is gonna go back to them and say for a tip, they'll they'll tell them you're here. I'm here by myself. I'm here by myself. And she started really having like ...
And the second thing is, the man they're sleeping with is always like, hey, why the fuck you working for this guy? We could do this ourselves. You can do this yourself. Fuck him.
And the story is, and this is a completely true story. I'm sitting with my brother.
And the the the credit system and the money system.
And then Corona came. So I mean, I'm OK for money, of course, but then Corona came and shut me all down because they've closed everything.
And then I came up with this plan. I went to them one day and I said, look, how about this?
And then I knew by the time I came back, all the girls were gonna quit or leave and.
And then my dad died, of course. And then? I was supposed to go to his funeral, so I was going to have to get up and leave Romania, fly all the way to Alabama, stay in America for a few weeks.
And then quit. Every single one who stopped working for me ended up failing and begging for her job back 100%.
And then they go, Oh yeah, but what about they invest it? Invest it where?
And then what was scary is the hotel receptionist started to panic.
And there's two kinds of people. There's people who are jealous of me.
And these two kind of Blues had a different name. And what they're trying to say is if your brain is associated a name with something, it's very hard.
And they agreed. So I opened up next door to the competitor. And then.
And they didn't want there to be a party about them. Do you understand? I had girls come to me saying, look.
And they kind of looked at me, you know, typical Eastern European mafia. Imagine no fat bald cigar, exactly like you'd imagine them to be. And like, why do we need you?
And they live very good lives and that's my primary concern at the moment is the war room. So leave all your links and description also perfect.
And they obeyed us, and at the peak I was turning over.
And they obeyed us, and at the peak I was turning over.
And they'd be keeping 8 grand. I took two grand. They'd quit.
And they'd say, oh, I don't know, someone in shape who's rich and young. And I'm like, no, no.
And they're either programmed by you as a man, or the programmed by society.
And they're nice girls, so can't say anything bad about them. But they were not.
And they're not the government's kid. And this is what I was saying earlier about women being blank slates saying with children.
And they're there. And but the government cares about me. You gave me $1400. The government doesn't give a shit about you. The government is looking after its friends. The government gave all the s...
And this is really not revolutionary. What I say people, people going to be all in the comments going ohh his girls are sluts or his girls don't really love him.
And this is since the dawn of human time. Why did I fight?
And this is the thing that's interesting about it. When people hear this story and they say like a pimp, etcetera, people imagine me to be this exploitive.
And this is what people really don't yet understand. There's only one thing on the planet.
And to them they were completely different colors, but then they put like blue and yellow and they couldn't tell the difference.
And to threatening her to give you your money, that's just not real.
And we became business partners on a bunch of other things and now it is what it is. So I feel very, very safe there, 100%. Well, do you think the most beautiful girls in Europe Union are on this p...
And we fought again and without the big weight cup problem I knocked him out in the.
And we're sitting there and we looked on the thing and there was a flight back to Romania, which is generally safe.
And what happened is because the the the line for Starbucks for so long, the dudes would go out, just go get free coffee in there and then they gamble their fiber.
And what's really interesting is. He's gonna really piss the feminists off, but I'll tell you, it's the.
And what's really interesting to me is I now am getting quite big. I get recognized all the time. When I was in America, I got recognized on the street. I recognized on the street everywhere from I...
And when you have a party about a girl quitting, all the girls who stand around and laugh, ohh she's gonna end up asking for a job back.
And with discipline, my kid will know more than any kid in any public school.
And you go, OK, you are done.
And you had buckets and you took one bucket of money. Would you just take that bucket or would you run back and get another buy and run back and run? I couldn't stop. I couldn't sleep. I'd wake up ...
And you want to take a potshot at Tate, then fire forward. But I will set that up. But next time you're in the UK, I would love to talk to a feminist because I would save her life. A lot of people ...
And you'll give up your life for this thing. They can create from thin air as much as they want.
And. It's better if when I started, the girls worked for me. They loved me.
Approaching me like I have quite a big Instagram, I have like 3000 and I got blue tick and I've got.
Are no better than my woman who actually knows. In fact, let's say my woman who actually knows is smarter than them bimbos.
Are not slots. They're smart. The remaining girl wants to be a slot. She does it for me.
Are you happy with it all as you want? Obviously you said you want more, but.
Are you more confident going to sleep, seeing a man searching or a female surge?
As a whole are absolutely group thinkers. Females are sheep.
As long as that shit ain't happening to me, I am smiling. I you cannot depress me.
As long as you're happy, let's double standards on it. Why might like that though? Of course it's double standards. Of course it's double holy shit that I've done, but yeah.
As soon as you stop pushing forward. As soon as you go stagnant.
As though when you look at the corners, say you get the street because.
At 6:00 AM. So we just packed and bailed was like alright, well shit, let's get out of here.
Australia is a fucking penal colony. Fucked them.
Be a valuate every fucking completely completely and it's obviously a generalisation. But my point is in certain roles in society we trust females like with our kids and in other roles like danger ...
Be honest, OK? And this is the thing, and I'm gonna actually be completely honest here.
Beans on Toast, TV at Night 9 to 5.
Because a lot of them are working girls. Like, if you go to. Yeah, like if you go to Dubai or if you go to a brothel in Germany, there's a bunch of Romanian girls, right? So they think all Romanian...
Because all the problems I just described is all of Western Europe and America and Canada is all the same.
Because females are emotionally invested, I have no emotional investment.
Because females are emotionally invested, I have no emotional investment.
Because I had a little bit of money from fighting. But I wasn't balling. I wasn't rich, rich.
Because I was rich. Corona doesn't exist for the rich people. Soon as you pay 50 grand for a flight.
Because I'm a realist, and when you're a realist, you're sexist. There's no way you can be rooted in reality and not be sexist.
Because if he's making excuses, he doesn't want you to see something. And you know what that is? That's pussy.
Because it doesn't make you happy if you've seen any of them give it away, you've never seen a rich man give his money away.
Because my father was also a professional wrestler and had physicality, so you have like a bunch of dorks.
Because there's this, you can't get first class flights into Europe, so I'll just low cost carriers.
Because they knew Americans have come to this shithole country.
Because they won't let anyone go there and fucking fuck around with them or disrespect them or fuck their women or nothing.
Because we had a professional setup, because we had expertise. It's like a podcast, bro. You have a podcast somewhere to go. I could do a podcast.
Because when you, when you're the Patriarch of that kind of environment, you do have to do a lot of policing.
Behind a fucking till all day in the coal, in the in the heat.
Being a character look, when you've got the cars and stuff, is that an easier target for girls? Do it? Does that? Does that actually work?
Being led by men, I'm not. And it couldn't have been an idea that spread right 100% yeah cause you have Aztecs.
Big G but if he talks to some bitch one night while he's out drunk, you're gonna fucking pretend that that's the worst thing in the world.
Bollocks. I know plenty of people out there who are millionaires who have a loving family, a loving wife.
Branches of a casino it's it's there's no live dealers, it's just machines.
Bro, I couldn't do that. I couldn't do that day-to-day. I literally could not do that. And I thought.
Bro, this has been inside of me since as early as I can remember. I remember walking to sixth form college. I was 16.