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Alright, remember alcohol equals puke equals smelly mass equals nobody likes you.
Alright, stop before I throw up.
Are you high?
Check this out.
Conditioner is better. I leave your hair silky and smooth.
Dad, yes.
Give me one big ones, I don't care.
Great, I like the porn.
Hell yeah.
Hey Carl, what's up?
Hey hey, good looking.
Hey old Man River zip it or break your head.
Hey, where's my check?
Holy geez, I wanted to lick 'em
Hooters Hooters Hooters.
How is big mistake making me pissed my pants like that man?
How you doing Kevin Gerrity here.
Hueh, splosh.
I got piss on May.
I saw the sign man you guys got a lot of porn.
I'm 24
No worry on that one, dipshit.
No, I will not make out with you.
No, no, no. I want my mouth.
Oh my Lord, what have I done to deserve it?
Payback time, I don't know when I could be honest. When you're sleeping and then guess what? I'm going to piss all over you. That's worse. It's my piss on me right now we can deal with it when it's...
Shampoo is better. I go on 1st and clean your hair.
Shut up.
So what do you think me you, the old lady? Little sandwich action?
So you're gonna go to your Hooters reunion. You guys to sit around talk about who's ass hanging out of their shorts, IMO.
That wasn't very nice.
That's what you get for trying to make me suck your Dick.
Well, you know you got 5 minutes all if you got nothing to do with you stumble into one of the rooms, pull down your panties, whack it.
Why in soccer said?
Yeah, come on, you're a piece of white bread. Use a piece of white bread on the salami. Let's give it a shot.
You confusing me.
You have a good sleep tonight. Pleasant Hooters.
You went off a lot.
You're a liar.
You're the only guy I've ever trusted in my entire life.