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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Alright baby cakes and what question you have to clear up today
Alright can you speak up for me sweetie
Alright in what city are you calling me from
Alright let's take a look when i'm gonna cut the cards for you baby let me shuffle on one more time
And you know what know that to be a positive thing
Can I get your first name and your birthdate please
Can I please have your first name only on your birthday please
Did he used to play football when he was in high school
Did you have a question
Do you have questions weekly all
Don't do it all right it would be a bad move
Five of pentacles there's money problems
Give me your birthday
God dates you darling
Ha ha
Ha ha
Hello how are you today
Hi dear how are you
I don't mean to sidetrack your question here but who are all of these nosey people outside influences i'm seeing around you by the moon card
I know sweet pea find yourself a hobby you'll survive
I love you
I miss cleo
I want you to really remember the pill alright
I'm looking here at this at the devil card here and you've got one fierce temper you understand me
I'm seeing some forgetting possibly and i'm seeing a new baby in the next three months
I'm too young
Is he incarcerated
Is there a gentleman in your life
Leave me to say no more baby
Listen to that voice search your sweet
Osteoporosis runs in your family correct
Put in their two cents and you didn't ask for a penny did you
Show me your birthday baby
That's what no and it's a girl by the way
The high priestess is telling me about a secret are you keeping something
We can talk about money that's fine I don't care but I am telling you if you not get yourself to a doctor right now it's not gonna matter the rest of these things you understand me
While I know this doesn't make sense but you know that things always happen for a reason don't you agree
With the
Yep that's the daddy
You are a good one honey you have a good heart I just want you to focus
You can believe clear you cannot believe clear but clear idiot a question see you do it
You deserve better
You have a good life now
You're a libra aren't you darling
You're in denial when you say no