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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Also insult insensitive for the hells tumbleweed is the name of the group of motorcycle riders
Are you sure it's not upset about not being invited
But let me get the invoice hold on a second
Call brother
Call brother let me call my boss
I guess so we want to park on the grass there
I suggest you get my boss a call
Oh boy i'm going to have a bunch of bikers trying to beat me up and
Oh OK you there
They want by stands for their motorcycles
This is stew with the rental company
Warming i'm scheduled to make a delivery I just wanted to make sure somebody could leave the gates overtime because i've got these guys want kegs they want bike stands for their motorcycles it's go...
Well if I could redo the invoice here so they want a hundred chairs three couches two kegs of beer fifteen bottles of old chicken
Yeah I just wanted to make sure somebody could leave the gates open over there tonight for the party
Yeah it's is for mister tex hatcher is somebody who works there
Yeah this is through with the rental company
You've never had parties over there