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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Advice pt1
Advice pt2
Aemon targaryen
All the truth
Alright tell me
Always wanted to be a ranger
And now you're here
Arrow through his heart
Ask me nicely
Better swordsman than you
Burn your bodies pt1
Burn your bodies pt2
But winter is coming
Can I go
Can't stay here
Castle black
Castle black is my home
Command pt1
Command pt2
Command pt3
Command pt4
Command pt5
Don't cut yourself
Don't know how
Dragon glass
Dungeon pt1
Dungeon pt2
Dungeon pt3
Even if I wanted to i'm a bastard
Farewell my lord
Fathers ghost
Forgive me my lady
Going to miss you
Ha ha ha
Hard for you
Have you been beyound the wall
How are you feeling
How can I help
How you know that
How's it feel
I apologise
I came to say goodbye
I can't
I do my lord
I don't care about that
I don't doubt it
I don't have an army
I failed
I forgive you
I have something pt1
I have something pt2
I refuse you
I served pt1
I served pt2
I shouldn't be here
I stay clear of politics
I swore a vowel
I think so
I'll protect you
I'm a bastard
I'm gonna find my brother
I'm lord commander 1
I'm lord commander 2
I'm ned starks son
I'm not lord commander
I've killed brothers
I've pledged my life
Impressed by a windmill
Is my mother alive pt1
Is my mother alive pt2
It is
It's a bad plan
It's not fair
Job for a ginger
Jon snow 1
Jon snow 2
Jon stark
Knife in my heart
Lady lyanna
Last words
Lesson pt1
Lesson pt2
Lord commander 1
Lord commander 2
Lord ned is my father
Lord of winterfill
Make a good ale
Make peace to save your people
Man of the nights watch
Most of the time yes
Murdered for it
My father was ned stark
My lady
My name is jon snow your grace
My names jon snow
Need you here pt1
Need you here pt2
No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
No 5
No need for a battle pt1
No need for a battle pt2
No need for a battle pt3
No need for a battle pt4
Not all girls
Not friends pt1
Not friends pt2
Not staying here
Not staying here long
Not talk about that
Nothing left to give you
Nothing to forgive
Our last meeting
Please shut up
Price you pay
Ramsay can not pt1
Ramsey cant pt2
Rob is gone
Rules I broke
Silk dress pt1
Silk dress pt2
Stannis baratheon
Take me for a servent
Take you to winter fell
Terrible mistake
Thank you 1
Thank you 2
Thank you my lady
They stabbed me
They'll burn you alive
Thought was right
Tired of fighting pt1
Tired of fighting pt2
Traitor and bastard jon snow
Until winter comes
Upset about it
Visit me pt1
Visit me pt2
Visit pt3
Walker sfx
Warden of the north
Watch over you
We've guarded the kingdoms
What kind of god
What should we do
What's my name pt1
What's my name pt2
Whats my name pt3
Why 1
Why 2
Wildlings pt1
Wildlings pt2
Wildlings pt3
Will you stop at winterfell
Winter is coming
Yes 2
Yes 3
Yes my lord
You allowed pt1
You allowed pt2
You allowed pt3
You are too
You can't fight
You have something to say
You love me pt1
You love me pt2
You love me pt3
You won't win
You're afraid
You're not my enemy pt1
You're not my enemy pt2
You're right
Your people need a leader pt1
Your people need a leader pt2