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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A bit Buble. A bit David Essex
A daily ritual is phoning around all the record companies,
A great night. They do it every month, you know
A proper loon. A dead bee
About a week ago
About halfway. Halfway- Come on
About time England won a World Cup, innit
Absolute- No
Accidents will happen
After show
Ah, all right
Ah, Mr Brent
Ah, Mr Brent
Ah, you'll see how sensitive I am to difference
Ah! Thought so! You..
Air-conditioning, bunks
All aboard
All good fun
All my mates were like, Oh, Brent, if she lost weight she'd be an absolute stunner
All right
All right then, I won't
All right, cheers. Bye
All right, Lionel- What you up to today- No
All right, Lionel, are you worried about AIDS
All right, Lionel, I'm just making some dinner
All right. Call when you get here
All right. Cheers
All right. Do I have to come
All right. Good
All toiletry needs, really
Also hotels, rider
Also, you might get in trouble
Although they are having the last laugh
Always hungry
Am I right
And a better warmed up crowd you play to
And a rep
And Brentertainment
And going to get A&R people along, get signed, put an album out
And he came over and said he wanted to manage me
And he can pop down. OK
And he didn't literally say it out loud, because his wife was there,
And he looked at me,
And he was shopping with his wife, holding hands with kids,
And he worked with basically nice people
And here he's not the boss, you know,
And how did it feel when people were just walking around, going,
And I always say, Yes, the handicapped
And I didn't want to piss off that crew
And I find him an irritant
And I found myself again, you know,
And I started to do what I do best, entertain
And I think for David especially, it's important to believe that
And I would have spent that money by now
And I'd say David is, sort of, the personification of..
And I'm sure he'd love to see me do well
And I'm thinking, What's she writing
And if I get signed, it's all been worth it
And it works with anything. It does. It does
And it's about time someone said something, so..
And it's his dad that's the white one
And it's mainly worse because the world's worse
And it's, um, a guaranteed crowd
And not because he's a black man
And not... Maybe people don't find him funny, but I do
And now I am going to spend it on rock 'n' roll
And now it's like some kind of Ebony and Ivory, urban sidekick deal
And now we've got to go and have a drink with him, you know
And one of the best soul singers that's ever lived
And saying, Oh, will you do a rap on this, do a rap on that
And she did lose weight
And she wasn't bubbly any more. Bit grumpy
And some of them are worth as much as I've put in now, so..
And Sting is cool
And tell them not to tell anyone I'm paying them to have a drink
And that was the whole point of doing this. 16 tickets sold
And that's in this. It's sort of a warning
And that's not fear. That's like, Let's do this
And the band have insisted I have my own dressing room, which is..
And the saddest of all...Mammogram
And then before I knew it, he was, like, doing his own songs
And then, like, eight bars of this. Yeah
And then, the ghost of Alexander O'Neal
And they're just half bottles, so it's not worth it
And we battle it out
And we got a massive whip-round going, and we, um, we got him a..
And we have to sit there with our instruments,
And we're... I've booked some gigs
And you could just drive to each gig
And you only got one point on Sausage or Pie
And you owe it to the world to do this. So..
And you're away
And, sort of, slaughtered them and enslaved them
And, uh, you know, am I a free willist- I'm a do-as-thou-willist
And, uh, you'll also learn why they don't like
And, um, and she wasn't a stunner, which was very disappointing
And...he does brighten up my day a little bit
Andy. We have got Mike and Steve. They're brothers
Another day, another dollar
Anyone want to go on early- We're not going on early
Anyway, so you're back, and you're giving it another go
Apparently, just wanted to stay somewhere cos her flat's being done, isn't it
Are we talking bunse- Well we're certainly not talking English
Are you available- Is it something you actually want to do
Are you hoping to change people's opinions of you this time
Are you nearly done
Are you sure you want a pun war with me
As long as I've got me woman, you know, you can do what you like, Lord
As soon as he's around women,
As the lead singer in the band Foregone Conclusion
At least I enjoy my music. Do you know what I mean
At least let me clean it for you. I said I didn't want to look,
Ate her way through the minibar. What
Awful name. I told them that. Yeah
Back in 2000 and..
Back on the phones then. Yeah
Back to back
Backing track at a Battle of the Bands
Ban it- Why- It's a drug, yeah
Basically, I say a manufacturer's name, and you tell me if it's a sausage or a pie
Battle of the Bands, innit
Because he doesn't have a record deal
Because he's a man
Because I need you to. Trust me, it'll be fun
Because I've secured an interview
Because it sounds like a dis, though. It's not a dis
Because it's just... It just puts me off my work
Because it's never been released, and it's never been released
Because originally I'm from Reading,
Because you can't ever guarantee
Because, uh, the Slough posse would be like, Oh, you traitor just gotta hope and pray deep down
Being called Red Indians any more
Being educationally subnormal
Being made redundant, and the whole fame thing,
Bit of a cock-up
Black. Well, mixed race
Body, mind, and spirit. I've done that, so... I'm empowered now
Book a tour bus. Beautiful tour bus
Break a leg, Pauline. It is just from you, is it
Brings a little sparkle
But as I said, be aware... Hmm- I will
But as of now, this dude has not ****d anyone
But at first, life on the open road. It's in my blood, uh..
But at the same time, they know it's what I want and deserve
But at the same time, you know, you go where the money goes
But definitely gambling. Swings and roundabouts
But don't hold that against them. Mm-hm
But he doesn't really know the rules of the game
But he is now doing two years for 11 different counts of sexual assault
But I am sitting with one of the original docu-soap stars,
But I could see in his eyes, he was saying, Kill me
But I think people would accept him if he just was himself
But I turned it round, you know
But I'm going to use that time to create a buzz
But I'm not getting paid- No. No
But I've been winding up a record company and they're sending someone down
But if no-one's coming to the gigs..
But if you want to do some banter with them, like,
But is there anything you won't joke about
But it was nice to have a lie-in... Yeah. ..and have a lovely bath
But it's all like, Oh, what if you fail- Be prepared
But it's not better, it's worse. Why is it worse
But keep the drums sounding big though
But no that we're not... I wouldn't. Not with him
But their time is their own and, um, you're not paying for that. So..
But with... You know. Although some women do..
But you didn't. No. No
But you kinda know he's going to ruin it a little bit
But you know that was just you thinking that, don't you
But you pay people well,
But, as you know,
But, I mean, we're both just trying to make it, you know,
But, nah, not for me
But, uh, I'm not good... with needles or pain
But, uh, stars from reality TV shows,
But, um, he is the worst person, um, around women I think I've ever seen
But, um, they hadn't really weathered as well as me
But, you know, let them know there is a big buzz around Mr D Brent,
By a T-shirt gun. You know, let's not make a drama out of it
By pretending to be the manager of my own band
Bye-bye, nine to five
Bye. Bye
Call me a ****a. Please
Called Ain't No Trouble
Called Wernham Hogg. Yeah. That's right. Yeah
Can I have a look- Yeah
Can we get a bit of bass
Can we stay
Can you do cash- Yes
Can you fucking keep it down- Yeah. Can you keep it down
Can't get anyone along
Carrying shopping, papoose with a new baby in it
Cash in hand- Like this
Check it out. Listen
Checking all the sound and..
Checking in
Cheers, David. Thanks, man
Cheers, man
Cheers, man. Yeah
Cheers. Cheers, mate
Cheers. Cheers. Thank you
Cheers. Right
Chill out, dude. This is rock 'n' roll
Chocolate, champagne. Cheers
Chris Martin's best friend is Jay-Z
Come in
Come on
Come on, chop-chop. Yeah. Ah, whoo!
Come on, let's do some work now then
Come on. Yeah
Come on. You don't wanna do that
Come through. We're all in this together
Comedy, music, poetry, philosophy, whatever, you know
Cool, dudes
Cos he thought it would be better than the first time