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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A man could retire on that amount of scratch
A pebble assure that means go baby
All of me, Why not take all of me?
And you don't like big shots not when you're bigger sheriff
And you're gettin' too fresh so button it
Anybody gets brave kill 'em all you can only hang once
B twenty two of I haven't spent all those years drinking with joey lewis when nearly wrecked maine
But you're an american citizen sure and at one minute after five i'm going to be a very rich american citizen
Cause i've got under my skin yeah you're grab me and my skin
Come on fly with me will fly with my midnight
Couple of big bold bad men gettin' scared to death by a six bit cap pistol
Did you hear about it that's life
Did you hear what he said yeah I heard what he said he's been looking at too much television
Do as you're told and everything will be fine answer straight clean and plain answer it
Don't sit there waiting to blow your cork keep yourselves occupied I gotta think
Feeling's a trap show me a guy with feelings and i'll show you a sucker it's a weakness makes you think of something besides yourself
Find me to the moon let me play among the stars let me see what spring is like on a jupiter and mars
Fix the set and shut your mouth I don't like what you say anyway
Good evening hello turn down
Haven't got time to worry I just make my plans and carry 'em out
Haven't you any feelings at all no I haven't lady they were taken out of me by experts
He gets hungry
Hey with so much he gonna sink
Hold on brave boy
How glad the many millions of annabel 's and lillian 's would be to capture maine but you had such persistence you wore down my resistance I fell
I don't want any more shooting around here I want it nice and quiet and cozy
I get no kick from champagne beer alcohol doesn't through me at all so tell maine
I have a lot of nice memories of new york city since I was a boy most of my work has been live here in new york is as tonight is and I don't care how long you been in his business is nothing like s...
I have never felt so much love in one room in my whole life
I hope that your having an enjoyable stay here in las vegas and also hope that you have been fortunate
I killed 27 men all by myself I won a silver star a medal
I'm gonna love you like nobody 's love you come rain or come shine
I'm no actor bustin' my leg on a stage so I can yell 'down with the tyrants!'
I've been in an apartment of horrible a pirate a poet a foreigner
If I had any feelings left in me at all they'd be for me just me
It should be obvious to you that if anybody wanted to kill the president he could do a beautiful job of it right from this window of yours
It's a great place here this mile is building too I mean I figured driving in here tonight and seeing the marquee so not to the main event now that's black
Let me try
Life is like this season after winter comes the spring so i'll keep this milo
New york new york it's a hell of a cha
Now get her up and bring her around and explain to her that one phony and she's got a kid with his throat cut doesn't make much noise that way
Now this man here is going to take me by the hand and he's gonna leave me down the right path to righteousness and all that other mother chairs in the rye
On is not I is got harbor is not apple pie and skype
Once you get the gun anchored you got a solid base you'll see when we get to it this gun's got a heavy recoil it won't stand still
Open the charlotte I put the boat and the way
Sammy davis wrote a book called yes I can when I saw that choice in awhile said no you can't
Santa Clause is coming to town #santa clause is coming to town #frank sinatra #christmas #holidays #he sees you when your sleeping #knows when you are awake #bad or good #be good #naughty or nice #nos
She played her part real good should be on television
Sheriff the first man they shoot to the moon in a rocket will take pains too 'cause that's never been done before neither has this
So don't go winnin' any postmortem medals
Start Spreading the News #start spreading the news #gossip #spread the word #new york new york
That is by the lady is a tramp
That is by the lady is a tramp
That's an interesting question what's the interesting answer
The thing about killing him or you or her or him is that I wouldn't be gettin' paid for it and I don't like givin' anything away for free
Then he's a bad shot yeah but i'm not so maybe you'd better sit down and stay there that way'll be safer for everybody
There's nobody else can do this job because they got too much feeling and feeling's no good
This is the gun
Tommy gun stinks no accuracy no punch might as well use a revolver
Tonight at five o'clock I kill the president and one second after five there's a new president what changes nothin'
Way down among brazilians coffee beans grow by the billions so they've got to find those extra cups to fill they've got an awful lot of coffee in brazil
When somebody loves it's no good unless he lowes you all the way
When the shot bites with his teeth dear
When you've got a gun you are a sort of god if you had the gun i'd be the chump and you'd be the god the gun gives you the power of life and death
Why begin then drive with something that might have been it doesn't no i'd rather rather have nothing at all
Without the gun i'm nothing and I never had anything before I got one first time I got one in my hands and killed a man I got some self respect I was somebody
Without the gun you would never have spit at me you would never have even noticed me but because of the gun you'll remember me as long as you live
Yeah that's a lot of scratch sheriff
Yeah yeah I never killed a president before
You didn't like officers officers big shots yes sir no sir salute sir (spits) big shots
You don't like me do you you're an animal I don't like you either
You got that duty look in your eye i've seen it up on the line
You know a fella could get an education just listening' to this guy
You know what I think pop I got a feeling your heart attack's a phony
You're lucky he didn't mean to wing you he meant to blow your brains out
You're wrong about god and the guns sheriff
You're wrong about me being a coward last war I got a silver star
You've been thinkin' you'd like to take a crack at this rifle
Your guts are showin' all over the place brave boy