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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A dress salesman doesn't have to wear dresses does he
A lawyer huh can you think of anything that can get us out of this hole
All I know is I don't want any more trouble i've had some
Come on honey show them how a song should be sung
Dead or alive a little bit of each but I think he may be revived enough to bring his voice back
Did you make that hat it's very pretty very pretty
Do I have to hit you over the head or carry you over my back that's the only way you'll get me to go with you son
Don't think I won't and don't you think I think you won't
Don't you kid yourself about that there will always be guys trying to get up there quick and i'm one of them
Haven't you done enough I haven't done anything except kill a lot of coyotes in self defense if you want to put it in law talk
He makes a lot of noise when he eats spaghetti too
Here's a chance to get yourself 500
I crave a nice easygoing existence and i've got it
I don't like to see anybody in jail you can understand that can't you
I like all kinds of people but I don't take to this itch for plowing up new empires that's all
I like the country fine as for civilization i've got nothing in particular against it I can take it or leave it alone
I thought I told you to go and miss all that wonderful lying you did for me no
I want that indian money well go and get it from the indians
I'll call you in about two or three years when you get to be a great big girl
I'm kind of handy at stopping stages
I'm liable to wake him up who him if he's been drinking the kind of booze that I make it'll take more than a song to do that
I've done it I got the joint jammed with professional applauders the deal is two bucks a head and drinks
Is it real champagne no it's diluted new jersey applejack the chumps will think it's vintage stuff right off the boat bottled in france
It's a small point of honor that maybe a woman wouldn't understand
Jiggers here is making scotch a little alcohol a little water a little color a little flavor boom
Just a minute get those words out one at a time so I can understand them will you
Just feel that air feel that air go on what feel that air it's like velvet isn't it
Kid i'm giving you a break 'cause i'm pressed for time
Listen I learned this about human nature when I was about so high and that is that the strong take away from the weak and the smart take it away from the strong
Listen son I know just how you feel in that case you won't hold me up with a lot of talk will you
Morning friend where's the jailhouse in this town right up the street you can't miss it glad to hear that
Now look if you're going to depend upon the law you're going to wind up on the end of a rope
Play it not tonight brother play it! oh sure that's one of my favorites
Put up the gun I want a change of horse i'm willing to pay for it
Take it easy take it easy it's a hot night here buy yourself a couple of suds
That guy'd beef if he won a sweepstake
That's brand new money where'd you get it mister minted it myself this morning
The whole town is plastered with posters offering a reward for you I saw them every one an insult a measly 500 dollars
This is one rap you won't beat
This is the deluxe department the boy here is making champagne
This may surprise you but right now i'm working for law and justice
Those people are going out there to build a new empire fine let them have it
Wait here my man
What do you wanna look at brooklyn for
What's your best whiskey kentucky bourbon 11 years old
Women are crazy that's why they fall in love with the wrong men but they do
You ain't dead if I am they forgot to bury me
You better do it fast if you want to get there ahead of me
You like to laugh do you see if you think this is funny
You really did it baby you really did it sounded like a trio
You seem like a very antisocial young man but i'm not i'm as social as a setter pup