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A basketball or an ant farm
A company I bought into prior to going to work at witter
A couple doctors' offices
A few days ago I was presented with a report i'd asked for a comprehensive audit if you will of our economic condition
A hotel
Actually I just got a green light from walter ribbon
Actually i'm on my way to noe valley also uh how about we share a ride
After four months we had sold all our scanners
Ah thank you
Ah! oh my g
All of this for 14 dollars
All right
All right (2)
All right (3)
All right (4)
All right (5)
All right all right look I need more time
All right all right uh thank you um all right bye
All right but I i just I got to have some more time
All right come on we'll push it together
All right get in
All right give me a kiss
All right go ahead
All right go to sleep I love you
All right here come on come on come on keep up
All right I got that for you i'm gonna get that for you
All right i'll paint it myself
All right just all right take him to the park and and bring him back all right
All right just bring bring me my son back okay
All right okay
All right one week and you paint it
All right so i'll let you know jay
All right thank you very much
All right that's good
All right then we're gonna go sell a bone density scanner
All right uh can I make have my phone call please
All right yes thank you very much
All right you take care here come on
All the rooms are closed completely full that's it just keep heading out come back tomorrow
All we got to do is push this black button right here
And even when I think of you I stop myself from crying
And friends just can't can't be found
And god said I sent you two big boats you dummy
And here I was again show up early
And how far will you go and how high will you climb
And how far will you go and how high will you climb (2)
And I couldn't think of anything
And I made up my mind as a young kid that when I had children my children were gonna know who their father was
And I ran all the way here from the the polk station the police station
And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there
And I wanted to come up with a story that would demonstrate qualities that i'm sure you all admire here like like earnestness or diligence and team playing something
And I would actually perform medical procedures when he'd leave me in the office
And if so how hard will we cry before our sun fades away
And if you weren't that guy you couldn't even apply the six months' training to another brokerage
And maybe we're going to the game
And one day when the fence is not so high the road you took
And really I think you're gonna be blown away
And so is the almost 80 billion dollars we will pay in interest this year on the national debt
And the other doors don't unlock
And the y we talked about this it's an I in happiness there's no y in happiness it's an i
And walter ribbon and his pacific bell pension money which was millions
And we face runaway deficits of almost 80 billion dollars for this budget year that ends september 30th
And we got the tax bill notice today what are you gonna do about that
And what does possibly mean
And when all in life's unfair are you strong enough to find another way
And you guys are both looking to retire at about the same time
And you have to jimmy that
And you owe me money you owe me 14 dollars
And you want to learn this business
Another way a father's way
Another way a father's way (2)
Anything else
Are we going to the church place no
Are we going to the game
Are we really happy here with this lonely game we play
Are we safe yeah I think so
Are we there yeah
Are we there yep
Are you all right with christopher
Are you bringing it to the game
Are you familiar with tax free municipal
Are you okay
Are you ready
Are you standing for everything you talk about
Are you sure
As you can see we got a hell of a lot of applications here
Back up
Back up back up! back up!
Be careful with that what be care go ahead
Be safe score a hundred
Because I have no minutes i'm supposed to present commodities to bromer
Because when I was young and i'd get an a on a history test or whatever i'd get this good feeling about all the things that I could be and then I never became any of them
Bring back my time machine! bring my time machine back!
But christopher's living with me!
But even doing all this after two months I still didn't have time to work my way up a sheet
But I know
But I was also first in my radar class in in the navy and that was a class of 20
But I won't give up no no 'cause you promised me you'd meet me at the altar of prayer
But if you have to have lunch with them have breakfast with them even babysit for them you will do whatever it takes to familiarize them with our packages
But she told me she was coming to pick me up today
But that's why I got to work on the scanner all right
But wear one tomorrow though okay because tomorrow is going to be your first day
Bye (2)
Bye (3)
Bye baby
Bye bye
Bye christopher
Bye mom
Bye mom (2)
Can he breathe he's good
Can I ask you a favor miss do you mind if I leave this here with you just for five minutes
Can I ask you a question
Can I say something
Can I see it
Can we go to the park today after
Can you at least put the dog upstairs in you room or something
Can you be here in 20 minutes
Can you beat your little rug when nobody's out here there's dust and shit all over
Can you feel it baby
Can you hear me yeah
Can you still hear me yeah
Can't talk to you about numbers right now
Cause it won't be too long
Chris (2)
Chris (3)
Chris chris just come back when it's working
Chris come
Chris gardner
Chris gardner (2)
Chris gardner dean witter
Chris gardner good to see you again
Chris gardner how are you good morning chris gardner
Chris gardner pleasure
Chris hey
Chris I missed my shift
Chris i'll talk to you later
Chris sit down please
Chris thank you very much
Chris what's up
Chris yes
Chris you got five bucks I left my wallet upstairs
Chris! chris! don't jerk me around okay chris
Christopher sit back sit back
Christopher's living with me!
Christopher's staying with me
Christopher's staying with me (2)
Come back without that please
Come here i'll kick your ass!
Come now I can give you a few minutes before the 49ers
Come on
Come on (2)
Come on (3)
Come on come on
Come on come on (2)
Come on come on come on!
Come on come on man
Come on come on rodney come on let's go get out of line
Come on don't do this to me don't
Come on finish up
Come on i'm jimmying it
Come on linda
Come on what
Come on you can have one which one
Come with me
Could you move my car that'd really help me out it's on samson half block silver caprice just move it to the other side of samson
Cynthia from work
Dad listen to this
Dad look at me! dad!
Dad we need to get it!
Dad when's mom coming back
Dad where are we going
Dad where you going
Dad why did we move to a motel
Dad you don't have a shoe
Dad! dad wait! dad!
Dad! dad!
Dad! dad! dad! dad!
Dean witter
Dean witter (2)
Deborah someone's asking for you he's outside
Did mom leave because of me
Did mom leave because of me (2)
Did you forget you're not supposed to have any of those you have two now
Did you have a nickname yep ten gallon head
Did you hear what I said
Did you hear what I said (2)
Did you hear what I said did you hear me
Did you pay the taxes
Did you see me yep
Did you uh have you seen uh linda and christopher
Didn't you ever want to have a home of your own like other people
Dinosaurs you don't see all these dinosaurs look around look at all these dinosaurs
Do my best to please you and I do what's right
Do you like it
Do you remember that rent is due next week probably not we're already two months behind next week we'll owe three months
Do you see 'em
Do you trust me yeah
Do you wanna leave you wanna leave
Does it have to be the full amount
Does it hurt
Doesn't seem to be functioning right now
Don't do that you can get hurt
Don't even think something like that
Don't expect to solve it easily although we did encounter one math professor at usf who took just 30 minutes on his
Don't go
Don't take my son away from me again do you understand what i'm saying to you
Don't talk to me like that linda
Don't you walk away from me when i'm talking to you do you hear me
Dr forrest dial 182 please
Dr telm can't get back to meet you i'm sorry
During these 20 years our population has only increased by 23 3 percent
Eight dollars
Eight hundred thousand in commission dollars
Ellis and jones
Ever I hope not
Every day's got some damn story
Excuse me did uh linda and christopher come in here
Excuse me excuse me
Excuse me oh excuse me uh when is uh somebody gonna clean this off
Excuse me sir where are you going please
Far away from buses and noise and a constant disappointment in my 10 gallon head and myself
Favors for frakesh our office manager all day
Feed the meter
Feeling underrated and unappreciated
Fine thank you for asking
First in your class in school high school
Five is good
Five is lovely thank you thank you