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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Jock Jams
A few huh
A hundred and seventy five yards
A little high
Aah! you poked me again
Absolutely sir
Aerobics with Richard Simmons #workout #aerobics #gym #yoga #pilates #porky pig #richard simmons #space jam
Ah but a very nice dinette set
Ah she's obviously nuts about me
Ahem you want to play a little one on one doll
All right
All right (2)
All right (3)
All right (4)
All right all right
All right all right let's go team
All right baby gotta go i'll call you later okay love you bye
All right basketball it is
All right dress in the hallway okay
All right goodbye man
All right gotta go
All right he's okay
All right here we go now you gotta smile you reach in for the ball and then you smile okay
All right how about we go out and kick some alien butt huh let's go how about it ready
All right just one
All right let's slow down son don't you think you ought to get a little sleep first
All right not bad for the first half but we gotta keep this up
All right see you
All right super
All right the party's over get in the spaceship
All right troops it is for us to choose a battlefield that affords us
All right we need to score two points
All right we're right back in this game come on now let's play tough defense
All right you irascible bunny
All right you pesky rabbit i've got you now
All right you're gonna have to listen to mike on this guys listen up
All the way from moron mountain the monstars
An exciting kind of guy who could maybe even perform at half time
An exhilarating team sport currently growing rapidly in popularity is basketball
An obsession a burning desire
And as such are the exclusive property and trademark of warner bros inc
And at point guard standing 3 foot 3 4 feet if you include the ears
And does he hop around like this
And i'd look pretty stupid if you don't show up
And it climbed up my back and into my brain
And now the player coach of the tune squad
And once i've done all that I want to play baseball just like you dad
And one whopper headache for elmer fudd
And there's an important strategic question I need to ask you
And this girl 5 feet nothing blocked my shot
And we've scheduled a 12 lead stress test and neurological battery to include eeg reflex tests
And when you're finished with that I suppose you're gonna fly huh
And you think this is good
And you'll always lose
Anything anything
Anything you need
Are there any other areas besides basketball where you find yourself unable to perform
Are these the best seats like them yes can see everything from here very good
Are we there yet
Are we there yet (2)
Are you listening did you hear him did you hear him that little brat is right
Are you okay
Are you sure
Are you talking to me
At 6 foot 6 from north carolina his royal airness michael jordan
At least you guys are still tall i'm nothing now just another short guy
At power forward the quackster of the courts daffy duck
At small forward standing a scintillating 3 foot 2
Aw anybody could do that doc even you
Aw do we have to
Aw it was nothing
Back off let the doctor take a look
Bacteria light that can travel faster than the speed of light
Bad dog git
Bad dog!
Bad old putty tat
Baseball bat get this guy a tennis racquet
Baseball now that's a sport
Basketball (2)
Be the ball be the ball
Because i've followed your whole career and I think you're still the greatest athlete that's ever lived
Because you got a baseball game tomorrow
Been getting your butts kicked haven't you
Belly flop
Big man pancake
Big shiny new things yeah
Bottoms up
Bugs (2)
Bugs bunny
Bugs bunny (2)
Bugs Bunny Huge Kiss #kiss #love #happy #love you #come here #tinder
Bugs Bunny Kiss #kiss #bugs bunny #easter bunny #space jam #smooch #muah #michael jordan
But I love my mama
But i'm gonna take this opportunity to retire from the game of basketball
But i'm not tired
But i've been in this situation many times before
But mommy I don't want to go to school today I want to stay home and bake cookies with you
But that's all right you can call me sherm if you want to
But then they show up and they ain't so little they're huge
But uh didn't you forget something
But what if we win
Bye bye
Bye bye (2)
Can anyone lend me a pair of sneakers
Can I go home now
Can we ask you a favor mr bunny
Can you keep it down i'm trying to hit this ball
Can't we talk this over
Careful pat
Catch feather head
Cedric that was in new york 3000 miles away
Chicken and collard greens
Chicken and what
Choke artists
Close to the pin
Close to the pin for dinner sounds good i'll go close to the pin
Co captain of the tune squad the doctor of delight bugs bunny
Come back here you screwy rodent
Come here
Come here (2)
Come here come here for a second sit right here
Come on
Come on (2)
Come on and slam #basketball #play #lets play #hoop #song
Come on charles get off of him
Come on charles touch it
Come on come on come on baby come on
Come on come on i'm open i'm op !
Come on come on we gotta find michael's basketball stuff
Come on dog no not today dog get off me your breath
Come on give us a break
Come on guys keep your head up got a whole other half to play
Come on guys no pain no gain
Come on let's go inside
Come on michael it's game time
Come on mike lighten up
Come on patrick it's showtime
Come on show me something come on show me something
Come on stan don't hug me please
Come on we're okay you're okay come on let's go
Come to papa
Coming through
Cool (2)
Cool shoes
Correction we're looney tunes
Could I have a sip please
Couldn't sleep pops
Crush them
Curve ball don't swing don't swing
Daddy daddy!
Dang where'd they go
Did everyone get mad at you
Did we get everything
Diminutive ain't they
Do my best
Do we have a deal
Do we have to
Do we have to? #rather not #objection #deny #refusal #dont want to #do we have to #monstars #space jam
Do you want to win or not
Doc you think that's a good ide
Doesn't bother you it doesn't bother me
Doll on the court bugs
Don't be embarrassed just face it you guys stink
Don't bring me here anymore all right
Don't bring me here anymore all right (2)
Don't ever call me doll
Don't ever call me doll (2)
Don't kid me
Don't lose that confidence okay paws and wings in here all right yes!
Don't move a muscle
Don't touch that man
Don't try this at home
Don't worry about it
Don't worry i'll get you another one
Down beethoven
Eh guys
Eh I don't know if you guys are looney enough
Eh I think we might need a little bit of help
Eh mike
Eh nice kaboom wile e
Eh not so fast doc
Eh we'll fix your timing
Eh what's up doc
Eh you were expecting maybe the easter bunny
Eh, you were expecting maybe the Easter Bunny? #space jam #michael jordan #bugs bunny #looney tunes #easter bunny #rabbit #bunny #easter
Everybody get up, it's time to slam now #michael jordan #quad city djs #get ready #lets go #gametime
Eww smelly #stinky #stench #smelly #pungent #odor #fart
Exactly you've got a baseball game in five minutes
Excuse me oh so sorry excuse me
Excuse me uh sorry
Fastball outside corner swing
Feed me feed me
Feed you feed me!
Feeding time boys
Finished great speech and all doc you had them riveted
Flexing #muscles #strong #steroids #protein shake #muscular #body builder #flexing
From the nba!
Get back on defense let's go get back on defense man
Get down
Get inside his ball
Get it
Get off me charles
Get off of him before I cook you
Get off of him charles come on
Get off the tee
Get out of the way
Get the looney tunes bring them here