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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A bunch of pansies over 162 games. Even. Tough guys get sprains, sore arms, muscle pulls only.
A curveball and down goes surrounding you.
A lot of heart shake it off like this lucky town.
A lot of people say you can tell how the season's gonna go
A quick move by the Duke and Hayes Josh beat it 5.
About time. It's 8. Nothing. You're going. What? You hurt me. You're gone.
Activity continues in the bullpen.
Alan must strike two, and Serrano wasn't even close to that one.
Alison's I don't feel unnecessary. So what do you think about that?
All right, bon. They tell us you're a pitcher. You're sure not?
All right, everybody, we got 10 minutes to game time. Let's all gather round.
All right, it's 555-1934. Thank you.
All right, let's see what you can do.
All right, look man, Guy gets a second first sign indicator.
All right, Vaughn, they tell us you're a pitcher.
All right, you man. You man.
All right!
All right!
All the centerfield Hayes under it.
All the stewardess phone. I need one of those bags. There are.
All these fucking guys.
Ally should be Vaughn among the league leaders in strikeouts, now up on the rubber and ready to work and.
Alright Ricky, let's get nasty.
Alright, alright. Jake is a professional baseball player? Really.
Alright, because this guy here with what is he in the county? Attorney.
Alright, I'll check it out now. Is this the whales section?
Alright, let's hit the field.
Alright, Rex. Hell of a situation we got here. 2 on two out, you guys trailing by one in the ninth.
Alright. It is gone off the reservation.
Alrighty now. Here's the pitch swings and misses you should have gotten the.
Alternate on the 80 amp.
Always going don't punt the damn ball.
Am I invited? The wedding, yeah.
And 21 RBI's. He's homered the only two times he's faced 1.
And all this stuff shit, Harris.
And baseball can match that deal. The legal never let us leave Cleveland. We got a lease with the city.
And be legging them out
And Claire Holloway, Brent.
And come sent checks Dorn at first. Here's the pitch it.
And don't worry, kid, ain't gonna come by the first day.
And drives one deep to right field!
And for every base I'm gonna steal, well.
And for me? Just one more Goodyear.
And furniture. It was a guy to serve you with a paternity suit. That was a hoax.
And get rid of all of us for better personnel.
And Indians pow wow at 8:00 o'clock. But in the meantime, get your Tomahawks ready, Cleveland.
And it's only just beginning to rise.
And kicks fires. Here is a swing in the drive toward left field and deep ohh boy.
And on top of the Flint. This shit I.
And signs of improvement. I didn't think we'd win 15 games all year. Any ideas?
And the Cleveland Indians, how would you like to manage the Indians this year?
And the Indians clinging to a one run lead.
And the Indians have a runner here with jamming out on a sharp single to left by Dorn.
And the pigs. Well, that's great. That's great. You think? I'm happy for you.
And the pitch? Ohh interesting.
And this guy, well, he's stable and intelligent and I never found him in bed with the stewardess.
And this is good. It's real good 75.
And try it with miss fuel injection. What was I supposed to do? She bet me 50 bucks she had a better body than you and I had to defend her arm.
And we need some big bets here, Johnny. Maybe we gonna do one of those waves. So Vaughan.
And wherever you are out there in Cleveland.
And you got a detective story.
Any possible there, Pedro?
Are you 100% bullshit? You bought something like that?
Are you gentlemen ready to order?
Are you guys go ahead?
Aren't we going to have a prayer? I mean.
As a free agent three years ago, still hits the ball pretty well. That's me, yeah. You just can't feel them.
As a furniture movers, I'm serious about this, Charlie. That's.
As your wife and my kids.
At any library. Where's the wedding? Oh, All Saints on Euclid.
Attorney. Please, he's watching us.
Back goes. Hey, way back to the wall. Jump.
Ball hit toward the hole. Hey, great shot by Dorn, frozen time, and he got him.
Batman The Incredible has happened, even though it comes as no surprise to this commentator.
Bats. The.
Because he's only high-priced. Pick them up as a free agent three years ago.
Because it ain't working again. Damn it, I thought they were gonna replace this thing.
Because she thought we'd be bad enough to finish dead last,
Because we don't have anything in common.
Because you are the sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on. And you look like you could use a friend.
Been with her. And it happened in front of all of our friends.
Before their first at bat, anyway, listen to the roar of the crowd as the Indians take the field.
Before you go. There's something I'd like to tell you.
Believe you anymore. Well. I guess this will last for about then. Yeah. I guess so.
Best for the team. Don't read anything into it, Rick.
Better hits a ground ball to short donello up with it on the 1st in time and Taylor is hot.
Better teach this kid some control before he kills somebody.
Big baseball team. But since we haven't won a Pennant in over 30 years, nobody recognizes us, not even in our own hometown.
Big by then. You got the girl picked up. I did, but I wasn't smart enough to hold on to her.
Blake. The Duke at the belt, Hayes away from 2nd.
Blue truth here, are you 100%?
Bong. You wanted to talk to the bitch, yeah.
Bonnie, anything to add? No.
Born on the pitch, now you can close the book on Calder.
Both therapy equipment. Your players will just have to get a little tougher. What are they? A bunch of pansies.
Bottom of the seventh, the Indians running out of chances.
Bottom of the third. Serrado swings and misses. Strike three.
Bow our heads. Excuse me, I'll be in my office.
Boy, don't wait to get in front of that ball. That's the ticket.
Brent and Janice Bowden.
Bridgehead, Vaughn Rick. Vaughn I Rick.
Bud. 96.
Bug Charlie? Veterans are starting to play back to form, and the rookies are developing faster than I thought. There's two.
But came up short. That's going to bring a visit to the mound.
But I'll tell you, these Cleveland fans are great. Listen to them.
But I'm sure he did a hell of a job
But when the equipment was working, if I could get anybody to come out and watch this team, none of this would be necessary.
But you're very concerned. Yeah, well, I just wanted to learn to know what she would have had ahead of her.
Bye bye, honey. See you at the park. Wish me luck.
Calendar delivers. There's a swing and a high flyball to centerfield Hayes.
Came at the restaurant reading his name.
Catch Willie Mays style and the side is retired.
CCP dro.
Cerrano digging in down a strike.
Championship we'll have interviews on Indians Pow wow at 8:00 o'clock.
Chance to manage in the big leagues. Let me think it over, will you, Charlie? I gotta.
Change anything. We were always good at this.
Charges and he got him no.
Check it out now. Is this the whales section? I'll bet. What's his name at the restaurant? Reddit. His name? Tommy.
Chill. Why don't you come in for a while?
Chrisco. Bardall. Vagisil, anyone?
Christ can't hit a curveball. OK, Harris, let's not start a holy war here.
Cleveland fans are great. Listen to them. Get behind Vaughn, hey.
Close the book on Kelder, thank God.
Club house. You don't want to celebrate in front of guys who just died.
Clue Haywood, the biggest Indian killer of them all.
Coffee anybody?
Coleman. Fancy.
Collection of stiffs. You know, doing. I liked you so much better when you were just a ballplayer.
Come back. And be around.
Come on come on come on wild thing
Come on Jake. It's only your life.
Come on, don't get in front of the damn ball. Don't give me this old lady bullshit look.
Come on, guys.
Come on, hairball, shut down your shit, man.
Come on, Jake, it's only your life.
Come on, join in wherever you are out there.
Come on, shit. The way I've played today, I wouldn't be surprised if they red tag me already. What do you mean?
Come on, Willie
Come on, Willie. Here's.
Come on, you never thought about me at all while I was gone, Jake. Not so loud. What about?
Come on.
Come on. Stop.
Comes as no surprise to this commentator. The Indians have finished the regular season in a first place tie with the New York Yankees on the strength of a four to two win over the White Sox in Chic...
Comes to Burton. He swings and drives when the right field.
Coming from Municipal Stadium, where tonight, before a capacity crowd of 75,000, screaming feather heads the.
Congratulations, Rick. Excuse me, Mr. Vaughn, name your eye breath. Yeah, sure.
Congratulations. Thanks. Thank you.
Corners. Dorn didn't get much of a jump on that ball money, but let's give him.
Could have meant the game. Ohh. Come on. Cut the rubber. I shit Taylor.
Couldn't we talk about this some other time? I really got to get back.
Country Club. Now, no other franchise in baseball can match that deal.
Cowabunga good.
Cup still work though simply.
Cut the crybaby shit and you pitched the hell of a game. You want to finish it, don't you? Yeah.
Cut through the crap bone. I only got one thing to say to you.
Darn, off to a slow start this year has come on lately, hitting 271 with 86 RBI's. Here's.
Dear God. We humbly pray that you will guide and protect us as we gird up our loins to take the field of battle lead us.
Dear Heavenly Father, we humbly pray that you will guide.
Defensive plays? Alright, here's Burton coming on.
Developing faster than I thought. There's two or three potential All-Stars in there.
Diarrhea. Well, Brown apparently is going to stay with Vaughan here as the Indians Trail now ate to nothing.
Do you follow me again?
Do you mind if I join you?
Does Dupixent scratch the pitch?
Does she know that? She would have been if I hadn't messed it up.
Does this one rolling in?
Don't bullshit you about something like that. You better. You want to make this team.
Don't do it. You're one of the guys that got us here.
Don't even. Coleman.
Don't fuck with me. Fuck. Fuck you. What's the matter, rookie?
Don't mention it. I'll let you know if I land a job. I know you're very concerned.
Don't run heater. Look what it's done for us.
Don't worry about it, I'll take care of it.
Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it 27. Right fielder, Mike alright, Rex breckman.
Don't you dare laugh and two years I've put together one of the best special collection departments in the country.
Down bottom of the seventh, Tanner hits a ground ball to short.
Dump out over the plate so musty, man, and don't get up with anything.
Entire world don't no, this is Charlie Donovan with the Cleveland.
Even the heater. Ohh shit. All these pictures to choose from. Here we are.
Even you, Darren. What if we don't finish last? She'll replace you with somebody who will.
Even you. Darn, what if we?
Eventually I'll kiss my ass. You're God.
Eventually tying run nobody's number 13 Pedro Serrano.
Everything. Seriously. Everything's a joke to you, man, for Christ's sake. I'm just trying to loosen things up. I'm getting frostbite.
Excuse me, everybody, this is Jake Taylor, Jake Arthur, and Claire Holloway.
Excuse me, this wrestling is a telephone call for you at the desk. OK. Thank you.
Excuse me?
Express card no matter how far out of first we are, it's cool.
Fear from bats. I offered him cigar in Rome. He woke up.
Field's got a long way to go before the season was over.
Figured you wanted to see me about something.
Final cut down day, right? Right. So.
Finish it, don't you? Yeah. All right. I think you can throw a strike on his pitch.
Finished dead last, knocking attendance down to the point where she could move the team to Miami.
Fire world.
First got him Springers kicked off.
First it was really high. Who gives a shit? It's gone.
First time and Taylor is hobbling a little as he goes back to the dugout.
First, Mr. Brown, we're out of town. I'm too old to go diving in a locker.
Flowers. Really. A lot of people say you can tell how the season's gonna go by the 1st hitter of the year, Brewster.
Football player, you were really great once.
For 60 and 69 games out of first, who do these guys?
For better personnel, even me.
For nothing much. All right, we're set to go.
For that one, well, I plan to get at least a double out of this. I bought a.
For the last of me, you may think I'm shit now, but someday you're gonna be sorry that you cut me.
For the younger guys, it could be their only shot. I don't know what happened to you, but if you ever ever tank another play like you did today.
For us, people still don't recognize us, but. We're contenders now. The American.
Forget about doing it. You got the things you do. Like what? Like packing for Cleveland? Come on.
Found a little for the Indians this year #7 catcher Jake.
Free agency. We haven't won a Pennant in over 35 years. We haven't.
French. They got chilly dogs over there.
Friends, those days are gone, Lynn.
From the library? What do you mean sit in the car and wait for it to come out?
From the rest of the team. Tasha, what is it? Yeah see you wanna beer? Ohh no say.
From when you knew me, Jake. Meaning what? I don't know you anymore. Couldn't we talk?
Fuck you. What's the matter, rookie fuck? Why can't you take a little duck?
Fuck, why can't you take a little chocolate? Real fucking funny, asshole. Alright.
Fucking office told you I don't think it's a good idea that we see each other.
Full of shit. Fuck you. Get out of here, rookie.
Funny asshole. Alright, alright, knock that shit off.
Furnished hitter of the year, Brewster into the wind and comes to the plate.