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A c sharp d
A couple more minutes isn't gonna hurt
A lantern! look you guys a lantern!
A light
Adios senorita!
Adopted wuss
Adopted wuss i'm no adopted wuss!
Ah it's mouth
Ah! guys!
Ah! oh! ruth ruth ruth baby ruth
Ahhhh!!! #ahhh #scream #scared #frightened #spooked #chunk #goonies
All right all right
All right data ow!
All right fellows that's enough
All right my hearties follow me!
All right okay forget it i'm sorry
All right walsh today's the day so let's get this over with
All right!
All that rich stuff
All the people started getting sick and throwing up all over each other
Also got the country's highest murder rate in the country
An it! a giant it! they got it chained to the wall!
And anyway if chester copperpot didn't find it how would we find it
And captain chunk says let's get the hell out of here!
And during the firefight there were just guns bursting here and cannons bursting there
And he got caved in and he's been there ever since
And i've got a date with andy on friday all right
And if it's any help to you i'd be glad to communicate with rosalita
And look that says 1632 is that a year or something
And the british they blew up the walls around him
And then he got into this cave
And then I dumped it over the side on all the people in the audience
And then once during lunch I got nuts and I pigged out and they kicked me out!
And then the armada it took them a couple of weeks but then they caught up with willy
And then there was a whole big war between the armada and willy's ship the inferno
And then willy fled because he knew he'd get killed if he stayed around
And then you know what he did he killed all his men
And these are the rejects
And they got apple!
And they got chocolate eruption!
And they got g****!
And they were digging all these tunnels and caves
And when the fratellis go into that cave then we make a run for it
And you data data
And you know you keep kissing girls the way you do the parts of you that don't work so good they're gonna catch up to the ones that do
And you know your looks are kind of pretty when your face doesn't screw it up
Andy andy
Andy are you all right
Andy goes first I go second
Andy I believe in you
Andy it's okay
Andy this is not the time nor the place for this
Andy this whole ship's a treasure
Andy you took piano lessons
Andy! you goonie!
Andy! You Goonie! #andy you goonie #troy #the goonies
Any of you guys ever hear of detroit no
Anybody got a candy bar a baby ruth
Anyway he was being such a jerk you know tilting the mirror so he could look down my shirt so I elbowed his lip
Are those jewels real how'd you find them
Are you all right chunk
Are you okay
Are you okay mouth
Are you okay stef
Are you sure mikey because if you're sure i'm sure you know
As long as you stay here with me
Aw slothy
Aye sloth!
Back up back up
Be careful around here there's a hole I think I think brand was standing in it
Be careful! watch it
Because that means her mom gotta drive and then you gotta make it with her and her mom
Because these are somebody else's wishes they're somebody else's dreams
Because they might have daddy long legs in them
Believe me I know what i'm doing
Besides we gotta get the police
Booby traps
Booby traps it's only booby traps why you being such a sissy
Boys make yourselves comfortable huh
Boys rosalita doesn't speak a word of english and I know some of you took spanish in school
Boys they're right around here somewhere i'm telling you I can smell their bubble gum
Boys this is rosalita rosalita's gonna help us with the packing just until my arm's better
Brand can we give you a ride somewhere
Brand careful!
Brand how far can you stretch that
Brand hurry i'm in here with my eyes closed
Brand is being so sweet to me
Brand wait!
Brand where you going
Brand! brand!
Bring him over here francis
Bullet holes bullet holes
Bullet holes the size of matzo ba
Bully blinders!
But I gotta go to the bathroom
But I smell ice cream
But i'm getting out of here
But if he killed all his men how did the map or the story get out
But no! the one older brother had to go and screw it up
But see that was back in 1935
But still! don't you realize the next time you see the sky it'll be over another town
But the worst thing I ever done
But what if you guys just what if this map can lead to one eyed willy's rich stuff maybe
Bye baby
Bye bye marbles
Bye mrs walsh bye
Bye willy thanks
Call harvey yes sir
Calm down
Calm down we're gonna be okay sure
Can I help you
Can I take piano lessons
Can you do it come on hurry go! go! go!
Can you translate all that
Can't argue with that ma all right
Can't you hold it no
Can't you learn how to exercise like a normal kid
Can't you smell it guys
Certainly it's where motown started
Certainly mrs walsh
Certainly mrs walsh (2)
Chance at what mikey getting killed
Check out what's down there
Chester copperpot chester copperpot chester copperpot!
Chester copperpot missing while in pursuit of local legend
Chester who who
Chocolate #chocolate #john matuszak #80s #hungry #snacks #candy #the goonies
Chocolate chocolate
Chunk (2)
Chunk chunk come here
Chunk I hope that was your stomach
Chunk i'm starting to o d on all your bullshit stories
Chunk no it's captain chunk
Chunk! (2)
Chunk! chunk!
Chunk's up there
Clark can you translate
Coins! rich stuff
Come here daddy
Come on before you catch a real cold
Come on brand slip her the tongue
Come on clark we've got much more to do
Come on get the body
Come on give them a few minutes
Come on guys it's dusty here my hay fever's acting up and you always break something
Come on guys this is our time
Come on hurry up! hurry up!
Come on jake you first
Come on kid
Come on let's go faster guys
Come on mama
Come on mikey it's cool!
Come on mikey we're going now
Come on move it out you too down there!
Come on move! get on! come on!
Come on one eyed willy what does this have to do with the map
Come on sloth!
Come on snap to
Come on tell us really
Come on wanna see it
Come on we don't have all day
Come on what's the matter what is this a nuclear saturday or something come on guys
Come on you idiots!
Come on you wanted to go
Come on!
Come on! (2)
Come on! (3)
Come on! (4)
Come on! (5)
Come on! (6)
Come on! let me out
Come on! let's go!
Come on! let's kill each other over the pepperoni
Come on! where are you going you don't wanna do this
Come to mama baby come on
Copper bones
Could you please take me to the sheriff station I can describe all three of them
Crushing death and grief soaked with blood of the trespassing thief
Cut it out mouth
Dad! it's my marble bag! the fratellis forgot to check it I put the jewels in it
Dad'll do anything to get you to go to sleep
Damn it!
Data come on don't fall behind let's go!
Data come on!
Data data's okay
Data do you have a light
Data do you have a light (2)
Data don't do anything! no!
Data hurry up! don't be a fool data come on!
Data please
Data! come on turn it off
Data! data come on!
Data's just unhappy
Data's okay
Data's okay but data's quite tired of falling! and data's tired of skeletons!
Did he say fifty dollar bill
Did you see him guys
Did you see their clothes drug dealers won't be caught dead in those polyester rags
Diez veces diez
Do it
Do it!
Do something hurry!
Do you have a match no i'll light it on the lamp
Do you think your mom is gonna notice
Do you think your mom is gonna notice (2)
Does brand wear braces
Does it work guys yeah!
Don't ask stupid questions! we're stuck! just send down the bucket!
Don't be afraid
Don't give me over here i'm the one that's always gotta
Don't give us none of your bullshit stories huh
Don't let them see us guys
Don't lie to me!
Don't push jake!
Don't say that never say that goonies never say die!
Don't start that