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The Goonies (1985)

The Goonies (1985)

The Goonies is a cult classic adventure film from 1985, directed by Richard Donner. This iconic movie follows a group of misfit kids, known as the Goonies, as they embark on a wild treasure hunt to save their neighborhood from being razed by a real estate developer. The cast includes young talents such as Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, and Martha Plimpton, among others, who bring the lovable characters to life.

With its heartwarming story, mix of comedy and action, and memorable lines like "Goonies never say die!", The Goonies has remained a beloved film throughout the years. Its adventurous soundtrack composed by Dave Grusin adds to the excitement and wonder of the journey.

If you are a fan of The Goonies and want to relive the nostalgia, you can now play and download the sounds of this film. Immerse yourself in the thrilling pirate-inspired soundtrack, or enjoy the playful banter of the Goonies themselves. Rediscover the magic of this timeless tale and let the adventure begin!

A bottle of fettucine, 1981.
A hundred.
A little sister instead of that?
Adopted wuss.
All right, my hearties, follow me!
All right, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Let's go!
All the people started getting sick and throwing up on each other.
All the way, buddy?
Also got the country's highest murder rate.
An It! A giant It! They got it chained to the wall!
And diamonds?
And diamonds. Then he loaded it onto his ship...
And ever?
And I can't stand no more! I got it! I got it! I got it!
And it didn't come true. So I'm taking it back.
And it was full of rubies and emeralds...
And look. That says "1632."
And never get their balls out.
And stay out!
And then he got into this cave...
And then I dumped it over the side...
And they got apple!
And they got Chocolate Eruption!
And they got g****!
And you know, your looks are kind of pretty...
Andy, I believe in you. Goonies always make mistakes.
Andy, this is not the time nor the place.
Anybody got a candy bar? A Baby Ruth?
Anything that fits in your pockets.
Are you all right, Chunk?
Are you sure, Mikey? Because if you're sure, I'm sure.
As long as you stay here with me.
Be careful. There's a hole, I think.
Because I love you.
Because it's their time. Their time!
Because they might have daddy longlegs in them.
Before I look like him?
Boys, Rosalita doesn't speak a word of English...
Boys, this is Rosalita.
Brand is being so sweet.
Brand, can we give you a ride somewhere?
Brand, how far can you stretch that?
Brand, where you going?
Brand! Brand!
Break through.
Bullet holes.
Bullets flying everywhere. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw!
Bully Blinders!
But his sister did.
But I hate nature. I hate nature!
But I'm getting out of here. But...
But the worst thing I ever done, I mixed up fake puke at home...
But we blew it to save our own lives.
But what if? You guys...
But what is it?
Bye bye, marbles.
Bye, Willy.
Can I help you?
Can I take piano lessons?
Can you translate that?
Can't you learn how to exercise like a normal kid?
Can't you smell it, guys? One Eyed Willy really is down here.
Certainly, Mrs. Walsh.
Certainly. It's where Motown started.
Chester Copperpot!
Chester Copperpot.
Chester Copperpot.
Chester Copperpot. Look what it says.
Chunk, I hope that was your stomach.
Chunk, I'm starting to O.D. On all your bullshit stories.
Chunk, shut up!
Chunk. Chunk, come here.
Clark, can you translate?
Coins! Rich stuff.
Come on, Brand, slip her the tongue.
Come on, Clark, we've got more to do. You're so fluent in languages.
Come on, guys, this is our time.
Come on, guys!
Come on, guys.
Come on, hurry up! Hurry up!
Come on, kid.
Come on, Mama.
Come on, Mike.
Come on, Mikey, we're going now.
Come on, move it out. You too, down there!
Come on, One Eyed Willy, what does this have to do with the map?
Come on, right through here!
Come on, Sloth!
Come on, snap to.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Let me out.
Come on. Put your arms up.
Come on. Want to see it?
Come to Mama, baby. Come on.
Could you take me to the sheriff? I can describe all three of them.
Cruising the coast, sniffing some lace...
Cut it out, Mouth.
Dad'll do anything to put you to sleep.
Damn it!
Damn it!
Data, do you have a light?
Data. Data's okay.
Data's just unhappy.
Data's okay.
Data's quite tired of falling! And Data's tired of skeletons!
Dictate myself.
Did he say, "$50 bill"?
Did you see their clothes? Drug dealers don't wear polyester rags.
Do I get the truth, or do you get juiced?
Do it!
Do it.
Do something, hurry!
Does Brand wear braces?
Don't ask stupid questions! We're stuck! Just send down the bucket!
Don't give us none of your bullshit stories, huh?
Don't lie to me!
Don't make any more.
Don't move. You guys, don't move back there! Don't move!
Don't say that. Never say that. Goonies never say "die"!
Don't shoot him!
Don't sign!
Don't worry, I can do it.
Don't worry. I brought you more food.
Don't worry. It's chained to the wall.
Don't you realize? He was a pro! He never made it this far.
Don't you realize? The next time you see the sky...
Don't you see?
Down here it's our time. It's our time down here.
Drug dealers?
During the firefight, there were...
Empty your pockets!
Every time you have feeling, we get in trouble.
Everybody went looking for that when our parents were our age.
Except that.
Finding middle C. This isn't like my mother's Steinway.
First, do the Truffle Shuffle.
First, we start with the pudgy little fingers.
Flunking your driver's test? I don't know what to do with you.
Folks, we're at Cauldron Point...
Four waters. Is that all?
Francis, the lock.
Freaking kids.
Gas pipes.
George Washington.
Get Data!
Get down, guys. Get down.
Get off me, Chunk.
Get out of the way.
Get out of the way.
Get out on that plank.
Get out! I'm the oldest, so I call the shots. Andy goes first.
Get out.
Get out.
Get the body.
Get them out of here. You don't know what you're doing.
Get these pants off.
Give it to me.
Give me that. Give me this thing.
Give me the gun. Give me the gun!
Give me the sword.
Go get the police.
Go see what she's ragging about, will you?
God put that rock there for a purpose.
God, these guys...
Good enough. I can see their flashlight!
Good idea, Jake. Put him in with your brother.
Guys, come here! He's in here! Oh, shit.
Guys, freeze. Don't move.
Guys, I'm stuck with the stiff!
Guys, look. It looks like a skeleton of One Eyed Willy or something.
Guys, stop. Put down the outfit, okay?
Have some. You'll get something. You don't leave me any choice.
Have some. You'll get something. You don't leave me any choice.
He got caved in, and he's been there ever since.
He said One Eyed Willy and his bunch were down there for years.
He says that all the time. Watch your head, Ma.
He should be in a plastic bubble.
He's alive! He's alive!
He's getting the police. Move!
Head for the light.
Heave ho!
Hello, little guys. I'm Mr. Perkins, Troy's father.
Hello, sheriff? I'm at the Lighthouse Lounge...
Help him! Help him! Hurry up!
Help! Help! Help! Guys!
Help! Let me out of here!
Her mom has to drive, and then you gotta make it with her and her mom.
Here he comes.
Here, grab on to the rock. Come on.
Here's your water.
Hey, guys, now that we've got...
Hey, guys.
Hey, if we keep going this far down, we'll reach China.
Hey, it must be the old Moss Garden wishing well.
Hey, look at that.
Hey, look at this.
Hey, Mikey, gotta go to the bathroom?
Hey, Mikey, if you can hear me, run!
Hey, Mikey, seen Adrienne?
Hey, Mikey.