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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
About the quality of the defense combining them I don't know about don't talk about buyer munich today
All the objective studies have been made have shown the dark net less rest when any other team at the top level in the top four I didn't make this we study
Arsene Wenger - Arsenal Soundboard Sound
Arsene Wenger - Arsenal Soundboard Sound
Call terry for you or your wife
Did you write them these reports suggesting you about to sign a new extension that so wrong information and they have very as well I would like I think I work for sixteen years here in england and ...
Every defeat is a scar in your heart that remains for life and it's a moment or you suffer really
Hold on hold on different to find your place yes he has kept them holding on but bangers found his place at last the japanese club grampus eight will keep him tide until the end of this month then ...
How are your preseason preparations going it's going very well be cause we ideal conditions people are very nice with us here and you can see what we do is taking off really in the states and it's ...
I don't know very information comes from yeah why do you look at me thank you I just thought you have given this information out OK thank you very much
I'll see my job will get rid of me one day don't worry
I'm embarrassed for him honestly
I've seen is also said that comments coming from managers saying that they're not in the political race commands for fear of failure do you have do you know he is a specialist in failure i'm not i'...
Is it true you still eat the diet of a player I prepare myself as well as I can insert in better than many players I never go out forty eight hours before game for dinner or anything at just prepar...
Maybe scientific approach is made by the studies and the biggest impact of the results of the difference between home and away is supportive of offense but is there any difference between home and ...
My only problem is I just wanted to spend some money on top players it's fine being in champions league because of money that it brings but not if you feel that you're not going to win it
So going back to the move and the first season what were your main concerns do you remember at the time when my main concern is the battery last first I was sold at tiger you know I remember very w...
That's what you call today fake news so there was definitely no bit because there was talking and more after is another name that there's no
The first I knew was was going to went to pick him up and he just said to me you as far as he was concerned he just wanted me to be use number two is the system a lot of people expecting a form whe...
The fund 's very upset like going out of the cup at the weekend look here is a pre match conference for champions league if you want to talk on saturday the press conference has been made after the...
The wrong way the point I was going to make with the champions league this is now your last chance to win a trophy this season can thank you very much for that question it's a long time within danc...
Then the core of the build up of a training is done by me I would be in this job if it was just to sit behind a desk in in an office i'm even ready to take you steam sessions love too
Uh it might've ad traces a lot of problems the first of all I believe of course it's embarrassing I support france and it's embarrassing to qualify the way we qualified and
Which city what is the most important is right you deal with your own situation as well as you can and yes we have manchete switch of an arceus charges richard bernard serious man united is which i...
Why do you think it is that apart from you and manuel pellegrini every other manager is saying no we can't win the title we're not contenders it's fear to fail
Win the promise ship win the champions league but first when the FA cup
You had enough knows you know we no matter what happens I will manage next season the ziti or some words you know that that's absolutely for sure but on a night like that of course
You know it's going to take it
You know what i'm not scared to work anywhere in the world I promised that when I was twenty years of age no matter how hard the life will be I would stand up for it and not be scared to work for m...