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After six months is an old truth being confirmed when it comes to the NHF you can't trust the tories there are moments I think of obligates basil brush
Bacon lines going alright
But first of all I i have to admit that uh perhaps i've been over using my mobile phone but at least as prime minister I know how to use a mobile phone rather than rather just throw it at the peopl...
But if you saw those pictures of me on the beach this summer in cornwall you'll know one thing i've got the stomach for the fight
But it's going to cost you over a pound I mean I I actually i've got i've got a mister prominence but I don't buy the value slice loaf i've got a bread maker at home which I delight in using it tur...
Good morning the people of scotland have spoken and it is a clear result they have kept our country of four nations together i'm like millions of other people I am delighted
Hard working people
Hard working people
Hard working people
He introduced the work program with great fanfare in june what has happened to long-term youth unemployment since he introduced his work program let me give him the figures that there are far I wil...
He is proposing to remove them abilitie component of disability living allowance from eighty thousand care home residents the short answer is we're not eight
He switched his supplies he meant he went from one of these insurgent companies to cut his bills isn't it typical he comes here every week and attack story policy he goes home
He's a one trick pony and he's run out of road
I do feel now that a very big part of my life is trying to give give pleasure to mrs back
I was going to hug hug you
I'm not sure I think that I think that in a politician so you have to think about what we say and I think the trouble with twitter the instant ness of it is I think there's too many twits might mak...
If it means swallowing some humble pie and if it means eating some of your words I cannot think of a more excellent diet in which to provide the country with good government
It's good to see the honourable gentleman on such good form I often say to my children no need to go to the national history museum to see a dinosaur come to the house of commons in about half past
It's quite clear that we need more much more police on our streets and we need even more robust police action
It's the same old labor
Let me take this opportunity to say very clearly to any pensioner who is watching this or reading any of these reports I know you are getting letters from the labour party that says the conservativ...
Older this porter order order order order
One way or another yes
Other TV debates a party leader a party leak of party leader said and I quote it would have been feeble to find some excuse to back out so I thought we
People 's grandparents lying filthy an unwashed for days who allowed that to happen yes it was labor and don't you dare lecture anyone on the N H S again
So what we have mister speaker is very plain there is a group of people on this side of the house who want some re balancing a group of people who want a lot of rebalancing and a complete mugger wa...
Someone said you know we complain about the sound bite culture if you think about it it go back in history sound bites of always been been used do to others as you would be done by that is a fantas...
The flower made in my constituency cotswold crunch you get some of that writes beautifully milled in the cotswolds and you put that in your bread maker you can set the timer overnight and so when y...
This government is cutting regulation cutting corporate tax taking people out of tax getting there are businesses moving right across our country
This is not a price freeze it's a price com
This is what the mayor of london mister speaker his new best mate are said last year at at conservative party conference I reckon we need to make it clear that if people swear at the police then th...
Together we will build that land of opportunity
We got so many things going for our country the english language fantastic time zone brilliant history very creative people some of the best universities in the world a great place to do business w...
We're going to cut the deficit that does mean we're going to have to cut public spending we are not going to cut to the LHS the HS is special
What we need is a growing economy that's providing the jobs and livelihoods for our people that's what we're getting whereas what he's had in the last week is a pasting from a pop star that's exact...
What we need to do both in britain and europe is to combine the fiscal deficit reduction which is given us the low interest rates with an active monetary policy with structural reforms to make us c...
Where are the policies on welfare nothing where are the policies on education nothing
Where is shining example of a country where multiple identity 's work a country where you can be welsh and hindu an british northern irish and ******* and british where you can wear a kilt and a tur...
Whi is the second if state for culture getting better employment rights than the rest of the workers in britain is it possibly be cause he knows that was ever
You know labor still have the arrogance to think that they are the ones who will fight poverty and deprivation on monday when we announced our plan to get britain working you know what labor called...
You will feel the full force of the law