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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All is tippy tappy stop everybody keeps going about the right way to play football 's all lot of bollocks sometimes so getting the ball in the oppositions box as quickly as a camera quality and get...
And I also think that you've got a lot to lose you know I think we have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you play a chelsea at stamford bridge at the moment and I think the term so reall...
And in terms of you dip in form in parent weeks just tell me a question again mid dip in dip in know know know know
Because I was pretty skyping about your performance not very warm
But this forces to definitely relate to mark noble is one of their own there's no doubt about that there's nothing that there's more affection because it's the alarms less you know they've got jame...
Can we play a chelsea you gotta play a chelsea when they're slightly off their game and it's a slightly off the game in then you can perhaps take advantage once in awhile which have managed
Did you say did you seattle game it's one Z we did it in front of me there like you mean so I squealed as well as oldies fare so you know it is now
Have there been conversations hat recently about the contract situation no for the want of repeating myself time and time again the contract is going to be talked about at the end of the
How tall is aust to give big sam in his words his stats we got regarding long balls last weekend for five sheets there should have a look at that when I get the opportunity so give it do you think ...
I think working manage are probably the best club manager in the world at the minute on his track record and is any doubt about that I think there's probably only probably only mister angelotti tha...
On that you can extend play at the end of a game to take a penalty but should the referee applying for time as soon as he missed her cousin currently on the five minutes the answer to that is yes b...
The same way I deal with with everything that goes in the in the game and I don't really listen to it it's not my a desire to listen to praise or criticism which my desire to be a professional and ...
They always have a smile on the face 'cause they were they wanted to be and where they've dreamt to be yes sam
We haven't got it doesn't cost us anything i'm glad to say by the by the actions and the brilliant twenty first century defending by the players this afternoon it doesn't cost us anything but I thi...
Well I think that you know we live in a world with less patience and because we live in a world with less patience then there's I need for managers particularly too
What we gotta do is reveles keep his feet firmly on the ground and watch for head swelling I mean we don't want to be changing the size of our doors course we can't get his head through it
Yeah western born and bred his knee I think that some other commits to one club what looks like mark has been all is corrupt and emma extending that is a is a rare thing today I think so
You need to say one thing honey lemon you can make his coffee how are you coping very well great clips