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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All my friends told me that I was an awesome singer what very you can't sing a note I mean not only can you not sing a note in june you have one of the weirdest voices i've ever heard in my life we...
Frozen leg that's what they always say in theater
Hang in there honey thank you thank you so much
Hello mary hello very good
Honestly one of the boys have ever heard in my life the worst honestly are you just saying that to get on my nerves are you totally serious because something tells me that I think you saying it too...
How do you think you did not too shabby
How you doing to the T right OK
I think I have a very unique vocal style it's like pop rock meets broadway myth jazz and R and B A very unique combination of all the three at least that's how I would describe it
I want this so bad there's no way that i'm not going to get it
I'm going to think I feel the earth move by carole king i'll figure I field earth moon fun I feel the scattered volunteer on a film hot start from a cell were never shopping for her
I'm going to walk in like i'm confident no head up high threaten my stuff not too much threat though because that looks tacky
I'm never going to pursue my things for again ever i'm going to just go to preschool style haircut
I've heard from many many many different people that I have an amazing voice all my friends have told me that I had an amazing voice random people I don't know told me that I could really think so ...
Marks out of ten like out of one ten scale how do you think I think I did eight alright man
Now I wanna see a big to simon and randy and martin graph even though he's a hottie I won't deny that although i'm not going to say paula because at least she was nice and at least he was sweet she...
Now with that offer chest mary collected herself enough for one last performance and nowak gave you your fruit all but I still feel tried said you never hurt maine but you know you lie
The soundtrack to this section I think should be violin music very I think we're just going to say no and wish you lots of luck of beauty schools definitely
Well you know at least i'm not going to walk out of your crying like some people do now I don't want you to marry I mean it would be like hey whatever yes yeah
What are you going to say i'm going to seeing I feel the earth move by carole king or feedback ifield earth moon fun I feel the scattered voluntown
What made you audition for this competition
Why are you here i'm here because I want to be the next american idol and I want to make it to hollywood and it's been my all time dream for a long time to become a big famous singer and performer ...
Would you do well I plan on going to cosmetology school at the end of the month and less I make it to hollywood then i'm going to cancel my plans because I would much rather have a singing career t...
Would you like me to sing like myself I have a ton of different voices right what were those you don't wanna hear him if a lot of voices he said they talking all the time
You seriously think i'm one of the worst singers you've ever heard I actually do mary yeah thank you I really thought I was going to make it to hollywood and I can't believe the outcome but whatever
Your name is mary roach however if I do make it to hollywood i'm going to change my last name to guilbeau because it has more star quality mary guilbeaux that's right do you Y L B E A U X