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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Abhorath Spell
Abom Death
Abom Spell
Acolyte Spell
Alister Spell
Amira Spell
Anariel Spell
Animal Death
Anointed Spell
Anthea Spell
Apothecary Spell
Archer Spell
ArcStatue Spell
Artema Spell
AstralSpirit Spell
Atalanta Spell
AutumnImp Death
AutumnImp Spell
Aziris Spell
Azura Spell
BabaYaga Spell
BabyDragon Spell
Banshee Death
Banshee Spell
Bard Spell
Beast Death
Beast Spell
Berserker Spell
Bird Death
Bird Spell
Bishop Spell
BladeDancer Spell
BoarRider Death
BoarRider Spell
Bombardier Spell
BoneDragon Spell
BonnieRose Spell
Borer Death
Borer Spell
Brian Spell
Bug Death
Bug Spell
BullTauros Spell
BuniNog Spell
Cannon Spell
Carnex Spell
Cat Death
Cat Spell1
Cat Spell2
Cat Spell3
Centaur Spell
CKnight Spell
CorrSorc Spell
Cyclops Spell
DarkMaiden Spell
DarkMaster Spell
DarkSong Spell
Death Select
Death Spell
Default Death
Demon Death
Djinn Spell
Dog Death
Dokkalfar Spell
Door Death
Door Spell
Dragon Death
Dragon Spell
DrakeRider Death
DrakeRider Spell
Druid Spell
Dryad Spell
DustDevil Spell
Dwarf Spell
DwarfLord Spell
Elfeater Spell
Elspeth Spell
Elwyn Spell
Emperina Spell
Engineer Spell
Ettin Death
Ettin Spell
Euryali Death
Euryali Spell
Famine Spell
Faunessa Death
Faunessa Spell
Feldras Spell
Female Death
FemArcher Spell
FemDwarf Spell
FemMonk Spell
Fenrir Spell
Ferit Spell
FGoblin Death
Finley Spell
Fizzbang Spell
FrostGiant Spell
FUrska Spell
Gard Spell
Garnok Spell
Ghirelli Spell
GKnight Spell
GloomLeaf Spell
Gnoll Spell
Gnome Vault Death
Goat Death
Goat Spell
GobKing Spell
Goblin Death
Goblin Spell
GoblinQueen Spell
GobRocket Spell
Golem Death
Golem Spell
GraveKnight Spell
GreenSeer Spell
Hag Death
Hag Spell
Hellhound Death
Hellhound Spell
Herald Spell
Herdmaster Spell
HeroF0 Death
HeroF0 Spell0
HeroF0 Spell1
HeroF0 Spell2
HeroF0 Spell3
HeroF1 Death
HeroF1 Spell0
HeroF1 Spell1
HeroF1 Spell2
HeroF1 Spell3
HeroF2 Death
HeroF2 Spell0
HeroF2 Spell1
HeroF2 Spell2
HeroF2 Spell3
HeroM0 Death
HeroM0 Spell0
HeroM0 Spell1
HeroM0 Spell2
HeroM0 Spell3
HeroM1 Death
HeroM1 Spell0
HeroM1 Spell1
HeroM1 Spell2
HeroM1 Spell3
HeroM2 Death
HeroM2 Spell0
HeroM2 Spell1
HeroM2 Spell2
HeroM2 Spell3
Hobgoblin Death
Hobgoblin Spell
Horror Death
Horror Spell
Horseman Death
Huntress Spell
Hydra Spell
IceWitch Spell
Ifrit Spell
ImpOfLove Death
ImpOfLove Spell
Incubus Spell
Infantry Spell
Infernus Death
Infernus Spell
InfKing Spell
Jackalope Death
Jackalope Spell
Jarl Spell
Jotnar Spell
Keeper Spell
Keghammer Spell
Ketras Spell
Khorvash Death
Khorvash Spell
Knight Spell
Lamia Spell
Layla Spell
Lightning Spell
Lizard Death
Lizard Spell
LJB Spell
LKnight Spell
Luther Death
Luther Spell
MadProphet Spell
Male Death
Marid Spell
Marilith Spell
MerchantPrince Spell
Mercy Spell
Miner Spell
Moloch Spell
MorthanisWill Spell
MUrska Spell
Musketeer Spell
Nobend Spell
Nymph Spell
Ogre Death
Ogre Spell
Orc Death
Orc Spell
OrcFemale Death
Orion Spell
Owlbear Spell
Paladin Spell
Peasant Spell
PharosRa Spell
Plague Spell
PoisonMaster Spell
Priestess Spell
PrinceMikhail Spell
Psion Death
Psion Spell
Quasit Spell
QueenMab Spell
Ragnagord Spell
Ranger Spell
Raven Spell
Reaver Spell
Revenant Spell
Rowanne Spell
Runesmith Spell
SacGuard Spell
SacPriest Spell
Sage Spell
Saphira Spell
Satyr Spell
Scarlett Spell
Sekhma Spell
Serpent Spell
Shaman Spell
Shang Tsung/The Gray King - Your Soul is Mine
Siege Death
SilentOne Spell
Silvermaiden Spell
Siren Spell
Skeleton Spell
SnakeCharmer Spell
Snothelm Spell
SnowGuard Spell
Soothsayer Spell
Sparkgrinder Spell
SpiderQueen Spell
SpiritFox Spell
SpookyImp Death