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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ain't this something..
All right, I'll check it out, I'll check it out.
All right. Drive safe.
And get out of music
Ariel Sharon.
Be Cool, You don't know me
Believe me, I know.
Brother gotta get paid, right?
But I'd just like one time
But now that Linda's making a name for herself,
But the music biz goes in cycles.
Calm Down
Carosell, which is the dumbest name I've ever heard for a company,
Come on, honey
Could you make your dining experience a little less obtrusive?
Dabu, Thank you Thank you
Dabu, thank you, Mr. Goodwrench
Detective, my husband was an amazing man
Did you ever think about becoming a singer?
Don't gimme no gun then.
Don't never let me get to shoot nobody
E-Weezy, I'm clowning baby
Eat up. We got ten minutes. I don't want you to be late
Elliot, Chili Palmer
Expecting you to show up.
Fgggggg (2)
Friday, You don't have my money
Give me mahogany. Goddamn tique
Goodbye, Martin
Guy takes a picture, says either you pay up or he puts your place on fire
Here we go. Ivan Surva...
Here you go
Highly Educated Man
Hy's taking me around, I'm doing a little research
I ain't even trippin
I am cool!
I bought a brand new suit. I bought new shiny red boots
I ever prepared a monologue from Bring It On.
I give you ticket
I hate plugs. It looks like doll's hair
I have ten seconds alone with Madonna.
I learned from my father.
I mean, you actually gotta get in line to whack this guy.
I never do. Hm
I Really Enjoyed that story Edie
I really enjoyed that story, Edie.
I should have sent the coalition.
I think it might have been something..
I told you to put your clothes on.
I'll handle this.
I'm already in negotiations with Edie. I'm just coming to get you
I'm just saying, the music biz is a bitch, you know?
I'm sorry. If there's anything I can do..
I'm thinking of getting out of the movie business, go back to my old job.
If you didn't blow all your energy banging tourists,
If you're asking me if I think she's talented, yes.
Insurance salesman. OK
Is that right?
It wasn't?
It's impossible that you're this stupid
J Leezy, Whats up (2)
Laughter Andre 3000
Let me tell you something, Chil
Little Blues Guitar, Yeah!
Look, Chil, producing an album, it's not like making a movie.
Look, I know you frustrated with all this bodyguard shit.
Love you, bro.
Mad Respect
Makes me sad for my daughter
Man, let your voice be your ladder. I'm serious
Maybe I can remix a song for you
Me and Nick are partners
Miss Moon
Mm hm.
Mmm, Some boxes, a few files.
My dad was in a jazz band. Nothing big, though
My life in the music business. Come on!
My Man
Nicky, look at me
Not Gon Kill Y'all Today
Not only is it fuel efficient, it's great for the environment
Nothin'. Just that you were gonna make a movie about Tommy.
Now, from my understanding,
NTL owes you 300 large, right?
Oh, I bet I know more than you do
Oh, it's like that, huh? OK
Oh, man!
Oh, so Raji told you about Linda Moon.
OK. All right. Uh...
People like you who desecrate things they don't understand
Please, at the conclusion of tonight's show,
Raisin the GD Eyebrow
See the two seats next to him, that's where we are, come on.
Sin LaSalle. Man.
So are you a rapper now? Hey, Sniff Doggy Doo Doo
Start participating, star. Come on. Twinkle twinkle, baby. Twinkle twinkle.
Stop hatin, Start Participating
Take care, Chil.
Tell me what you want, Raj
That was incredible. I feel like I can't even breathe
That's not Gangsta
That's OK. You know, low angles.
The coroner found half a ham sandwich stuffed down his throat
The next meeting I arrange will be between you and Tommy Athens.
The Russians The What
They got me, man!
Tough Sh
Tried to offer me a back end bullshit deal to promote her
Trust me, Linda. I know 'em a whole lot better than you do.
Twinkle Twinkle Baby
Wanna take a shot at me Do IT
Wassup, I totally get it man
We discuss all facets of the business together
We're not selling anything
Well, hello, Mr. Program Director
What are you talking about?
What did I say, Oh the F
What is this? Hush money? We don't need you
What makes you think I need your help?
What Mother f- Did I stutter
What Motherf
What Motherf (2), Did I stutter
What Motherf (3), Did I stutter
What the hell's going on here?
What was I thinking about?
What? There ain't no damn message on that thing.
When? When? What the hell are you waiting for?
Who's Fault is that, Cho Fault
Yeah, thanks. Thanks.
Yo, Linda! Yo!
You can't hit me, man
You don't send a queer to get a bat! They like shiny, queer things.
You guys can keep the tape. I got another one.
You had a good day at school
You know, I'd have liked to have seen you dance.
You really like the music business, don't you, Chil?
You wanna make it right? Then when you go to Nationals...
You'll get to Chili in good time. Nick's the problem
You're too pricey for us, Sin
Hey, look. Steven Tyler's in town. Oh, yeah.
Hey. Edie.
How'd you get these seats? I have a friend.
Linda Moon! Linda Moon! That's right! Thank you!
Nick! Marty, hold on a sec, will you?
No. I didn't think so. Stay here.
No. You're pulling my chain.
Oh, yeah? What? About NTL.
Or do I need to call somebody else? No, no, no, you don't understand.
Robert's on three. Marty's on four. Don't be..
So, how is Sin proposing to do this? Let me produce it
Thank you. Please have a seat
Thank you. Thanks. See you, Elliot
That piece of shit stole my act. Son of a bitch
Tuesday, right, Chili? That's right
What's the matter? I'm tired of this, Mr. Palmer
Which could end up being millions. Only if I make it a hit
Who did it? Not me
Yeah, so? Got something for you to take care of