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Mr Doovdé - Fonejacker

Mr Doovdé - Fonejacker
Mr Doovdé is a camel riding aficionado of electrical goods who constantly misinterprets initialisms as acronyms, believing that they represent how the terms are pronounced and not spelt, e.g. 'Hoomv' (HMV), 'Doovdé' (DVD), 'Joovc' (JVC), 'Poospé' (PSP) and 'USBÉ' (USB). He is completely oblivious to the confusion he causes as a result of this. At the beginning of most episodes, he phones Directory Enquiries and asks for places in the same way as he does for the electrical goods. Examples that have been shown so far are: 'Duhfs' (DFS), 'Pük World' (PC World) and 'Doovlah' (DVLA). Facejacker / Phonejacker.