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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Gift From The Night
A New Moon Rises
Again We Ride
Ah 1
Ah 2
Ah 3
Ah 4
Ah Ah
Ah Given By The Moon In Its Fullness
Allies Disappear
An Easy Shot
Another Put Down
As You Will It
Assault Cuirass
At Last
At Last Its Time
Blink Dagger
Catch Us If You Can
Cower Before Us
Cringe You Cur
Death Cannot Stop Us
Die Mongrel
Diffusal Blade
Evil Curs
Eye Of Skadi
Fair Warning Your Death Has Arrived
First Blood
For The Hunt
Forward By Bounds
Forward Pet
From The Jaws Of Defeat
Goddess Rejoice
Good Idea
Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Perfect
He He He
Here Kitty Kitty Kitty
How Long Must We Ride
I Could Have Hit Roshan With My Eyes Closed
I Devoted My Life To Studying The Stars
I Had A Vision Of This Place
I Hope No One Here Is Allergic To Defeat
I Knew This Time Would Come
It Was Not Luck But Skill
Its In The Bag
Its Not Time Yet
Its Time
Just What Are You Hiding Roshan
Killing Drow Ranger
Killing Enchantress
Killing Invoker
Killing Luna
Killing Nightstalker
Killing Tidehunter
Killing Tiny
Killing Ursa
Killing Windranger
Leap Forward
Leap To It
Let The Battle Commence
Let The Healing Begin
Look How The Prey Scatters Before Us
Look My Pet Prey
Look Sagan Prey
Lucky Shot
Manta Style
Mee Ow
Meeting Clinkz
Meeting Drow Ranger
Meeting Luna
Mine At Last
Mirana And Mount Attending
Mirana And Sagan
Mm Hm
Monkey King Bar
Moon Light Our Path
Moon Shine On Our Endeavor
Moonlight Shadow Conceal Us
My Pet Thanks You
Nice Kitty Very Nice Kitty
Nice Try
Nicely Done
Not A Penny Wasted
Not Enough Mana
Nothing Stirs The Blood Like Battle
Of Course
Oh How Ive Waited
On The Prowl
On Track
Once More Into The Breach
Our Presence Was Requested
Our Thanks
Our Time Is At Hand
Our Victory Was Written In The Stars
Out Of My Way
Pathetic Whelp
Poor Roshan
Run Like The Dogs You Are
Scatter While You Can
Seeing Stars
Selemene Smiles Upon Me
Shadows Take Us
Shizzy Wizard
Since You Command It
Son Of A
Sparkles Like The Stars
Stars Rain Down Upon Mine Enemy
Stars Take Me
Such Power Is Ours
Such Strengths Shall Be Ours
Swifter Than Ever
That Is Ours
The Cost Of Kibble
The Inner Light Dawns
The Moon Lights My Way
The Prize Is Mine
The Stars Are In Alignment
They Should Have Run
This Grows Interesting
This Ones Mine
This Will Come In Handy
Thus You Pay
Time To Celebrate
To Shadows And To Nothing Disappear
To The Battle
Tonight We Ride
Toward Victory
Tuck Your Tail And Run You Mutt
Uh Ah Ah
We Admit No Defeat
We Go Unseen
We Have Arrived
We Ride
We Ride In Perfect Union
We Walk The Hidden Path
Were Here
What Is This
Whimper Dogs
Who Spoiled That Shot
You Had No Place Here
You Have Learned Nothing
You Make A Fine Crater
You May Leap To The Moon As You Will
Youll Not Stop Us That Easily
Your Hopes Fade To Night
Your Phase Ends
Your Priestess Has Arrived