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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A blade of grass stands in my path
A challenge
A god is aware of all things
A lesser spirit consumed by hunger
A spirit brother
A thousand battles thousand victories
A true victor knows when to engage
Adapt and learn or parish
Admitting your limits is the first step to failure
All the lesser spirits will fall before me
All those souls and not enough to save you
An offering for the gods
Another time
Approach and be tested
As I will it
Await my return
Awareness is a state of mind
Behold the power of a god
Better to be a warrior in the garden than a gardener in war
Can you hear my fists
Celestial fire courses through my veins
Come and say that to my fist
Come closer so you may witness my divine power
Consider yourself honored
Courage is not enough
Crude power and no technique
Death is beneath me
Death only frightens the timid
Divine fire burns from within
Divine intervention
Divinity can be an extreme fire hazard
Divinity cannot be constrained
Do not worry death builds character
Each battle brings me one step closer to perfection
Easy prey
Endless opportunity
Even a blind man can see her weakness
Even a star dragon is no match for a god
Even unleashed your power was limited
Everything flows from mastering the task at hand
Excellence is not for everyone
Feel the might of the heavens
Fighting makes even a god thirsty
Finally a challenge
Folder for me
Foresight is true knowledge
From nothing became nothing is nothing once more
God Fist Lee Sin - League of Legends Sound
God Fist Lee Sin - League of Legends Sound
God Fist Lee Sin - League of Legends Sound
God like I am a god
Godhood is mine alone
Ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha
He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior
I accept your failure
I am all seeing
I am appeased for the moment
I am hungry for a challenge
I am not a man I am a god
I am the fiery hand of the heavens
I consider retreat an insult
I demand excellence
I did not see that coming
I do not fear death only mediocrity
I expect nothing but perfection
I feast on your dread
I grow tired of your weakness
I have mastered speed as well
I hold myself to a higher standard
I move with purpose
I need no weapon I am the weapon
I saw your mistakes all too clearly
I search for a worthy opponent
I see all
I see endless opportunity
I see future opportunities
I take no pleasure in besting the week
I will break them one bone at a time
I will conquer like the flame all will fall to ashby for me
I will crush this world
I will meditate on your insignificance
I will prevail and you will die
I will return
I will reveal your limitations
I will tear them down stone by stone
I will test the limits of my divinity
I will witness their cowardice
If you believe yourself worthy fight
If you do not fight you have already lost
Immortal houses so easily entered
Immortality is a gift you do not possess
Ionia spirit is now mine
Is it victory if there is no challenge
Is no one here my better
It falls easier than a child 's toy
It is mine
It is there will I crush
It taste like their tears
It's not arrogance if your skill is unmatched
Just wait until I reach super ultimate god level tier
Kneel before your god
Let them come
Let us fight even the patience of a god has limits
More a whimper than a roar
Mortal fear is irrelevant
Mortal sight but it will suffice
Mortals are so fragile
My eyes will be everywhere
My form was beyond your comprehension
My might echoes like thunder
My third eye sees all
My victory is inevitable
My victory will be absolute
My will is magnificent
Nectar ambrosia tasty
Not cunning enough little fox
Not even close
Nothing but a shadow
Only the best will be legends
Opportunities multiply as they are taken
Order has returned
Perfection is near it will be mine
Quickness is the essence of victory
Return to your home and raise your future failures
Safety to my allies
Seeing with your eyes is for mortals
Shut up
Site is useless to those without vision
Skill must be tested
Such a meager fight I am hungry for more
Such feeble will
That was too easy
The earth will tremor
The fire of true divinity is glorious
The first of many
The first step to transcendence
The first truth is pain there are no other truths
The key to immortality being better than everyone else
The mark I leave were lasting eternity
The symphony of heaven is the sound of my fist
The world is power the world his force
Their bones are weak
Their site is no match for mine
Their vision was unworthy
There is no challenge in a broken spirit
There is no hiding from a god
There is no running from a god
These fists of crushed mountains
They are so fragile
They crumbled before me
They dare to challenge a god let them try
They fear my approach they will flee before me
They flee at my approach
They will die by my hands
They will tremble in awe
They will tremble in awe
They will witness my power
This is truth
This will do
This world is beneath me literally
This world is without challenge
Today's triumful feed the fire in my soul
Too easy
Train and one day you may achieve my greatness
True divinity shows no mercy
Vision allows perfection
Vision is for the worthy
Vision worthy of a god
What mortal trinkets
When they believe you are far strike close
Will no one rise to my challenge
With certainty
Witness the might of the heavens
You are a disappointment
You are unremarkable
You are unworthy
You cannot escape
You have failed your test
You have gained no enlightenment in death
You hesitated
You lack confidence
You lack conviction
You like discipline
You make a joke in the face of your destruction that is funny
You may weep in the next life
You must be quicker
You say to a music god you have failed
You talk to god
You two will fall before me
You waste my time
You were out of balance
You will be a stepping stone to my greatness
You will fall before my divinity
You will kneel
Your confidence is no substitute for skill
Your failure is proof that I am superior
Your fate has been decided
Your fear makes me hungry
Your final moment is at hand
Your flawed training betrays you
Your god has abandoned you
Your instincts have failed you
Your prayers have been answered
Your sacrificed pleases me
Your skill is lacking
Your soul has already given up
Your strategy has fallen before my fists