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Home > Satanic Racist Soundboard 2
Created by LewdStevens 2,191 21,598
Satanic Racist Soundboard 2

Satanic Racist Soundboard 2

Updated mega soundboard of SR aka Lucifer akaThomas Stanphill.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A baby ****r!
A poor baby
And then I will beat her like red head stepchild and then send her to jail
And wrap it around your goddamn neck
And you have little kids ****r
BABY ****R!
Baby rapist
Because I gonna kill your fucking kids
Call me one more time
Come on you guys playing a guy who's a wanted baby rapist
Come on, tell me what kinda guy ****s a baby
Did it cry when you ****d it
Did that baby cry when you stuck that peter in her
Get your ass kicked in that cage
Got a warrant out of arrest for raping babies
Here's the address motherfucker
Here's the address pussy
I am a baby ****r
I am a baby ****r 2
I am a baby rapin pedophile
I fucking beat you and your motherfucking kids if you call me back
I gave you my address
I got motherfuckers that work for me that would love to beat the shit out of you
I got so much juice I can have your ass arrested on ficticious charges in less than five minutes
I got two three cops that help me do it
I like raping dogs, women, cats..even the old people
I like raping women
I told you to write the goddamn address thats what I told you motherfucker
I will come and rip you out of your house with your kids in it
I will fucking **** your old lady
I will make you cry
I will make you watch it
I will send some dark energy up your fucking ass
I will tell you what I will do
I will trace this fucking number
I'm gonna get your ass
I'm gonna take your dick
I'm so dark and mean motherfucker I will rip your guts out of your fucking asshole
Im gonna hurt you your family
Is that why ****d a baby
Is that why you're a baby ****r
It's pretty hard to take you seriously when you're a baby ****r
My friends call me baby rapist
Not one baby
Poetic justice, baby
Thats gonna make you sleep a little uncomfortable
The Devil will torture your ass for being a baby ****r
They going to lock you up so fast that your goddamn black will come off your ass
What about you have warrant of arrest for raping babies
What you gotta say guy that ****s babies
When they go home and find they have a baby ****r for a child
You are a wanted baby rapist!
You baby ****r
You don't scare me pussy, give your address
You know the power of the internet is a wonderful fucking thing
You know voodoo, you know santeria motherfucker
You know what god will blast you
You know what I will give you my name pussy
You know what the Chinese do to baby ****rs
You know what those cops gonna do
You know what we do to ******s
You know what, that's typical coward pussy
You know why you ****d a baby
You probably can't get out your chair to your ass
You ****d a baby
You retarded motherfucker
You talking that shit about tracing me
You will get to meet him
You wonder what the devil is like
You're a baby ****r
You're looking for nothing you pussy
You're playing a recording of a baby ****r
You're such a coward motherfucker you can't call without blocking your number
2.2 seconds you fucking cocksucker